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  1. By now the themes of obsessiveness, the nature of personal identity, amour fou, etc. are a little bit threadbare they've been put forward so often. Not that they aren't an important part of the movie, but they've become rather obvious and facile. They do all take place against the background of Elster's murder plot, and the one adds to the other and makes a fine combination. I don't know if Vertigo is a masterpiece or not, but it is a very interesting movie. For about the fifth time, if Elster just threw his wife off the tower, he would be an immediate suspect. He went through the whole charade with Madeleine being followed around by Scotty to establish her suicidal tendencies, and his plan worked like a charm. Why didn't he then bump off Madeleine? That would have been another corpse to account for and if he was ever connected with her that would have been bad news for Gavin. So he took the risk that in a city of 750,000 people Jimmy wouldn't bump into the refitted Kim Novak. The only flaw was that he was operating in a movie, not in real life.
  2. 235 "Selling war bonds was okay, but then I decided I just had to kick it up a few notches."
  3. 234 "Trog? Firggin' Trog. How the hell did I get in this piece of crap? This thing makes Beserk look like Citizen Kane. I hope they hang up that monkey suit on a g d wire hanger."
  4. 234 "So that's what they did to that gorgeous fur coat from Mildred Pierce. I know I should have snuck that out of wardrobe on the final day of shooting."
  5. 233 "I'll bet I know exctly what that dame is thinking of. Well, she ain't gonna get it from old Rock boy, no siree."
  6. 232 "I know this is one of those low budget horror flicks, but these are our sleeping accommodations? Come on."
  7. 231 "Jane, aren't you going a little too far with this avant-garde performance art kick you're on?"
  8. 231 "Boy, could I use a Pepsi right about now."
  9. 230 "Okay now I'm serious, one more double take and Dr. Einstein will operate."
  10. Looks like Wilson is trying to pull a Grover Cleveland.
  11. 229 "Well it all started when, at the age of five, I enrolled in Miss Bumber- shoot's Academy of Dance and Dramatic Arts. Then in first grade I played the second petunia on the right in the Spring pageant. Now in second grade I feel I really made a huge stride forward when I was chosen to essay the role of Little Miss Sunshine. Let me tell you how I saw that role in the larger context of......"
  12. Well this is one of those there is no disputing taste things. I find it very tasty. Uncle Ben's is real rice and it's magnificent.
  13. I really don't think it's fair to equate a master of the trade like Uncle Joe with the amateurs around here. A completely different level of talent.
  14. Youse people seem to be wasting a lot of time making rice. I use Uncle Ben's Ready Rice. Pop the pouch in the microwave for 90 seconds, put on a plate, add some margarine and salt. Very tasty.
  15. 228 When Lucy discovered that all the local drugstores were out of henna rinse, she had no alternative but to try to make her own.
  16. 227 "Okay now don't move. I'll show you how I ran the hurdles back in '26."
  17. 227 "All right already. We'll run the play just as soon as we're able to get up again."
  18. No offense to the TCM message board, but just because people aren't flocking here to praise the film doesn't say anything about the quality of it. While the film might have been ignored here also doesn't mean very much. There are a lot of good movies that TCM shows that, for whatever reason, are not discussed on the forums. Rachel, you go girl.
  19. The way that guy operated, he likely skipped one F.
  20. I remember that some odd duck sang that song in one of the British "kitchen sink" films of the early 1960s. I didn't recall which one it was until Swithin's post. The skeletons of two children were unearthed in the Tower in the mid 1600s, probably those of the two princes. They were reburied, but so far no DNA tests have been done on them. And reading on the net today, it stills looks like the remains are those of Richard III. Why not one more song from The Smiths. Vicar in a Tutu. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fe1mSUCB9GA
  21. It might have been more exciting, but I don't know if it would necessarily have been better. Maybe it could have been called The Short Warm Summer. As I said before, I don't understand why people can't accept that movies are different in theme and tone and are not going to be all alike. If one read a synopsis of Rachel, Rachel, it should have been clear it wouldn't be a sexy southern potboiler. And James Olson's character was more interesting than a Paul Newman mimbo would have been.
  22. Yes, but maybe we're thinking of differernt four Fs, or at least some of them.
  23. Sad as it is to say, the Nazi "brand" is well established and pretty unchanging. The Nazis look about the same whether it's 1930, 1970, or 1990. If you've seen one swastika, you've seen them all. I thought Liza was fairly sexy, though in an offbeat kind of way. I wouldn't kick her out of the beer hall.
  24. I played an extremely precocious buttercup in the first grade. Even at that tender age, I knew I could never top my own performance. I switched my artistic interests to finger painting and have never looked back. Didn't Leonard Woolf have a bit part in Battle of Britain? You never know where these old chestnuts will show up. The Queen Is Dead. Say, I like that title. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1tb8Xmq0k7w
  25. That's a good one. I don't think my mother ever used that one on me, though I didn't like fruits and veggies very much either. Now why couldn't chocolate prevent scurvy? But nooooooo...
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