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  1. I have to start off by saying that I did not know Kyle, or never interacted with him on these message forums. I don't post much here but I have come here often to read and I have read many of Kyle's posts over the last several years. I read this post and each of the many respones and I must say it has been very sad to read. It is always sad when someone has moved on. Obviously, Kyle was very much respected and loved here at these forums. Though I did not know him personally, I too am very sad to hear the news of this mans passing. May he rest in eternal peace. Sincerest condolences go out to
  2. Thanks Calvinnme for this peek into the future. Don't know how you do it, but your detective work is much appreciated.
  3. ClassicCinemaFan, Thanks for all the info on The Phantom of the Opera. I really had no idea regarding the history of the film and the differences in some of the scenes, etc. I will absolutely go and take a look at that over on youtube. It sounds pretty interesting. Thanks again for taking the time to fill me in with all of the detailed info. Much appreciated! As far as digging up advanced schedule info, it is purely by chance in searching through either the actors names or just reading about different movies and as O'brien said, sometimes, if the movie has been scheduled, you can se
  4. ClassicCinemaFan, The official TCM published schedule won't be posted until August 1st. I also see that the 1925 Phantom of the Opera is scheduled for October 27th. Not sure what you mean by showing the "REAL" 1925Phantom though. Is there more than one? Also in October - Village of the Damned on 10/25 The Good Die Young on 10/10 Freaks on 10/19 AND 10/30 Diabolique (1955 version) on 10/27 The Death Kiss on 10/26 The Gorgon on 10/5 Walk, Don't Run on 10/2
  5. Started spotting a few for October last night (Monday 7/8 just after 8pm) Not a whole lot - but here they are anyway: The Mummy on 10/31 The Haunting on 10/11 The Devil-Doll on 10/19 The Leopard Man on 10/18 The Bride of Frankenstein on 10/4 The Keys of The Kingdom on 10/3 Drive a Crooked Road on 10/ 19 Kwaidan on 10/20 The Raven (1963 version) on 10/25 The Wasp Woman on 10/4 Not as a Stranger on 10/11 Return From The Ashes on 10/2 Nothing new as far as I can see. Seen them all except The Wasp Woman.
  6. Thanks Calvinnme as always for compiling all of this schedule info. I also come up with a movie called Pitfall from 1948 on Sept 2nd @ 04:15 PM (ET)
  7. I wonder if the person who does the data entry to update the schedule information is out on vacation.
  8. Lady in the Dark was the one movie I was most excited to see on the June schedule. I sure hope that tcm will show it sometime in the future. I am still looking forward to all of the Friday night noir series anyways. There are quite a few movies to be shown that I have not seen and a few I had not even heard of before. I wish tcm would make the Friday night noir a regular series. If not every Friday, then at least one Friday per month. Anyone to second the motion?
  9. Well, it is official now. Lady in the Dark has been scratched from the June 28 schedule and replaced with Lady in the Lake.
  10. Come on you guys - don't jynx me on this one! I've been waiting to see this Lady in the Dark movie for years. I certainly hope it doesn't get swapped for Lady in the Lake, which is a great movie, but one we've seen many times before. I think someone mentioned this was a musical, and not a noir. I am under the impression that this film is more of a psychological melodrama than a musical, even though it is based on a musical play and contains some musical numbers. I am also under the impression that this movie was somewhat of a flop when it was released? Maybe that would account for the late n
  11. Thanks Calvinnme for the awesome work in posting the advance schedules each month. It really is something to look forward to and much appreciated! I can add one of the missing time slots here for Monday, June 10th @ 6:30am Another Face (1935)
  12. Just in case no one has noticed the February schedule seems to have been lurking out there for the past 3 days now, along with march 1st, 2nd and 3rd. I've come up with about 20-30 more than these however except for *Hold Back The Dawn* showing on Feb. 20, I haven't been able to find a single film which has not been shown in the past 12 months. Hopefully, Calvinnme can dig up a few more films which either have never been shown on TCM before or at least not in a long time. Anyhooooo, here is some of what we will be seeing in February and March of 2013. The Public Enemy Foreign Cor
  13. I wonder if anybody had noticed that the final movie scheduled on December 31st is TIL WE MEET AGAIN - which could sound a bit ominous. But we can breath a sigh of relief now as a few things are finally showing up for January. Here is what I've got so far. IT CAME FROM OUTER SPACE (1953) on Jan. 4th SOME CAME RUNNING (1959) on Jan. 24th REBECCA (1940) on Jan. 22nd And a boatload of Elvis Presley movies on Jan. 8th http://www.tcm.com/tcmdb/person/155137%7C47277/Elvis-Presley/
  14. Thank you Calvinnme for taking the time to post nearly the entire schedule for October for all to review. It must have taken quite a bit of time to compile all of that. Thank you. Well, my lunchtime ended 5 minutes ago so back into the fray I must go. Thanks again!
  15. Here's a few for October showing up now - HOUSE ON HAUNTED HILL (1958) OCT 10 12:00AM THE BLACK CAT (1934) OCT 24 2:15AM THE UNKNOWN (1927) OCT 14 1:30AM *AND* OCT 30 8:00PM THE MUMMY (1932) OCT 31 12:30AM THE WOLFMAN (1941) OCT 31 11:15PM FRANKENSTEIN (1931) OCT 31 8:00PM THE SNAKE PIT (1948) OCT 30 2:30AM SUDDENLY LAST SUMMER (1959) OCT 30 4:30AM DR. JEKYLL AND MR. HYDE (1941) OCT 09 9:45AM THE INNOCENTS (1961) OCT 10 3:30AM THE DEVIL-DOLL (1936) OCT 27 6:00AM THE HOUND OF THE BASKERVILLES (1959
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