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  1. This has been one of the greatest mysteries of TCM . He was honored during the 2006 SUTS but since then nothing other than a night here or there. Many of his films are super cheap to acquire and even many of the Universal films have been aired numerous times. I adore Peter Cushing and think he is very deserving of his SOTM but I was really hoping for Lugosi ... finally. Maybe someday. Come on TCM, you can do it.
  2. I was hoping Bela Lugosi would finally be recognized but Peter Cushing is an excellent choice ( he was my second choice). I've always enjoyed his work. He is outstanding as Van Helsing and the perfect villain in many of the Frankenstein films. Although his horror credits are substantial there are so many other roles in which he excelled. It's nice to see him honored with a SOTM . A true English gentleman.
  3. This is a sad loss for me. I grew up loving Battlestar Galactica and Richard Hatch. From personal experience, he was an incredibly warm and down to earth person. RIP ... you will be missed.
  4. Salem's Lot is an outstanding film. All the elements come together to create a true horror classic. It has a great cast, creepy atmosphere, well paced, and characters you actually care about. Barlow's first appearance is so chilling. I first saw this during its original airing ( I was pretty young ) and it gave me nightmares ( as any good horror film should do I recently recorded it from Encore during their September Stephen King retrospective; I am saving it to watch closer to Halloween. I wish other King tv adaptations could have been this good.
  5. Ahhh yes "The Pom Pom Girls" I haven't seen that one in years. There are several Robert Carradine films from the 70's and early 80's that would be perfect for TCM Underground Massacre at Central High Cannonball The Pom Pom Girls Joyride Wavelength
  6. Some suggestions for TCM Underground: ( sorry if any of these have been shown previously ) Joyride 1977 The Shout 1978 The Groundstar Conspiracy 1972 The Reincarnation of Peter Proud 1975 The Vault of Horror 1973 Massacre at Central High 1976 Wavelength 1983 Something for Everyone 1970 Don't be Afraid of the Dark ( tv movie from 1973 )
  7. I am a huge fan of TCM Underground. I would love to see them expand it to add another night. I am often amazed at the true eclectic nuggets they dig up. Recently I really enjoyed "The Candy Snatchers" and "Skidoo" ( just... wow ) . Also, where else would you see "Chained for Life" with the The Hilton sisters. Sure it was not a good movie but still you can not look away. As to "Valley of the Dolls" being on Underground I think a better fit would be "Beyond the Valley of the Dolls". That movie is truly out there.
  8. It is indeed an excellent film and one of my very favorites. I've lost track of how many times I've seen it. It has all the earmarks of a truly great film. Every time I watch it I know how it is going to end and yet I still hope it won't end like it does. It pulls me in everytime. What a punch to the gut that ending is ... just brilliant. The film is an exercise in unrelenting tension and horror and you start to believe that our hero will prevail. Ahhh, but not so fast. Romero has one more trick up his sleeve ... a film that dared to not have a happy ending.
  9. > {quote:title=SpaakFan wrote:}{quote} > > Elvis Presley - I know that one will be funny to a lot of folks, but I'm a fan and grew up watching his movies, which I find fun. E*lvis movies get a lot of negative reaction*s *but I agree with you. My parents were hu*ge Elvis fans and because of them I grew up watching and listening to Elvis. I always enjoy watching his films. They may not be "Citizen Kane' but they are fun and entertaining and that is exactly what they were supposed to be.
  10. It's almost impossible to pick just three but if I had to: James Cagney Cary Grant Bela Lugosi ( he may have made some terrible films but he is always so interesting to watch ) honorable mention: William Powell ( he is just so irresistable ... love his swagger ). Jimmy Stewart Henry Fonda Leslie Howard ( when tCm showcased him as the Star of the month it was a revelation for me. I was not that familiar with some of his work, but I was definitely a fan after that )
  11. > {quote:title=lavenderblue19 wrote:}{quote}Thanks TCM for the doc and the film tribute to Baby Peggy. > > I'm surprised that posters don't know Peggy Ann Garner! She was Jane Eyre as a child in the Joan Fontaine, Orson Welles version and Francie in *A Tree Grows In Brooklyn*. She was excellent in both films.. Those were major roles in those 2 Classic films. Peggy Ann Garner was wonderful in both of the films you referenced. I particularly enjoyed her work as the young. obstinate Jane Eyre ( and the young Eyre had every reason to be obstinate considering how she was treated ).
  12. The one that immediately springs to mind, though I am sure there are others, is "Batman Returns" ( 1992). It is the only film I ever considered walking out on but I felt it wasn't fair to at least see it through to its conclusion . Generally I love Tim Burton movies but after seeing this mess of a film all I could think was , "why???" So much talent wasted on a film that was so boring and bland and downright gross ( the penguin was a hideous characterization ... shame on you Danny Devito LOL ). Ultimately my feelings about this film can be perfectly summed up by the guy sitting two ro
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