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  1. Some actors she appeared with were Paul Muni, Ronald Colman, Kay Francis, Warren William, Edward G Robinson.
  2. Yes, smartie. Gene's favorite tap routine that he did on film was Moses Supposes from *Singin In the Rain* with of course Donald O'Connor. His other favorite tap routine on film was Fred and Eleanor in *Broadway Melody of 1940* . I think that's so interesting. His widow Patricia Ward Kelly was fascinating and so lovely. Her intros and outros with RO were among the best ever to be shown on TCM. Absolutely charming woman. It's all your Miles.
  3. Of course. My LOVE, Tyrone Power in *The Long Grey Line* . You're up, Edythe.
  4. Yes that is the way it was that terrible day. That scene with the Roy Orbison song in the background was one of the most touching ever on TV and probably the most perfect match of song to scenes. As far as I'm concerned, Mathew Weiner is the most talented, brilliant writer around. Sorry but the film he was in had a tap routine that he did with another very talented famous male dancer. Very,very famous musical.The other favorite tap routine of his (he wasn't in) was a man and woman together in a '40's musical. Both of them are legendary dancers also. Thanks for trying.
  5. I LOVE Tyrone Power, always have. Not only so handsome but a fine actor. *Nightmare Alley* , *Razor's Edge* , *The Mark Of Zorro* , *Blood and Sand* . *The Long Grey Line* , the list goes on and on for me. He's absolutely one of my all time favorite actors and movie stars. I'm thrilled that he got to have his day on TCM.
  6. *Money Means Nothing But Trouble* (trouble I wish I had) sergeants
  7. Site won't authenticate lavender right now. Are you guys watching TCM? this one is soooo easy.
  8. Site will not let me post lavender right now, Lavender works on Chrome, Rose works on Internet Explorer For some unknown reason although I suspect that the time of day has something to do with it. Yes, *Confession* - Kay as mom, Jane Bryan as the daughter and Basil as the villianous Michael. You're up, mr6.
  9. LOL. :^0 very true, but my first clue doesn't fit My Bill. *The Fortune Cookie* is the one. Love this film, but I Love anything Wilder, Lemmon and Matthau. Glad you got Edythe, Thanks. Your thread.
  10. 1. *Dinner At Eight* ? - John Barrymore 2. *It's A Wonderful Life* ? - Lionel Barrymore 3. *Kind Lady* ? - Ethel Barrymore 4. *E.T*. - Drew Barrymore Barrymore connection?
  11. LUCKY! You're the designated rep, Miles. Have a great time and enjoy the film for all us poor schnooks stuck at home
  12. Figured it was too good to be true. Site let me do the last post and will not let me post as lavender again. Back to rose. I hate this. *Portrait In Black*
  13. "My sentiments, exactly" - Valentine Xavier Thanks VX. I'm sure quite a few posters besides the 2 of us feel the same way. I'm so glad you enjoyed the Kay fest. It was wonderful.
  14. I'll pass this round, Franklin taking it is fine. You might want ito nclude Miles , he got one right also.
  15. a spolight shines on an older man kissing a much younger woman
  16. Not only does Kay deserve a day of films, she deserved to have her own thread. George postings belong on the George thread. Thank You.
  17. Thanks, Franklin. I think the thread is mine since I had already gotten 2 out of the 4. To tell the truth, I need a break from this thread! lol.
  18. Of course Franklin! I'm slappuing my head, because I was mixing up Sleuth and *Deathtrap* in my head. Deathtrap was a fav of mine, but I knew it was a later film. I wish you had shown up earlier. Good deducing!
  19. Yes, andf it took over 20 minutes to finally show up. Well, someone else can rule out the films I mentioned and use your clue to find out the answer. I'm done. It's been a miserably frustrating experience to get and stay on the bds. today. I cannot research your clue and obviously just knowing that someone was nominated in the early 70's is not something most would know off the top of their head. So, hope someone gets it soon. I correctly answered 2 of the 4. Best I can do for now.
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