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  1. A psychotic man fools a mother and daughter into thinking he's a war veteran and rents him a room in their home.
  2. Are you guys boycotting my questions? LOL. I know people who use the theme song to this 60's western on their cell phones! Big male cast in the film. name the western, the 80's film that somewhat parodies this film and the name of the man who wrote the scores to both films. ???
  3. It's a Western, this is such an easy question.
  4. Thanks I wish this one was shown more often. This film based on a Broadway hit was suppose to star 2 other leading leadies. Besides the obvious choice of one of the actresses who played the role on Broadway, I'm referring to 2 others. One was a legendary actress, singer, the other also known for her musical performances. The story is based on the life of a real person. Film and the 2 legendary actresses that were suppose to star in this film??? (1 is MUCH more of a Legend than the other)
  5. Beautiful Laraine Day in *The Locket* ??
  6. Yes it's me, the old hand .LOL The site somehow messed up my account info, so I had to register again with another name. I'm hoping once the tech guys figure it out I can get my lavender moniker back. Finance, check out the movie star on a TV show thread. You know this one.
  7. The first film was a 60's film, the 2nd film was a 80's film.
  8. I'm having trouble posting from lavender. Trying a new name. Don't know when I will be able to get back on again, so the film is *Shadow On The Wall* Ann Sothern, Zachray Scott, Nancy Davis. Ok guys, Thread Is Open.
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