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  1. I have had problems with the site all day on and off. Lavender worked for awhile now it won't. Please, I need to know has anyone else had problems posting or loggin today. Thanks
  2. Sorry Miles, I'm punchy. *The Young Lions* .but Elsa's cubs were Born Free!!!
  3. LOL where's your sense of humor? I thought you were asking about Elsa Lanchester not Elsa the Lion. ha,ha *Born Free* ?
  4. PLEASE, let's stick with Lavender. It was a very long time ago, I did read Haywire .There's a sweet movie with Bridget Fonda and Nicholas Cage- It Could Happen To You. Good question Miles. The other day on TCM I noticed that in 2 different films, Spencer Tracy called 2 characters by the name of Pinky. Can you name the 2 films and the 2 he called Pinky????
  5. *The Egg and I* is correct, skip. Your thread.
  6. I had Garbo on the brain, watched Anna Karenina this afternoon! 1 out of 10 tries to get on site works. So frustrating amazed I remember my own name.Forgot about the Florence and Renaissance clue.
  7. For me this site is the weepy mess. I/ve had problems posting almost everyday for 3 weeks. I've seen *The Big Street* at least 3x over the years. The first time I hated it. The 2nd time I thought is was not the worst film I've seen and this last time I thought it was bearable. I wanted to like the film so much because of the great cast. I would like to pass the thread to flash if he wants it, since he started the ball rolling with Damon Runyon. Again, cujas, your clues were so well thought out and so well written it was a pleasure to answer the question.
  8. Good clues, Kid. I'll pass, Thread Is Open
  9. Miles, I was going to answer Bridget Fonda yesterday, but rereading your clue I thought you were looking for a more well known actress like Angelica.I like Bridget Fonda very much, I think she appears to be lovely and very talented. Briget Fonda?
  10. Well, the site again is giving me aggreviation. I can't post as lavender, so back to rosie. A woman reluctantly goes along with her husband's idea of what constitutes the good life.
  11. *Love Letters* is correct. Jennifer Jones and Joseph Cotten. Beautiful film, I think. Good going 6, your thread.
  12. As usual the site will not let me post as lavender, sorry if anybody is confused by the switching back and forth of monikers BUT it's the site, not my choice. Let Kid Dab have the thread, Arlene Francis is probably what he meant, I'm probably a little older than he is and he doesn't remember Arlene Francis on What's My Line. Kid, the thread is yours.
  13. You know it, mr.6. Good film, just watched it again yesterday. Your thread.
  14. Thanks. A cowardly know it all during WW1 winds up saving many lives.
  15. Thanks. A man and woman marry. Unfortunately right after the ceremony she finds out her fiance has gotten her best friend pregnant.
  16. You're right about that make-up. A few years back I remember a thread trashing *Mr. Skeffington*. I love this film, always have. Next: A woman and man go away for a vacation and she breaks out in hives.
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