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  1. YIPPEE!!!!!! A film I'm sure most of you guys have seen. *All The Kings Men* .Good, now I can post it on the political movies thread since no one has mentioned this great film yet. THANK YOU, mr.6
  2. The site isn't authenticating Lavender or Lavenderblue, so rosie is answering both of you guys! Thanks both of you. I didn't spend a lot of time on this question, yes I did know the films to list, however a courtesy I think should be extended to a poster if the question isn't worded to reflect the question asked.Let's not take this stuff too seriously. I have to admit, I have in the past said an answer was correct even though it wasn't what I was thinking about. Again, Thanks, both of you. I'll be back with a question later, that's if this @##$%$% site will let me!!!!
  3. Interesting that you mention Joan Crawford in this film. Although her character is important to the storyline, she's not the character the first comes to my mind when I think of the film. I certainly can name the 3 off the top of my head, and the important male actors to the story. Hope Lange, Suzy Parker and Diane Baker. Stephen Boyd and Louis Jordan were also central to the story. I'm a sucker for films that showcase NYC in the 50's, that's a big part of the appeal of the film for me.
  4. Thanks for the compliment, missW- I'm lavenderblue, had to post with another moniker since the site has been acting up. I have to go back and forth between the 2, since neither seems to work for more than a few posts. *Stage Door* has that suicide, and it's interesting you should mention that film since in *The Best Of Everything* poor Suzy Parker falls off a firescape and in *Stage Door* although a suicide, Kay jumps out of a window! But I do understand what you mean. I'll try to think of some others that might fit into what your guilty pleasure films could be.
  5. MW- *The Best Of Everything* could fall into that category. There have some negative comments about the film, but I've always enjoyed it very much. Just wondering, is this film a guilty pleasure for you?
  6. Whoever has the thread Kid, stick- please post a question or someone leave it open for other posters.
  7. That's a good guess, but not the film. Different storyline This guy has taken the identity of a childhood friend who had died.
  8. Correct, mudskipper. Otto Preminger named Michael Rennie as the 3rd party in his counter divorce suit. Good work, your thread skip.
  9. Yes *Kitty Foyle* . Your thread, mr.6
  10. MP-What a great post. I'll give *Torch Song* another try. I have to admit, I'm not a fan of this film, in fact the 3 times I've tried to sit thru it, it's been difficult. Yes, the costumes were great, Marjorie Rambeau was great the song Tenderly is beautiful. I didn't care for whoever dubbed Joan's voice and to be honest, I didn't care much for Joan's dancing in this film. I enjoy Joan's films so much,she's a favorite of mine. I'm just not a fan of this one. I do completely agree with you about Christina and her book about Joan. I've always felt her motives were questionable and I believe th
  11. Correct, mr.6 *Remember The Night* - Barbara and Fred go to Barbara's mothers house- she sends poor Barbara away. Your thread,6
  12. I give up! LOL *SUMMER PLACE* Thread Is Openj
  13. No. this is the last try. My warm weather home
  14. No. think of another one. hint- where someone would stay during warm weather vacations
  15. Thank You Tom for that fabulous photo of Dolores Gray. Pretty sure that's from *It's Always Fair Weather* . She was so funny and wonderful in that film. *Designing Woman* is another one that showcased how great Dolores was. The film *Taxi* has always been a favorite. I have 3 video copies of it. Not only was Cagney rattling off in Yiddish, but I'm pretty sure *Taxi* is the film that started the whole "dirty rat" quote., I don't think of pre-codes as guilty pleasures. I think of them as a necessity for classic film lovers. Nothing to feel guilty about there! LOL Thanks again Tom, for the
  16. Kid, that maybe so for you, but not for me. I'm still having difficulty posting. I can post but with much patience and effort.
  17. Yes, I LOVE Dolores Gray. It's so sad that there weren't more films of hers to enjoy. Dolores Gray imo was a Terrific Talent. (rosehips is lavenderblue in order to be able to post I had to register with another moniker)
  18. I figured someone would get you off the hook with this one, so I didn't answer right away *The Match King* ?
  19. I would have beat that record if the site had let me. Recognized what you wanted after the first film. I'm going to pass and let someone else take a crack at it. btw, I love Sandra Dee and her films . Sandra was a fav of mine as a teenager. Wish someone had taken better care of her. Sad and tragic life for such a beautiful woman. Thread Is Open.
  20. Correct. Roz tripped on the coat to her pantsuit and went flying down that famous staircase in the first scene of *Auntie Mame* . Held up production for wks. Your thread, finance.
  21. *Arsenic and Old Lace* to the US war effort and *The Philadelphia Story* for the British war effort. Also learned that from the documentary on Cary. I'm trying very hard to maintain my cool, but I can only post 1 post then the site won't let me. HELP!!!!! Not a relaxing Sunday. @#$$%^&^* .
  22. Thanks cujas. This guy left England and came to America. He was so poor that he sold ties out of a suitcase on Broadway before becoming a star. Who was this actor? (sorry, can't think of a catchall type question right now)
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