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  1. It has been suggested that everything that happens after Mark falls asleep is a dream. Has anyone else considered this?
  2. Great memories. I think there was a character who mimed Ronald Coleman as well as a safari-type hunter that resembled C. Aubrey Smith with the big mustaches.
  3. Love Charles Ruggles. I guess my first introduction to him was as a character, or narrator on Bullwinkle and he was charming as the grandfather, 'smelling of tabaco and peppermint' in The Parent Trap. I just checked IMDB - his mother was murdered by an intruder and his stepfather was killed having been run over by a car - some serious tragedies for one person.
  4. Hello Speedracer5 and fellow I Love Lucy fan. I also found that some of Lucy's guest stars were actually very famous movie stars many years after the episodes aired. Another Lucy/Ricky episode (but not from I Love Lucy) co-stared Ida Lupino and her real life actor husband. I didn't know who they were but it was obvious by the storyline that they were "somebody". Most recently I discovered Lucy's mother, Mrs. McGillacuddy, in the movie Born To Kill. Even though her part was small and she didn't play a ditz, (oh Mickey!) I recognized her straight away. And I never dreamed that Mrs (or was it Miss) Trumble was played by an actress who did any other acting - I get such a kick out of these discoveries. Lastly, the William Holden episode is my favorite - it's perfect from beginning to end.
  5. In Ball of Fire the professors cause a portrait to fall on Dan "Pastrami" Duryea.
  6. Bing Crosby Rediscovered - a new 2 hour documentary will air Tuesday, December 2 on PBS. His family, naturally, is trying to keep his legacy alive.
  7. I'm not always in the mood for a road picture, but this is the right movie at the right time for me. Hope and Crosby were watched in my home as I grew up and their gags and general silliness bring a familiar, carefree, innocent time back for just a short while. Looking forward to it.
  8. Yes, I missed you and am glad you're back!
  9. Sherbet: Long a pet peeve of mine, but I've noticed even FOODIES, like MICHAEL SYMON on "The Chew" and others on The Food Network would often say, "SHER-bert". Which too, is wrong. What is the correct pronunciation? I hear axe instead of ask quite often. I have a co-worker who writes "eye swore" instead or eyesore. Cracks me up, but then I have to correct those errors, and there are many!
  10. Tonight on METV, The Ghost and Mr. Chicken staring Don Knotts (and they used Bon Ami!).
  11. Why do people dislike Ann Hathaway so much?
  12. Hopefully the 6.0 WAS the big one.
  13. Nipkow, I thought of you and this thread today as I watched Alan Ladd in The Man in the Net - in it was a reel-to-reel setup - two 'bulbs' were burnt out, like an old television set. He had to thread the tape then wait for it to get to the part he wanted to hear. I was thinking, "fast forward"! My father used to have one but I don't know why - he had a stereo and record and cassette players. I cant imagine the sound was great, but at that time it may have sounded like a million bucks.
  14. She was one of the 2 women looking (glaring) out of the window at (I already forgot the girls name) and Scott as they were talking just before he took off.
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