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  1. Moss Rose 1947 The Man Is Armed 1951 Once A Thief 1951 The Hunted 1947 The Guilty 1947 Kill Or Be Killed 1950 Las Vegas Shakedown 1955 Hell's 5 Hours 1958 Chicago Calling 1951 Highway Dragnet 1954 The Pretender 1946 Southside 1-1000 1950 I Was A Shoplifter 1950 Black Tuesday 1954 Try And Get Me 1951 16 Fathoms Deep 1948 Baby Face Nelson 1957 The Family Secret 1951 Hell's Island 1955 Slightly Scarlet 1955 Night Without Sleep 1952 The Night Runner 1957 Larceny 1948 The Madonna's Secret 1946 Time is running out. We are being bored to death with endless repeats
  2. TCM often shows "Bad" versions of movies when complete versions are being sold. The THING From Another World - TCM has always shown what looks like a work print. Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde - TCM has shown what I call a pre restored version. While the Restored version is on DVD. Lets face it TCM is trying to get you to BUY the movie by showing "bad" versions. Its insulting and against their expressed operation policy. TCM is this far away from becoming AMC as we speak. Comcast shows it blurry AND I have seen 2 movies in Feb where the movies pixelated completely during the firs
  3. Put a fork in it. My TCM via Comcast is blurry & soft & out of focus. Funny Encore is perfectly clear & sharp. TCM here is worse than VHS quality. I only buy it because I'm stuck here. Got no cherce.
  4. Why can't WB borrow the films, digitize them & return the films to Fox? It's WB that needs to do the work to show them on its channel.
  5. It was used in the movie October 1927. The statue of the Czar was destroyed & when the provisional govt used the Czar's strategy the Statue was undestroyed. As usual virtually every film innovation was first utilized by Eisenstein.
  6. 1. The Sleeping City 2. Guilty Bystander 3. Hollywood Story 4. Under The Gun 5. The Raging Tide 6. The Turning Point 7. Napoleon 8. Outside The Wall 9. Man On The Run 10. Among The Living
  7. I did NOT write this. But its true: "School shootings are the ONLY crime in history that follow an identical pattern every time. 1. Disenfranchised male burrows deep into a school and starts shooting. 2. He kills himself for the finale. It’s a formula. None of them ever takes a hostage and make a run for it. None of them ever survive the suicide attempt (shooting yourself is a risky suicide maneuver. It often fails.) None of them ever hangs out the windows screaming nonsense or making demands. None of them ever holes up and demands to talk to the media or de
  8. Pray to an Ancient Alien near you. Elementary my Dear Watson. The dog did not bark. Therefore it was the owner of the dog who did the crime. all you need is some hypnosis, & a good post hypnotic suggestion. & you got yourself an inside fake terror made-for-tv tradegy. They got those news channels chattering like magpies. Now here's a word from our sponsor. RAID... kills little crawling things better or your money back.
  9. TCM is part of Lame Stream Media & if you look at the movies they show, there are no controversial titles at all. TCM is as lame as it gets. Like all tv TCM is run by committee. Years ago Communities had their own standards of what was acceptable & whjat was controversial. TCM operates as the least acceptable standard. Thats what is Lame. There are No movies on TCM that have anything on the edge. It is as Lame as it gets.
  10. We lost alot when tv stations dumped their 16mm. Now we got one old movie channel in the entire country. When we had a dozen in every major city! & the one channel we got left is not all that great.
  11. You don't want to be the one who comes up with an interesting and true idea. the woodwork will open up & out will fall a multitude of jealous people who never have an interesting and true idea. you will be put in the woodshed for defending your interesting & true idea from those who only want to ridicule it & you... I've given up having ideas. Now I just say things like "do do doo -the da da da"...
  12. If you look, Toppy, you might see TCM zooming the pictures as compared to the AOR. So even if you pay your monthly cable fee, you will get a zoomed copy. To get the proper version, you need to buy the dvd. I have noticed alot of dvds are out of synch. Yes Toppy, by jove I think you've hit on the master plan. Brilliant bit of deduction.
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