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  1. This has been one of the greatest mysteries of TCM . He was honored during the 2006 SUTS but since then nothing other than a night here or there. Many of his films are super cheap to acquire and even many of the Universal films have been aired numerous times. I adore Peter Cushing and think he is very deserving of his SOTM but I was really hoping for Lugosi ... finally. Maybe someday. Come on TCM, you can do it.
  2. I was hoping Bela Lugosi would finally be recognized but Peter Cushing is an excellent choice ( he was my second choice). I've always enjoyed his work. He is outstanding as Van Helsing and the perfect villain in many of the Frankenstein films. Although his horror credits are substantial there are so many other roles in which he excelled. It's nice to see him honored with a SOTM . A true English gentleman.
  3. I was a longtime frequent user of the IMDB boards and you are so right about the Davis/Crawford boards. They were horrible. Sadly almost nothing of any value on those two boards. Just felt like constant bickering. Although there were a lot of trolls on the boards for new movies ( in particular horror and sci fi ) they were all over IMDB. The board for The Walking Dead was an absolute cesspool. It's sad but many people get their kicks from posting awful things and trying to rile people up. Wow did I have a lot of people on ignore other there But having said that I did have sever
  4. This is a sad loss for me. I grew up loving Battlestar Galactica and Richard Hatch. From personal experience, he was an incredibly warm and down to earth person. RIP ... you will be missed.
  5. There is so much to love about the restored version and it is definitely worth buying. I particularly love the crackle from Dracula's fireplace. It is so crisp and clear. And that hiss that had become synonymous with Dracula is now virtually gone.
  6. It was the restored version ( this was also what was shown by TCM in theaters this past October ). You can tell it is the restored version within the first five seconds. Prior to the restored Dracula the opening theme ( Swan Lake ) always had that jump in the music during the opening credits. That has been fixed for the blu-ray. ( the music queue fixed with the opening music from the Spanish Dracula). It sounds so outstanding but I've become so used to the skip in the music that I sometimes miss it
  7. Indeed and that is precisely why I love the sparse music in Dracula. Keeping the music to the opening credits and only the scenes where actual music was being played was perfect for this film. i know they were trying to draw renewed attention to an old classic by adding the new score but it was not needed. I have bought Dracula in every incarnation that Universal has released and yet I feel no need to ever "listen" to this version again.
  8. I too am glad TCM showed the film without the Glass score. I actually detest the new score and feel it is overwrought and overused throughout the film. It is not necessary to have music every time a character talks or moves. It is particularly intrusive during the beginning of the film when Lugosi delivers some of horrors most iconic lines. The Glass score makes the ultimate mistake: A score should enhance not detract from the film. I actually bought the dvd with the glass version when it came out. I was excited to hear their take on a Dracula score. I almost did not make it through
  9. I must be one of the few Universal Horror fans that does not love BOF . I can see that it is a good film and well cast but overall it leaves me empty. It is the Universal horror film I watch the least. As far as Karloff's Universal films I love The Mummy. Yes it is basically a remake of Dracula and it moves at a snails pace in places but I still find it much more enjoyable than BOF.
  10. I am super happy to finally see this on the schedule as well. For those not able to see it this time around it will be repeated on Friday October 28th at 8pm. This is my favorite of the Universal Horror films. The first 15 minutes or so ( before Dracula sets off for London ) cemented Lugosi's horror icon status. You can not take your eyes off of him the entire film. What a mesmerizing screen presence he had. The first Universal Horror film I ever saw was Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein ( airing September 14th and October 30th ) and Lugosi is the stand out in that film as w
  11. Although I am happy that Lee was chosen SOTM ( at least it is a horror star ) I still keep hoping Lugosi will be chosen. He is way over due for this honor. Yes, he was in a lot of Universal films but he was also in a lot of films that are in the public domain. TCM is showing Dracula in September and October. They are also showing quite a few Universal horror classics in August ( during Karloff's SUTS) and during October. To showcase Lugosi would not be impossible ( afterall he was a SUTS honoree well over 10 years ago ). As we Lugosi fans say every year ... maybe next year
  12. Thanks for confirming this. I thought I had lost my mind LOL I knew it was on the schedule and then when I saw what movies I recorded that night it was gone. Bummer indeed.
  13. Ahhh yes, I"ve been wanting this for years. He would be a perfect choice for October SOTM. He was hilighted ONCE during SUTS but that was over ten years ago now. Come on TCM, he deserves the recognition.
  14. Interesting that both George Cole and Patrick Macnee passed away this year ( August and June respectively ) and neither are included in the TCM Remembers segment for this year. A terrible oversight in my opinion. I adore this film and Sim is simply perfect as Scrooge. His "rebirth" at the end has brought me to tears a few times. Very moving and very believable.
  15. Indeed. David Skal is a true Universal Horror scholar. He also hosts/appears in many other Universal horror documentaries that appear on dvd/bluray.
  16. I remember being so excited to purchase the Glass version of Dracula on VHS ( now it is also out on the dvd/blu ray). I ended up barely making it through one viewing. I loathe this version. Perhaps someone should of told him that every moment does not need to be punctuated with music. The music is obtrusive and downright irritating. I was most annoyed by Lugosi's classic lines being overwhelmed by this score. The sparse music in Dracula ( used only when actual music would be utilized, the opening credits ,the theatre scene) set an ominous tone and was perfect for the film. Hopeful
  17. Bravo Feego, I was just going to recommend this book. It is an engrossing read beautifully illustrated with many fascinating photos. I bought it when it first came out and I have read it at least four or five times. I can not recommend this book highly enough.
  18. Dracula has been one of my favorite films since I was quite young. I own every version of the film released on home video ( vhs, dvd, bluray, etc. ). I have always wanted to see Dracula on the big screen and did at a matinee showing on October 28th. My husband has never seen Dracula, except in bits and pieces so I was eager to see what he would think. As it was the 2pm matinee on a Wednesday we did not expect many people and there were only three other people in the theater ( between the ages of 55-65 ). My husband did enjoy the film and in particular Lugosi, adding he could s
  19. And there in lies the rub. All "best of " lists are subjective and ultimately a bit ridiculous. No two people are ever going to agree on what are the best songs The Beatles ever recorded. But it is still enjoyable to see what others think about their work. I never put too much stock in these type of lists. For example, Penny Lane, which I view as one of their masterworks, should easily be in the top ten. And what is Revolution #9 doing on the list? That's a head scratcher Lennon has far superior works than that assault on ones ears. Julia, also from the White Album, is much
  20. That truly is the interesting thing about Bankhead. I loved her in Lifeboat and the campy thriller Die Die My Darling ( she is perfect in both ). However she is definitely a larger than life personality. If she had been cast as Scarlett the entire time you would be aware that's Tallulah Bankhead. Although I appear to be in the minority, I did like Joan Bennett's screen tests and thought she could have taken on the role quite admirably. She she does have a modern flare but afterall Scarlett was a women a head of her time. Although a fan of Goddard ( loved her in The Women ) I th
  21. Flamingo Road is one of my favorite Joan Crawford performances. She is more than up to the task of taking on Sydney Greenstreet. I actually think she looks quite lovely in this film. Yes she may be a bit old to be in a traveling carnival but yet its not hard to believe she had a tough life and wound up with some hard breaks forcing her to take whatever work she could get. She just wanted to work and take care of herself. Not much to ask unless you end up in the wrong town, in love with the wrong man.
  22. Zachary Scott is an interesting actor to me. He most certainly had his best roles opposite Joan Crawford; I think they are wonderful together. He is such slime in Mildred Pierce but he is equally adept at playing a weak sympathetic man in Flamingo Road. Ultimately he ends up at the same place in each one, dead. I've seen him in several other films but these are truly his stand outs. His career was somewhat limited in the the 1950's while he was was reportedly battling depression. Sadly, he died quite young ( 51 years old ) of a brain tumor ).
  23. He IS outstanding in Ordinary People. He holds the whole film together. I have seen this film numerous times and everyone is so good in it and yet it is Sutherland's performance as the dad that stays with you. He never ceases to touch me deeply with his portrayal of a father torn between his emotionally tortured son and his emotionally bereft wife. The scene at the end when he tells his wife he doesn't think he loves her anymore ... just ... wow, so perfect.
  24. I agree. The opening to Saving Private Ryan was extremely hard to watch; very real. It is such an excellent film and yet due to this realism I have only watched this film once. I still can not believe that Shakespeare in Love won the Oscar that year. But so goes the Oscars ...
  25. GROW UP and LIGHTEN UP! ... wow, that's harsh. My aversion to this film ( the movie listed in the op) is by all accounts the animals were actually killed on screen. The producers and director made a conscious decision to show that on screen. At that point this is not simply a movie it is cruelty, pure and simple. And before you ask, yes I am a vegetarian.
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