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  1. I love that movie too, especially the choreography! I remember after watching it, my friends and I tried to dance along with the songs off of youtube. Let's just say the people downstairs didn't enjoy the song quite as much as we did! Good song choice!
  2. Wow! You were absolutely right when you said, "the loveliest theme." I've never seen Love Letters before, but after watching that trailer, I can't wait until it is scheduled! Have you ever seen Letter from an Unknown Woman? Joan Fontaine is absolutely stunning, along with the main theme song, which I can't seem to find the name of. (it sounds a little too dramatic, according to my friends, but if you give it a chance, it's actually a wonderful little film!)
  3. Good song choice! I never knew it wasn't Bacall actually singing that song though, she sure fooled me! Have you watched the Big Sleep with Bacall and Bogart? If so, do you know if she's lip singing in "Her Tears Flowed like Wine?"
  4. I played "These Foolish Things" right after I read your post, and it was added to the top of my playlist after about thirty seconds of listening! Oh, and of course I'm a great fan of "As Time Goes By" as well. Which version of the song do you usually listen to? The Dooley Wilson version? or Billie Holiday? And, have you ever heard of Jimmy Durante? if so, do you have a favorite among his songs? If not, try youtubing "Make Someone Happy" and tell me what you think! Thanks so much for your feedback!
  5. Really? I'm all astonishment! Let's see, what about "Flying Trapezee" from It Happened One Night? It's a fun song, if you're into that sort of thing. Oh, have you seen An Affair to Remember? Well there's this song Deborah sings with Cary's grandma by Vic Damone titled "Our Love Affair" and it's really touching. Do you have anymore suggestions? I'm updating my youtube playlist, and am in great need of some classy songs! Thanks for the feedback!
  6. Oh my! I just recently watched Kim Novak in Bell, Book and Candle and she honestly had me believing she was a witch by the end of the movie! I absolutely loved the final scene with Novak, the cat, and Jack Lemmon; they had great on screen chemistry.
  7. I love love love "La Vie en Rose," it's another one of my favorites! Have you heard Audrey's "Moon River" in Breakfast at Tiffany's? I think you might like that one also, it's a winner! Thanks for replying and happy watching!
  8. What's your absolute favorite song from a movie on TCM? I'm just going to throw "As Time Goes By" from Casablanca out there because I know at least ten people are going to name that one! Don't forget to say what movie the song is from!
  9. I just finished watching The Man Who Came to Dinner , and have completely fallen in love with Jimmy Durante! -Does anyone know anymore movies which guest star or feature Jimmy Durante? -Also, for all those fans of Durante's music, what are some of your favorite Durante songs? I personally love "Make Someone Happy", how about you? Thanks, and happy watching!
  10. If you have ever watched Love Affair and An Affair to Remember , you would have noticed that they are strikingly similar, even the characters' preference for pink champagne. I personally love Charles Boyer and Irene Dunne's performance in Love Affair as compared to Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr's performance in An Affair to Remember. However, my friends seem to hold a different view. In your opinion, which movie is better? Which leading lady do you think nailed her role the best? -Thanks, and happy watching!
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