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  1. I caught the tail end of the Dec 31 airing of this classic in HD and at the end where you see the closeup of Leonard's shoe slowly crushing Thornhill's hand at the top of Mt. Rushmore I didn't hear the gunshot that's usually heard over this shot. I played it back several times on my DVR and there was no gunshot. You just see his shoe tip over. Really odd. The rest of the movie sounded fine. Did anyone else notice this?
  2. Hello TCM, I see you have "The Brain That Wouldn't Die" scheduled to play Friday, October 19 at 6AM. Earlier this year you showed a terribly cut version of the film, losing over 10 minutes of its full running time. Even the movie's entry on the TCM website lists the incorrect shorter duration of 71 minutes. I'd like to know if TCM can please show the full length, uncut 82 minute version of the film. Thanks very much.
  3. So Zombie is out? No mention or sight of him during Madhouse. Keep TCM Underground alive please! I've loved watching these films each week. Just having this tiny slice of the schedule for cult films has been a huge gift.
  4. Thanks TCM! I wanted to express my support for the new TCM Underground. It's a terrific idea and something I've been hoping to see on TV for some time, a chance to showcase movies that have attained a certain cult status but fall outside what is usually considered classic material. I've seen the Tim Burton movie ED WOOD countless times but strangely had never seen the original Ed Wood movies. This double feature was a ton of fun and I was amazed how perfectly the Burton film recreated the material. It was fascinating seeing the real faces behind the characters in the film. I'm re
  5. To answer RedHooks question, there was a notice before the start of the film that mentioned the SAP track. I use a DVR from DISH Network which records the channel exactly as its delivered. There's no separate cables running out to another recorder that would limit my recording to whichever audio track is selected. I have the recording and can go into the DVR audio settings and switch on the alternate track, the only problem is I'm not hearing a commentary as I expected. It's simply a short repeating message from TCM mentioning the SAP so I was wondering if maybe some mistake was made and it w
  6. I recorded this movie the other night and at the beginning there's a notice about an alternate audio track. I've used it in the past when I had cable but now I have DISH Network. I found the settings on my DVR to activate the alternate track but all I can hear is a looped message from TCM about the SAP and check the guide for listings. So my question is, was this broadcast and did anyone listen to it? Was it available on DISH? I'd love to know why the only option I have is this looped message. Is DISH short changing its customers? I really enjoy the commentaries on DVDs and always hoped mo
  7. If only more channels could adhere to the standard set by TCM. It's so frustrating to see networks that start out promising quickly degenerate into clones of every other channel. How on Earth those other channels that resort to editing, onscreen clutter, speed ups and constant interruptions with commercials survive is beyond me. I wish they'd all disappear and we had more people calling the shots like those at TCM. TCM has managed to maintain their identity and thats a rare thing. Thanks TCM!
  8. I just wanted to follow up and say how thrilled I was to see this movie. It lived up to and even surpassed my expectations, which hasn't always been the case with movies I've wanted to see for many years. I was really impressed by the performances of Rod Taylor and Jim Brown, the tight pace and tense brutal action of the film and its magnificent score. For anyone out there who didn't get to see it I wish I could say it was airing again soon. This is a great film that deserves a DVD release. When that happens I hope Warner Bros. can involve Mr.Taylor and Mr.Brown because this movie is a real ge
  9. I can't believe it! I just happened to scroll through my listings and saw this was on today at 4:30 PM. It's listed as Letterbox too. I've been wanting to see this movie for years. I've requested it in the past and hoped Warners would be releasing it on DVD but no luck so far. Thank You TCM for showing this!! I've read that Martin Scorcese and Quentin Tarantino are fans of this movie. I've heard parts of the soundtrack and it's amazing. The film was directed by the great cinematographer Jack Cardiff(Red Shoes, The African Queen) and stars Rod Taylor Jim Brown and Yvette Mimieux. It's a tou
  10. I found an explanation for the silent sequence. That scene was cut from the American release and only restored recently. There was never an English dub completed for it and should have been shown with subtitles. That's according to the cinematographer Vittorio Storaro. It would be nice to hear the Italian version but you'll be hard pressed to find it anywhere until Paramount decides to release this on DVD.
  11. Hi, I was thrilled beyond belief to see that Bernardo Bertolucci's The Conformist would be shown on TCM. I've wanted to see this movie for over ten years and its never on TV. However, I noticed something unusual during the party scene. There was absolutely no sound. At first I thought maybe this was a stylistic choice by the director but during the scene there is clearly some conversation going on and I couldn't hear a word. The sound came back on as soon as the train scene began. I have DISH and never noticed a long audio dropout like this before. Can anyone tell me if this scene is
  12. I'd also love to see HANGOVER SQUARE though I believe it's owned by FOX. Saw it years ago on old AMC and the score is amazing. One film owned by WARNER BROS. that has been missing in action on TCM is DARK OF THE SUN (1968. aka The Mercenaries) with Rod Taylor, Jim Brown, and Yvette Mimieux. Directed by the great cinematographer Jack Cradiff, this movie has not reached DVD and the VHS is long out of print pan and scan. I'm surprised it wasn't included in the recent TCM survey of movies not yet released on DVD. It's a terrific film with a great performance by Rod Taylor. It's also been m
  13. I think he said "do svidanya" or goodbye in Russian.
  14. I thought I remember seeing brief clips in a promo and also reading news on the site a while back that TCM had acquired it for broadcast. Does anyone know anything about this or did I dream the whole thing? I still can't believe this isn't on DVD yet.
  15. Oops, made a little mistake. Newman's character is Rearden who is the Mackintosh Man. Mackintosh himself is Mrs. Smith's father. Anyway, that's what I get for posting late.
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