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  1. Yes to everything. I threw the Carol Burnett clue in to be helpful. It was a fun Tarzan marathon on TCM. Good work, mr.6. Your thread.
  2. Lana, I don't know what thread you're referring to, but I think you're asking about beautiful Hedy Lamarr? *The Female Animal* was Hedy Lamarr's last film Edited by: rosehips2012 on Aug 3, 2012 7:08 PM
  3. Poor Claude stumbles over that footstool in *Mr. Skeffington*
  4. I figured as long as we were thinking of Outstanding westerns. Of course mr.6 Most excellent *Red River* Your thread.
  5. This actor who was known for something he did in films, wanted this to be done at his funeral. Another well known performer would sometimes mimic what this actor did in films. Who was the actor and what was his request ?? ( site is having problems again. Have to post as rosie again for now) Edited by: rosehips2012 on Aug 3, 2012 7:32 PM
  6. Absolutely Correct. Robert Walker passed away before completing the last scenes for *My Son John* .The scene where Bruno s dying from *Strangers On A Train* was used for the dying scene in the film. Yes Mr. Walker was married to Jennifer Jones and yes they divorced. Good work, Fanof Cary. It's your turn to post a question.
  7. Sorry not him either. There was more than one sci film in this series. (The site is driving me crazy. I keep having to log in back and forth with both monikers!) Edited by: rosehips2012 on Jul 30, 2012 5:12 PM
  8. The first Major film, don't know if it was the first film Psycho?
  9. I knew I could count on you, 6. Of course *Danger Signal* - Zacharay Scott- watched my tape the other day. Your thread, mr.6
  10. Sorry, no. He was nominated for a 90's film
  11. 2 daughters in the house. He tells both of them he loves them and proposes to each of them.
  12. Bogart, Peter Sellers, the film is *Beat the Devil* ???
  13. Joe, You're welcome .Rose is really lavender.my lavenderblue moniker was compromised somehow by the technical problems the site has had lately. tech guys are working on correcting it. You'll enjoy seeing the film again.
  14. Joe, I watched The Blue Veil on youtube some months back. I had been waiting years to see the film again. MoMa did a screening of the film a few years ago. Thereis a copy out there, in the meantime try youtube.
  15. film he was nominated for was a bio
  16. I think you could come up with a better question. No one here posts distasteful questions like that.
  17. Not Shirley, 7 yrs. younger than Shirley Edited by: rosehips2012 on Jul 28, 2012 6:23 PM
  18. Yes smartie, Judy is one. The other is a sexy redhead.
  19. Ok take the thread. Yes Elmer Bernstein, Yes *The Magnificent Seven* the film that spoofed *The Magnificent Seven* is *Three Amigos*, Elmer Bernstein also did the original score for the silly movie *Three Amigos* . Another bit of trivia, the same Mexican village that was used as the location for *The Magnificent Seven* was also used in *Three Amigos* .Take the thread Edythe.
  20. She may have been, but my info is saying 2 others. Both are very well known, 1 is a Legend, the other is also, just not as much.(not Marilyn)
  21. Much better. Thanks for clearing that up.
  22. What does "significant" mean? LoL Do you mean they had a relationship that was more meaningful than a roll in the hay?Are you saying that if he fooled around let's say once with others that wasn't significant? I'm sure Joanne would disagree with that.
  23. Yes, but that's not the whole answer to my question. I asked what 2 actresses were first wanted for the roles, besides the obvious Broadway stars??????
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