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  1. The training session with the record; the confrontation with the mobsters when the secretary keeps interrupting and passing him a note And then she shoots the cigar with his gun. A hilarious scene!
  2. ...but this film is Exhibit A for what a "dated" film is, and Eddie Cantor is Exhibit A for a comedian who belongs in a decade no later than the 1930s. If you believe classic films are dated, why watch TCM?
  3. Thank you TCM for running this wonderful film last night. REALLY funny. Hope you put it into the regular rotation and it is released on DVD. It's too good to be hidden; let's see more Eddie Cantor.
  4. Why remove the rolling schedule on the homepage? That was very helpful to see the movies that night.
  5. Movies from the 1970's onward can be regularly be seen on TBS, HBO, and about 50 other movie channels. TCM should be about the Golden Era.
  6. Thank you TCM for Two Girls and a Sailor(1944) Wednesday night. You made the world a better place for broadcasting such a beautiful, positive story for a few hours. And what fun to see Van Johnson and June Allyson when they were so young. And what a dish Gloria DeHaven was. Jimmy Durante and Gracie Allen were great too. How fun to see a time when actors/actresses had personality and character. Thank you.
  7. Two Girls and a Sailor(1944) Wow. A classic movie tonight. Thank you TCM.
  8. Fair point. Programing should be: 35% 1930's 35% 1940's 20% 1950's 10% all else
  9. Classic movies were made in the 1930's - 1950's; with an epicenter of 1939. Why are all these 70's and 60's films being played during the weeknight 8pm est Feature Presentation; and at all? Also, can you stop trying to make 70's, 80's, 90's+ films "classic". Most are not that good, the "stars" are repulsive, and they're too new to be called classic. Is TCM trying to change its focus? Thank you
  10. What is the current information on the availability of TCM HD on Verizon FiOS? Is this going to happen? Can anything be done? I might cancel FiOS to get it. Who offers it?
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