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  1. TCM should at the very least make some written announcement on its website that no intros/exit remarks will happen on Sat afternoon! Geez, I've had to pay an extra 10.00 for TCM for 18 mos now. Kinda feel I'm not getting money's worth, and it's been more like trying to "educating the moviegoer" instead.
  2. totally agree. This new website has no character at all. Just mimics other basic sites out there. Why change what was just fine. You cannot find anything anymore on this site. Piece of crap. TCM making so many changes in too short a time. That method usually comes up short - and it has in this case! Please incorporate the old site with all the things that could be found right on the HOME page!
  3. In his intro just now, Ben said Heston was in The Greatest Story Ever Told as his second movie. I think he meant, The Greatest Show on Earth . Producer on that intro didnt even notice that???
  4. Was always dreading this news. Olivia de Havilland was the last great classic Hollywood star, and with her passing ends an era when stories and stars reigned supreme. It may have been the stuff that dreams are made of, and a kind of fairy tale existence, but that is what classic movies still give us and helps people through there own hardships in life. It's a major reason why TCM is such a beloved outlet for so many people. Looking back at the life of Miss de Havilland, we see a woman who forged her own path, in her profession and personal life, and a woman who was a supreme guardian of the i
  5. Comcast, aka the greed machine, decided to remove tcm from its Digital Preferred customer's lineup as of Oct. 10. So you have to pay the additional $10 ransom every month to upgrade to the sports entertainment package to get TCM back in your lineup. I renegotiated with "greedies" in July and they never said a word about the change. They must not be making enough from tcm so they have to take it from comcast users.
  6. A very gracious woman and always a pleasure to watch her. Happy 100th Birthday and many more!
  7. I agree that it appears TCM is going the way of merchandising the channel and its library. Since we can no longer dvd record films on TCM, I have left the channel many times to check out what is playing on MOVIES channel, which airs a lot of old movies as well, or Retro TV. The loyal viewers who have been the bread and butter that helped build TCM the last 22 years are not that important anymore I guess. I am sort of shocked at what has happened to this channel in the last 6-8 months! And where the heck has Robert Osborne been in the last month - it's all Ben Mankiewicz and guest programme
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