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  1. YIPPEE!!!!!! A film I'm sure most of you guys have seen. *All The Kings Men* .Good, now I can post it on the political movies thread since no one has mentioned this great film yet. THANK YOU, mr.6
  2. Whoever has the thread Kid, stick- please post a question or someone leave it open for other posters.
  3. Correct, mr.6 *Remember The Night* - Barbara and Fred go to Barbara's mothers house- she sends poor Barbara away. Your thread,6
  4. I give up! LOL *SUMMER PLACE* Thread Is Openj
  5. No. this is the last try. My warm weather home
  6. No. think of another one. hint- where someone would stay during warm weather vacations
  7. I figured someone would get you off the hook with this one, so I didn't answer right away *The Match King* ?
  8. Correct. Roz tripped on the coat to her pantsuit and went flying down that famous staircase in the first scene of *Auntie Mame* . Held up production for wks. Your thread, finance.
  9. I missed watching Jesse James this time around, and I really really always liked this film so much and also The Return of Jesse James. It's been years since I've seen either one. Is it Tyrone and Henry in *Jesse James* ?
  10. Gene Tierney.? It took me 2 hrs. to get on site to post this. :_| I remembered her bio. Gene came from a well to do family and was given all the best advantages.
  11. Miles, your observation is correct. I could have been a little more specific in the the question. It's not the film I'm thinking about but your welcome to take the thread. Edited by: rosehips2012 on Aug 28, 2012 6:09 AM
  12. Just a guess, no research- Dina Merrill?
  13. We lost comcast service in the middle of the night, just came back on thank goodness. Yes of course *The Razor's Edge* Tyrone taking the invite for clifton Webb.My very favorite film of all time. So interesting that RO said this was a fav of his. I've loved this film since I was a little girl. The scene RO mentioned is also my fav. Has been forever. I have always thought about Gene coming down that staircase. When I first joined the bds. I remember posting how I loved this scene and wanted the jeweled brooches she wore on the beautiful black dress. Thanks for posting that photo, mr.6. Your thr
  14. Johnny Apollo? Tyrone and Eddy Arnold ???
  15. Some actors she appeared with were Paul Muni, Ronald Colman, Kay Francis, Warren William, Edward G Robinson.
  16. Site will not let me post lavender right now, Lavender works on Chrome, Rose works on Internet Explorer For some unknown reason although I suspect that the time of day has something to do with it. Yes, *Confession* - Kay as mom, Jane Bryan as the daughter and Basil as the villianous Michael. You're up, mr6.
  17. LOL. :^0 very true, but my first clue doesn't fit My Bill. *The Fortune Cookie* is the one. Love this film, but I Love anything Wilder, Lemmon and Matthau. Glad you got Edythe, Thanks. Your thread.
  18. LUCKY! You're the designated rep, Miles. Have a great time and enjoy the film for all us poor schnooks stuck at home
  19. Figured it was too good to be true. Site let me do the last post and will not let me post as lavender again. Back to rose. I hate this. *Portrait In Black*
  20. a spolight shines on an older man kissing a much younger woman
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