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  1. That's a good one! LOL I did not know that was a W. C. Fields quote. I actually thought this guy I used to work with made it up himself because he would say it so often! Too funny!
  2. Congrats SansFin for the winning schedule. You obviously have a natural talent for doing these challenges. Any job offers from TCM yet? Soooo, movies that take place in February? Brrrrrrrrrrr that's cold!!!
  3. Thanks again to all who have tried to help solve this mystery. I must tell you all that the term I read about was something very technical sounding in regards to film-making and not a very common word or term. In fact, the one time I read about it is the only time I have ever heard it. On the positive side, I am more determined than ever to find it, and someday I will. Thanks very much to all of you for your help and thoughts.
  4. SansFin, Yes indeed. I would have liked to use the proper term in my notes. I was reading an article about 5 years ago that mentioned it. It was a movie-technical term that was nothing even remotely close to (referencing, shout-out, sampling) everyday use. There have been several occasions since I first read about it when I have tried to research it. I had no idea it would be so difficult to locate the correct terminology. I will find it someday though.
  5. My program schedule is for the week of August 10 thru 16, 2014. I chose this week because it was on August 11th 1964 that The Beatles first film, A HARD DAY'S NIGHT premiered in New York City and since 2014 is the 50 year anniversary of their arrival here in the United States the entire schedule is based on themes relating to Beatles song titles. Entirely for fun, we will celebrate not only the music of The Beatles, but also Rock & Roll music in general as well as the music of the famed composer Ludwig van Beethoven. As an added bonus this schedule even includes a soundtrack. As I mentioned earlier this is all for fun so I hope you will all enjoy it. The title I chose for the overall schedule is Eight Days A Week. *TCM STAR OF THE MONTH FOR AUGUST ? BARRY SULLIVAN* *TCM SILENT SUNDAY ? COSMIC JOURNEY (1936)* *TCM IMPORT ? THE LETTER THAT WAS NEVER SENT (1962)* *FRIDAY NIGHT SPOTLIGHT ? ROCK & ROLL MUSIC* *TCM ESSENTIALS ? A HARD DAY'S NIGHT (1964)* *TCM UNDERGROUND ? DAUGHTER OF HORROR (1955)* *PREMIERE # 01 ? SECRETS OF SOVIET SPACE DISASTERS (1999)* *PREMIERE # 02 ? LADY IN THE DARK (1944)* *PREMIERE # 03 ? WOLF LARSEN (1958)* *PREMIERE # 04 ? LOOPHOLE (1954)* *PREMIERE # 05 ? MY BLOOD RUNS COLD (1965)* *PREMIERE # 06 ? HER LUCKY NIGHT (1945)* *PREMIERE # 07 ? SLEEP, MY LOVE (1948)* *PREMIERE # 08 ? I'VE ALWAYS LOVED YOU (1946)* *PREMIERE # 09 ? YELLOW SUBMARINE (1968)* *PREMIERE # 10 ? THE NIGHT WALKER (1964)* *EXEMPT PREMIERE # 01 COSMIC JOURNEY (1936) TCM SILENT SUNDAY* *EXEMPT PREMIERE # 02 THE LETTER THAT WAS NEVER SENT (1962) TCM IMPORT* *EXEMPT PREMIERE # 03 DEAR BRIDGETTE (1965) LP-EXEMPT PREMIERE* *EXEMPT PREMIERE # 04 A GAME OF DEATH (1945) RKO RADIO PICTURES* *TOTAL FILMS ? 96* *1900 ? 1909* *1910 ? 1919* *1920 ? 1929* *1930 ? 1939 7* *1940 ? 1949 27* *1950 ? 1959 39* *1960 ? 1969 14* *1970 ? 1979 5* *1980 ? 1989 2* *1990 ? 1999 2* *2000 ? 2009* *2010 ? 2014* *Sunday August 10, thru Saturday August 16, 2014* *EIGHT DAYS A WEEK* http://fan.tcm.com/_EIGHT-DAYS-A-WEEK/audio/959166/66470.html *Sunday: August 10* 06:00AM ? 06:00AM ? *BACK IN THE USSR* http://fan.tcm.com/_BACK-IN-THE-USSR/audio/959168/66470.html Today we will present twenty-four hours of films either from Russia, about Russia, Russian people or Russian history beginning with the 1966 comedy The Russians Are Coming! The Russians Are Coming! Additional highlights are the 1948 version of Anna Karenina, Anastasia from 1956, and The Red Danube from 1949, followed by the TCM Silent Sunday premiere of Cosmic Journey from 1936 at midnight and the TCM Import premiere of The Letter That Was Never Sent from 1962 directed by noted Russian film-maker Mikhail Kalatozov at 2:00am. 12:00AM *TCM Silent Sunday*: Cosmic Journey (1936) Tonight, TCM Silent Sunday presents the TCM premiere of Cosmic Journey, a science-fiction film produced in Russia in 1936. The original Russian title is Kosmicheskiy reys: Fantasticheskaya novella which translates as Space Travel: A Fantastic Story. A silent film from 1936? Although sound was introduced to Russian films around 1930, several studios continued making silent films for some time after. This film is set ten years into the future and tells the story of man's first space voyage to the moon. 02:00AM *TCM Import*: The Letter That Was Never Sent (1962) Tonight, The TCM Import will feature The Letter That Was Never Sent from Russian film-maker Mikhail Kalatozov. This film was originally produced in 1959 and titled The Unsent Letter. A small group of geologists are sent to the remote wilderness of the Boreal Forest in central Siberia in search of diamonds but before they can complete their mission, they become trapped by a raging forest fire and must fight to survive. The film stars Tatyana Samoylova and Vasiliy Livanov but the true star of this film is the striking black & white cinematography by Sergei Urusevsky. *Monday August 11* 06:00AM ? 08:00PM ? *DEVIL IN HER HEART* http://fan.tcm.com/_DEVIL-IN-HER-HEART/audio/959170/66470.html Today we have a full morning and afternoon of Femme Fatales. Some say that the female of our species is deadlier than the male and the eight beautiful and tempting seductresses featured here today go a long way in proving it. They are among the most scheming, conniving, plotting, and the deadliest of all in film history. So let's see just how many of these venomous ladies you can handle in one afternoon. 08:00PM ? 06:00AM ? *YOU REALLY GOT A HOLD ON ME* http://fan.tcm.com/_YOU-REALLY-GOT-A-HOLD-ON-ME/audio/959173/66470.html *Star of the Month ? Barry Sullivan* My latest favorite movie star has really got a hold on me so I'm giving him the honor of being the TCM star of the month for August, 2014. Our Star of the Month for August, Barry Sullivan was born Patrick Barry Sullivan on August 29, 1912 in New York City. Although he was never considered a major movie star, he established himself as a well known and highly respected character lead and second lead and he appeared in over 100 motion pictures from the 1930's to the 1980's. With a total of 184 credits between film and television and a career spanning over 50 years according to IMDB.com, Barry Sullivan has 2 stars along the Hollywood Walk of Fame, one for his work in motion pictures and one for his work in television. One of his best known roles came in 1953 when he portrayed movie director Fred Amiel in Vincente Minnelli's The Bad and The Beautiful. Mr. Sullivan passed away on June 6, 1994 at the age of 81. Tonight we present six great films including four TCM premieres, two of which Mr. Sullivan plays the lead role, first as the brutal captain of the Ghost in Wolf Larsen from 1958 and then as bank teller Mike Donovan in the 1954 crime thriller, Loophole. *Tuesday August 12* 06:00AM ? 08:00PM ? *ACT NATURALLY* http://fan.tcm.com/_ACT-NATURALLY/audio/959174/66470.html Today we will present eight films which feature one or more celebrities portraying themselves on film. Perhaps the most notable example would be Audie Murphy in To Hell and Back. Other highlights include Jerry Lewis in The Bellboy, Jane Russell in Fate is The Hunter and Cecil B. DeMille in Sunset Blvd. 08:00PM ? 06:00AM ? *WITHIN YOU WITHOUT YOU* http://fan.tcm.com/_WITHIN-YOU-WITHOUT-YOU/audio/959175/66470.html *Sunset Blvd. Challenge #1: Deconstructing Hollywood Blvd.* Tonight we are featuring five films which feature scenes reminiscent of the scene in Sunset Blvd. where Norma Desmond and Joe Gillis view a scene from the silent film, Queen Kelly, for lack of a better term, a film within another film. Each of our five films features another film or films seen or edited into our specific film as follows: The Projectionist (1971) ? Features clips from several films including Citizen Kane, Casablanca, It Came From Beneath the Sea, and Earth Vs. The Flying Saucers. Manhattan Murder Mystery (1993) ? Features The Lady From Shanghai and Double Indemnity. Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid (1982) ? Features clips from nearly twenty classic films including Double Indemnity, Dark passage, The Big Sleep, Deception, and The Killers. Cinema Paradiso (1989) ? Features clips from over twenty films including It's a Wonderful Life, His Girl Friday, A Farewell to Arms, and Stagecoach. Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977) ? Features The Ten Commandments. *Wednesday August 13* 06:00AM ? 08:00PM ? *ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE* http://fan.tcm.com/_ALL-YOU-NEED-IS-LOVE/audio/959176/66470.html All you need is love. Love is all you need. Love is what makes the Earth go around after all, so today we feature eight films with love in the title. Highlights include the TCM premier of Sleep, My Love from 1948 followed by Love Affair from 1939 and Love in the Afternoon from 1957. Today, all we need is love. 08:00PM ? 06:00AM ? *ROLL OVER BEETHOVEN* http://fan.tcm.com/_ROLL-OVER-BEETHOVEN/audio/959177/66470.html *Sunset Blvd. Challenge #2: Celebrating behind-the-scenes artists* *Ludwig van Beethoven* was born in Germany on December 16, 1770 and began studying music, learning to play the piano and composing his own music at a very early age. He moved to Vienna in 1792 and quickly established a reputation as a virtuoso pianist. Not long after, at the age of only 26, he began to suffer from severe tinnitis, making it very difficult for him to hear music or conversation. His hearing continued to deteriorate until his death on March 26, 1827 at the age of 56. Having spent the previous ten years of life nearly completely deaf, it is said that his most beautiful and intricate work was achieved during this period. He is considered to be the greatest composer of all time. Although Ludwig van Beethoven was obviously never directly involved in moviemaking, since he passed away long before the first movies were ever produced, his music has been featured in countless films since the introduction of sound. Most film productions employ some sort of a musical director or musical advisor and because these professionals have chosen to incorporate the music of Ludwig van Beethoven over and over and over again, his music is featured in several hundred movies and according to IMDB.com he is credited well over 800 times in television and films. It is for this reason that I have chosen Ludwig van Beethoven as my behind the scenes artist. I've Always Loved You (1946) - Piano Sonata No. 23, Op. 57 in F Minor Walter Scharf (musical director) Carnegie Hall (1947) - Symphony No. 5 Sigmund Krumgold (musical advisor) A Song Is Born (1948) - Trio in B flat major, Op. 97 Emil Newman / Hugo Friedhofer (musical directors) Always In My Heart (1942) - Piano Sonata No. 14 in C Sharp Minor, Op. 27, No. 2 Leo F. Forbstein (musical director) Gaslight (1956) - Piano Sonata No. 8 in C minor, Op. 13 Pietro Cimini (musical advisor) *Thursday August 14* 06:00AM ? 08:00PM ? *WHEN I'M SIXTY-FOUR* http://fan.tcm.com/_WHEM-I39M-SIXTY-FOUR/audio/959178/66470.html Today we will feature eight movies all from the year 1950 and all now 64 years old. Will you still need me when I?m sixty-four? You bet we will. Highlights include King Solomon's Mines, Father of the Bride, In a Lonely Place, and a Richard Widmark double feature of Panic in the Streets with Night and the City. 08:00PM ? 06:00AM ? *PLEASE MISTER POSTMAN* http://fan.tcm.com/_PLEASE-MISTER-POSTMAN/audio/959179/66470.html *Sunset Blvd. Challenge #3: Ghostwriting* Tonight we have six films in which a letter or letters are prominently featured within the film's plot. Highlights include the TCM premiere of Dear Bridgette, followed later by The Letter and Address Unknown. *Friday August 15* 06:00AM ? 08:00PM ? *HELP!* http://fan.tcm.com/_HELP/audio/959180/66470.html Today get ready for a fast paced danger filled roller-coaster ride through nine films which feature one or more people in a life threatening situation and in desperate need of help. Will they get the help they need? I'm not telling. You'll just have to take a deep breath and watch these movies to find out. 08:00PM ? 06:00AM ? *ROCK AND ROLL MUSIC* http://fan.tcm.com/_ROCK-AND-ROLL-MUSIC/audio/959181/66470.html *FRIDAY NIGHT SPOTLIGHT ON ROCK & ROLL MUSIC IN THE MOVIES* There have been countless movies produced with stories that centered on Rock & Roll music and tonight we present six of the very best. Highlights include Bill Haley in Rock Around The Clock and Elvis Presley in Jailhouse Rock followed by American Graffiti which features the greatest rock & roll soundtrack ever as presented by the one and only Wolfman Jack. *Saturday August 16* 06:00AM ? 08:00PM ? *YELLOW SUBMARINE* http://fan.tcm.com/_YELLOW-SUBMARINE/audio/959182/66470.html Okay, I don't really have to tell anyone that today we are featuring submarine movies, right? We have seven films in all and you'll be entertained by a yellow animated submarine, a miniature submarine, and even a pink submarine. Highlights include the TCM premiere of Yellow Submarine, Irwin Allen's classic science-fiction adventure Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, followed by three of the greatest submarine movies of all time; Run Silent Run Deep, Destination Tokyo, and Ice Station Zebra. 08:00PM ? 06:00AM ? *A HARD DAY'S NIGHT* http://fan.tcm.com/_A-HARD-DAY39S-NIGHT/audio/959183/66470.html Tonight we have seven films in which everyone is having their own hard day's night beginning with The Beatles in their debut movie A Hard Day's Night, but if you think they were having a hard day's night stay tuned for the following six films because the characters in these movies are all having an extremely hard and frightful night. Highlights include a William Castle double feature beginning with The House on Haunted Hill followed by the TCM premiere of The Night Walker. After that we present The Blob followed by tonight's TCM Underground feature, the movie made famous in The Blob, Daughter of Horror and then we finish up this hard day's night with Night of the Living Dead and William Castle's Macabre. 08:00PM *TCM Essentials*: A Hard Day's Night (1964) Tonight, TCM Essentials presents the 1964 film debut of The Beatles in A Hard Day's Night. The film, considered to be one of the best and most influential musical films of all time, made its U.S. premiere in New York City fifty years ago this week on August 11, 1964. The film was directed by Richard Lester and depicts a typical day in the life of the group at that time while featuring several of their newest hit songs. Time magazine named it as one of the all-time 100 greatest films. The film was nominated for two Academy Awards; the screenplay written by Alun Owen and for the musical score adapted by George Martin. 02:00AM *TCM Underground*: Daughter of Horror (1955) Originally released in 1955 as Dementia this film is the first and only film directed by Jack Parker. The story is based on a nightmare that Mr. Parker's secretary, Adrienne Barrett, told him about one day. He thought it would make a good movie so he set out to film it with Adrienne Barrett portraying the main character, known in the film as the Gamin. The film has no dialogue at all and features a musical score by avant-garde composer George Antheil with ethereal vocalizations (there are no lyrics) provided by Marni Nixon. In one interesting nightclub scene, well known jazz musician Shorty Rogers can be seen and heard performing. After a poor reception by critics and some trouble with censors the film was quickly sold to film producer and distributor Jack H. Harris who added a narration provided by Ed McMahon and re-titled the film Daughter of Horror. The film was made famous in 1957 when it was included in The Blob as the film being watched in the movie theater scene just as the blob arrives to wreak havoc upon the movies audience.
  6. This is exactly what I was referring to: from the link to There's no "B" in Move. *The B-Movie The Monster That Challenged the World from 1957 has appeared in at least two other horror films; Piranha (the original 1978 version, being watched by one of the guards from the military camp) and Motel Hell (it's the movie being played at the drive-in).* The article doesn't mention what this film-making technique is though. I will find out one day!
  7. Sunday August 10, 2014 06:00 AM *THE RUSSIANS ARE COMING* (1966) Dir: Norman Jewison Cast: Carl Reiner, Eva Marie Saint, Alan Arkin, Brian Keith C-126 mins United Artists P/s 08:15 AM *THE TWELVE CHAIRS* (1970) Dir: Mel Brooks Cast: Ron Moody, Frank Langella, Dom DeLuise C-94 mins Universal Marion Corporation Pictures P/s 10:00 AM *SONG OF RUSSIA* (1944) Dir: Gregory Ratoff Cast: Robert Taylor, Susan Peters, John Hodiak Bw-107 mins Metro Goldwyn Mayer P/s 12:00 PM *THE SCARLET EMPRESS* (1934) Dir: Josef von Sternberg Cast: Marlene Dietrich, John Lodge, Sam Jaffe Bw-104 mins Paramount Pictures P/s 02:00 PM *WE LIVE AGAIN* (1934) Dir: Rouben Mamoulian Cast: Anna Sten, Fredric March, Jane Baxter Bw-85 mins United Artists P/s 03:30 PM *ANNA KARENINA* (1948) Dir: Julien Duvivier Cast: Vivian Leigh, Ralph Richardson, Kieron Moore Bw-139 mins London Film Productions P/s 06:00 PM *NINOTCHKA* (1939) Dir: Ernst Lubitsch Cast: Greta Garbo, Melvyn Douglas, Bela Lugosi Bw-111 mins Metro Goldwyn Mayer P/s 08:00 PM *ANASTASIA* (1956) Dir: Anatole Litvak Cast: Ingrid Bergman, Yul Brynner, Helen Hayes C-105 mins Twentieth Century Fox P/s 10:00 PM *THE RED DANUBE* (1949) Dir: George Sidney Cast: Walter Pidgeon, Ethel Barrymore, Peter Lawford Bw-118 mins Metro Goldwyn Mayer P/s 12:00 AM *COSMIC JOURNEY* (1936) Dir: Vasili Zhuravlyov Cast: Sergey Komarov, K. Moskalenko, Vassili Gaponenko Bw-70 mins Mosfilm Exempt Premiere 01:15 AM *SECRETS OF SOVIET SPACE DISASTERS* (1999) Dir: Vincent Kralyevich Cast: Arthur Kent (Narrator) C/Bw-45 mins Kralyevich Productions Incorporated Premiere #1 02:00 AM *THE LETTER THAT WAS NEVER SENT* (1962) Dir: Mikhail Kalatozov Cast: Tatyana Samoylova, Evgeniy Urbanskiy, Vasili Livanov Bw-98 mins Mosfilm Exempt Premiere 03:45 AM *MISSION TO MOSCOW* (1943) Dir: Michael Curtiz Cast: Walter Huston, Ann Harding, Oscar Homolka Bw-123 mins Warner Bros P/s Monday August 11, 2014 06:00 AM *OUT OF THE PAST* (1947) Dir: Jacques Tourneur Cast: Robert Mitchum, Jane Greer, Kirk Douglas Bw-97 mins RKO Radio Pictures P/s 07:45 AM *FRAMED* (1947) Dir: Richard Wallace Cast: Glenn Ford, Janis Carter, Barry Sullivan Bw-82 mins Columbia Pictures P/s 09:15 AM *BORN TO KILL* (1947) Dir: Robert Wise Cast: Claire Trevor, Lawrence Tierney, Walter Slezak Bw-92 mins RKO Radio Pictures P/s 11:00 AM *GUN CRAZY* (1950) Dir: Joseph H. Lewis Cast: Peggy Cummings, John Dall, Berry Kroeger Bw-87 mins United Artists P/s 12:30 PM *SCARLET STREET* (1945) Dir: Fritz Lang Cast: Edward G. Robinson, Joan Bennet, Dan Duryea Bw-102 mins Universal Pictures P/s 02:15 PM *ANGEL FACE* (1953) Dir: Otto Preminger Cast: Robert Mitchum, Jean Simmons, Mona Freeman Bw-91 mins RKO Radio Pictures P/s 04:00 PM *KISS ME DEADLY* (1955) Dir: Robert Aldrich Cast: Ralph Meeker, Albert Dekker, Gaby Rodgers C-106 mins United Artists P/s 06:00 PM *DOUBLE INDEMNITY* (1944) Dir: Billy Wilder Cast: Fred MacMurray, Barbara Stanwyck, Edward G. Robinson Bw-106 mins Paramount Pictures P/s 08:00 PM *STRATEGIC AIR COMMAND* (1955) Dir: Anthony Mann Cast: James Stewart, June Allyson, Frank Lovejoy, Barry Sullivan C/Bw-114 mins Paramount Pictures P/s 10:00 PM *THE BAD AND THE BEAUTIFUL* (1953) Dir: Vicente Minnelli Cast: Kirk Douglas, Lana Turner, Walter Pidgeon, Barry Sullivan Bw-117 mins Metro Goldwyn Mayer P/s 12:00 AM *LADY IN THE DARK* (1944) Dir: Mitchell Leisen Cast: Ginger Rogers, Ray Milland, Warner Baxter, Barry Sullivan C-100 mins Paramount Pictures Premiere #2 01:15 AM *WOLF LARSEN* (1958) Dir: Harmon Jones Cast: Barry Sullivan, Peter Graves, Gita Hall, Thayer David Bw-83 mins Allied Artists Pictures Premiere #3 02:45 AM *LOOPHOLE* (1954) Dir: Harold Schuster Cast: Barry Sullivan, Charles McGraw, Dorothy Malone, Don Haggerty Bw-80 mins Allied Artists Pictures Premiere #4 04:15 AM *MY BLOOD RUNS COLD* (1965) Dir: William Conrad Cast: Troy Donahue, Joey Heatherton, Barry Sullivan, Nicolas Coster C-104 mins Warner Bros. Premiere #5 Tuesday August 12, 2014 06:00 AM *THE YOUNGEST PROFESSION* (1943) Dir: Edward Buzzell Cast: Virginia Weidler, Greer Garson, Walter Pidgeon Bw-81 mins Metro Goldwyn Mayer P/s 07:30 AM *THE BELLBOY* (1960) Dir: Jerry Lewis Cast: Jerry Lewis, Alex Gerry, Bob Clayton Bw-72 mins Paramount Pictures P/s 08:45 AM *THANK YOUR LUCKY STARS* (1943) Dir: David Butler Cast: Humphrey Bogart, Eddie Cantor, Bette Davis Bw-127 mins Warner Bros. P/s 11:00 AM *RING OF FEAR* (1954) Dir: James Edward Grant Cast: Clyde Beatty, Mickey Spillane, Pat O'Brien C-93 mins Warner Bros. P/s 12:45 PM *FATE IS THE HUNTER* (1964) Dir: Ralph Nelson Cast: Glenn Ford, Rod Taylor, Jane Russell Bw-106 mins Twentieth Century Fox P/s 02:45 PM *HER LUCKY NIGHT* (1945) Dir: Robert Siodmak Cast: Patty Andrews, Maxene Andrews, Laverne Andrews Bw-63 mins Universal Pictures Premiere #6 04:00 PM *TO HELL AND BACK* (1955) Dir: Jesse Hibbs Cast: Audie Murphy, Marshall Thompson, Charles Drake C-106 mins Universal Pictures P/s 06:00 PM *SUNSET BLVD.* (1950) Dir: Billy Wilder Cast: William Holden, Gloria Swanson, Erich Von Stroheim, Cecil B. DeMille Bw-115 mins Paramount Pictures P/s 08:00 PM *THE PROJECTIONIST* (1971) Dir: Harry Hurwitz Cast: Chuck McCann, Ina Balin, Rodney Dangerfield C-88 mins Maglan Films P/s 09:30 PM *MANHATTAN MURDER MYSTERY* (1993) Dir: Woody Allen Cast: Woody Allen, Diane Keaton, Jerry Adler, Alan Alda C-104 mins TriStar Pictures P/s 11:15 PM *DEAD MEN DON'T WEAR PLAID* (1982) Dir: Carl Reiner Cast: Steve Martin, Rachel Ward, Carl Reiner Bw-88 mins Universal Pictures P/s 12:45 AM *CINEMA PARADISO* (1989) Dir: Giuseppe Tornatore Cast: Philippe Noiret, Jacques Perrin, Salvatore Cascio C-155 mins Cristaldifim P/s 03:30 AM *CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD KIND* (1977) Dir: Steven Spielberg Cast: Richard Dreyfuss, Francois Truffaut, Terry Garr C-137 mins Columbia Pictures P/s Wednesday August 13, 2014 06:00 AM *LOVE FINDS ANDY HARDY* (1938) Dir: George B. Seitz Cast: Mickey Rooney, Judy Garland, Lana Turner Bw-91 mins Metro Goldwyn Mayer P/s 07:45 AM *LOVE CRAZY* (1941) Dir: Jack Conway Cast: William Powell, Myrna Loy, Gail Patrick Bw-100 mins Metro Goldwyn Mayer P/s 09:30 AM *THE TUNNEL OF LOVE* (1958) Dir: Gene Kelly Cast: Doris Day, Richard Widmark, Gig Young Bw-98 mins Metro Goldwyn Mayer P/s 11:15 AM *LOVE IS BETTER THAN EVER* (1952) Dir: Stanley Donen Cast: Elizabeth Taylor, Larry Parks, Tom Tully Bw-82 mins Metro Goldwyn Mayer P/s 12:45 PM *LOVE STORY* (1970) Dir: Arthur Hiller Cast: Ali MacGraw, Ryan O'Neal, Ray Milland C-100 mins Paramount Productions P/s 02:30 PM *SLEEP, MY LOVE* (1948) Dir: Douglas Sirk Cast: Claudette Colbert, Robert Cummings, Don Ameche Bw-96 mins United Artists Premiere #7 04:15 PM *LOVE AFFAIR* (1939) Dir: Leo McCarey Cast: Irene Dunne, Charles Boyer, Maria Ouspenskaya Bw-89 mins RKO Radio Pictures P/s 05:45 PM *LOVE IN THE AFTERNOON* (1957) Dir: Billy Wilder Cast: Audrey Hepburn, Gary Cooper, Maurice Chevalier Bw-130 mins Allied Artists Pictures P/s 08:00 PM *I'VE ALWAYS LOVED YOU* (1946) Dir: Frank Borzage Cast: Philip Dorn, Catherine McLeod, William Carter C-117 mins Republic Pictures Premiere #8 10:00 PM *CARNEGIE HALL* (1947) Dir: Edgar G. Ulmer Cast: Marsha Hunt, William Prince, Frank McHugh Bw-135 mins United Artists P/s 12:15 AM *A SONG IS BORN* (1948) Dir: Howard Hawks Cast: Danny Kaye, Virginia Mayo, Benny Goodman Bw-113 mins RKO Radio Pictures P/s 02:15 AM *ALWAYS IN MY HEART* (1942) Dir: Jo Graham Cast: Kay Francis, Walter Huston, Gloria Warren Bw-93 mins Warner Bros. P/s 04:00 AM *GASLIGHT* (1944) Dir: George Cukor Cast: Charles Boyer, Ingrid Bergman, Joseph Cotten Bw-114 mins Metro Goldwyn Mayer P/s Thursday August 14, 2014 06:00 AM *KING SOLOMON'S MINES* (1950) Dir: Compton Bennett / Andrew Marton Cast: Stewart Granger, Deborah Kerr, Richard Carlson C-105 mins Metro Goldwyn Mayer P/s 07:45 AM *YOUNG MAN WITH A HORN* (1950) Dir: Michael Curtiz Cast: Kirk Douglas, Lauren Bacall, Doris Day Bw-111 mins Warner Bros. P/s 09:45 AM *CHEAPER BY THE DOZEN* (1950) Dir: Walter Lang Cast: Clifton Webb, Jeanne Crain, Myrna Loy C-86 mins Twentieth Century Fox P/s 11:15 AM *FATHER OF THE BRIDE* (1950) Dir: Vincente Minnelli Cast: Spencer Tracy, Joan Bennett, Elizabeth Taylor Bw-93 mins Metro Goldwyn Mayer P/s 01:00 PM *BORN YESTERDAY* (1950) Dir: George Cukor Cast: Judy Holliday, Broderick Crawford, William Holden Bw-104 mins Columbia Pictures P/s 02:45 PM *IN A LONELY PLACE* (1950) Dir: Nicholas Ray Cast: Humphrey Bogart, Gloria Grahame, Frank Lovejoy Bw-95 mins Columbia Pictures P/s 04:30 PM *PANIC IN THE STREETS* (1950) Dir: Elia Kazan Cast: Richard Widmark, Paul Douglas, Barbara Bel Geddes Bw-96 mins Twentieth Century Fox P/s 06:15 PM *NIGHT AND THE CITY* (1950) Dir: Jules Dassin Cast: Richard Widmark, Gene Tierney, Googie Withers Bw-95 mins Twentieth Century Fox P/s 08:00 PM *DEAR BRIDGETTE* (1965) Dir: Henry Koster Cast: James Stewart, Fabian, Glynis Johns, Billy Mumy C-100 mins Twentieth Century Fox LP-Premiere 09:45 PM *THE LETTER* (1950) Dir: William Wyler Cast: Bette Davis, Herbert Marshall, James Stephenson Bw-95 mins Warner Bros. P/s 11:30 PM *ADDRESS UNKNOWN* (1944) Dir: William Cameron Menzies Cast: Paul Lukas, Carl Esmond, Peter Van Eyck Bw-72 mins Columbia Pictures P/s 12:45 AM *A LETTER TO THREE WIVES* (1949) Dir: Joseph L. Mankiewicz Cast: Jeanne Crain, Linda Darnell, Ann Sothern Bw-103 mins Twentieth Century Fox P/s 02:30 AM *LOVE LETTERS* (1945) Dir: William Dieterle Cast: Jennifer Jones, Joseph Cotten, Ann Richards Bw-101 mins Paramount Pictures P/s 04:15 AM *THE SHOP AROUND THE CORNER* (1940) Dir: Harold Daniels Cast: Margaret Sullavan, James Stewart, Frank Morgan Bw-100 mins Metro Goldwyn Mayer P/s Friday August 15, 2014 06:00 AM *A GAME OF DEATH* (1945) Dir: Robert Wise Cast: John Loder, Audrey Long, Edgar Barrier Bw-72 mins RKO Radio Pictures 07:15 AM *THE WINDOW* (1949) Dir: Ted Tetzlaff Cast: June Travis, Robert Livingston, Donald Cook Bw-73 mins RKO Radio Pictures P/s 08:30 AM *FIVE CAME BACK* (1939) Dir: John Farrow Cast: Chester Morris, Lucille Ball, Wendy Barrie Bw-74 mins RKO Radio Pictures P/s 09:45 AM *CAUSE FOR ALARM* (1951) Dir: Tay Garnett Cast: Loretta Young, Barry Sullivan, Bruce Cowling Bw-75 mins Metro Goldwyn Mayer P/s 11:00 AM *THE LAST VOYAGE* (1960) Dir: Andrew L. Stone Cast: Robert Stack, Dorothy Malone, George Sanders C-91 mins Metro Goldwyn Mayer P/s 12:45 PM *ACE IN THE HOLE* (1951) Dir: Billy Wilder Cast: Kirk Douglas, Jan Sterling, Bob Arthur Bw-112 mins Paramount Pictures P/s 02:45 PM *ABANDON SHIP* (1957) Dir: Richard Sale Cast: Tyrone Power, Mai Zetterling, Lloyd Nolan B/w-98 mins Columbia Pictures P/s 04:30 PM *THE SPIRAL STAIRCASE* (1946) Dir: Robert Siodmak Cast: Dorothy McGuire, George Brent, Ethel Barrymore Bw-83 mins RKO Radio Pictures P/s 06:00 PM *THE DESPERATE HOURS* (1955) Dir: William Wyler Cast: Humphrey Bogart, Fredric March, Arthur Kennedy Bw-112 mins Paramount Pictures P/s 08:00 PM *ROCK AROUND THE CLOCK* (1956) Dir: Fred F. Sears Cast: Bill Haley, Alan Freed, Johnny Johnston Bw-76 mins Columbia Pictures P/s 09:30 PM *DON'T KNOCK THE ROCK* (1957) Dir: Fred F. Sears Cast: Bill Haley, Alan Dale, Alan Freed Bw-85 mins Columbia Pictures P/s 11:00 PM *JAILHOUSE ROCK* (1957) Dir: Richard Thorpe Cast: Elvis Presley, Judy Tyler, Mickey Shaughnessy Bw-96 mins Metro Goldwyn Mayer P/s 01:00 AM *AMERICAN GRAFITTI* (1973) Dir: George Lucas Cast: Richard Drefuss, Ron Howard, Paul Le Mat, Harrison Ford C-110 mins Universal Pictures P/s 03:00 AM *ROCK ROCK ROCK!* (1956) Dir: Will Price Cast: Alan Freed, Fran Manfred, Tuesday Weld Bw-85 mins Vanguard Productions P/s 04:30 AM *JUKE BOX RHYTHM* (1959) Dir: Arthur Dreifuss Cast: Jo Morrow, Jack Jones, Brian Donlevy Bw-83 mins Columbia Pictures P/s Saturday August 16, 2014 06:00 AM *YELLOW SUBMARINE* (1968) Dir: George Dunning Cast: John Clive, Geoffrey Hughes, Peter Batten, Paul Angelus C-85 mins United Artists Premiere #9 07:30 AM *FANTASTIC VOYAGE* (1966) Dir: Richard Fleischer Cast: Stephen Boyd, Raquel Welch, Edmond O'Brien C-100 mins Twentieth Century Fox P/s 09:15 AM *OPERATION PETTICOAT* (1959) Dir: Blake Edwards Cast: Cary Grant, Tony Curtis, Joan O'Brien C-124 mins Universal Pictures P/s 11:30 AM *VOYAGE TO THE BOTTOM OF THE SEA* (1961) Dir: Irwin Allen Cast: Walter Pidgeon, Joan Fontaine, Barbara Eden, Peter Lorre C-105 mins Twentieth Century Fox P/s 01:15 PM *RUN SILENT, RUN DEEP* (1958) Dir: Robert Wise Cast: Clark Gable, Burt Lancaster, Jack Warden Bw-93 mins United Artists P/s 03:00 PM *DESTINATION TOKYO* (1944) Dir: Delmer Daves Cast: Cary Grant, John Garfield, Alan Hale, Dane Clark Bw-135 mins Warner Bros. P/s 05:15 PM *ICE STATION ZEBRA* (1968) Dir: John Sturges Cast: Rock Hudson, Ernest Borgnine, Patrick McGoohan C-152 mins Metro Goldwyn Mayer P/s 08:00 PM *A HARD DAY'S NIGHT* (1964) Dir: Richard Lester Cast: John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, Ringo Starr Bw-85 mins United Artists P/s 9:30 PM *THE HOUSE ON HAUNTED HILL* (1958) Dir: William Castle Cast: Vincent Price, Carol Ohmart, Richard Long Bw-75 mins Allied Artists Pictures P/s 11:00 PM *THE NIGHT WALKER* (1964) Dir: William Castle Cast: Robert Taylor, Barbara Stanwyck, Judi Meredith Bw-86 mins Universal Pictures Premiere #10 12:30 AM *THE BLOB* (1958) Dir: Irvin S. Yeaworth Jr. Cast: Steve McQueen, Aneta Corseaut, Earl Rowe C-86 mins Paramount Pictures P/s 02:00 AM *DAUGHTER OF HORROR* (1955) Dir: Jack Parker Cast: Adrienne Barrett, Bruno VeSota, Ben Roseman Bw-56 mins J. J. Parker Productions P/s 03:00 AM *NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD* (1968) Dir: George A. Romero Cast: Judith O'Dea, Russell Streiner, Duane Jones Bw-96 mins Image Ten P/s 04:45 AM *MACABRE* (1958) Dir: William Castle Cast: William Prince, Philip Tonge, Jonathan Kidd Bw-73 mins Allied Artists Pictures P/s
  8. I want to thank all of you who replied to my question. Although none of these terms is the one I had read about previously, they were all quite informative. I researched all of them extensively in hopes of uncovering what I was looking for but to no avail. In doing so however I did find many other interesting facts and trivia so it was not at all a waste in any way. Again, thank you to all of you who responded and if I ever do come upon this term or word, I will return and post it here for everyone. Thanks again!
  9. When one movie is shown within another movie - for example, in National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation there is a scene where one of the children is sitting and watching It's A Wonderful Life on the TV; There is a word or a term for this. Can anyone tell me what that word or phrase is? I did read it once and I just can't remember it.
  10. Hello everyone, I really don't want to come off sounding like a total beeee-otch but.. 8:00pm *THE ESSENTIALS: Tales of Manhattan* (1942) George Sanders & Edward G Robinson, dir Julien Duvivier FOX 118min (EXEMPT PREMIERE) I asked beforehand and I was told that *THE ESSENTIALS* time slot did not qualify as an Exempt Premiere. Q: Is the TCM Essentials movie exempt from the premieres? A: The Essentials is not exempt.
  11. Thanks Countessdelave and Capuchin for the positive comments. Also thanks Capuchin for the tips on editing and formatting. I did not read those in time and it looks as though even if I had I am out of luck anyways as I did begin most of my lines with spaces; all of them except the ones with the time, and I did skip a line between each movie. I tried to follow the format on the TCM monthly schedule and it looks really good as a word.doc - I was horrified to see how it looked when it posted here. But again, thanks to both of you for the positive feedback.
  12. Wow! This message board has really taken the liberty to completely reformat both of my posts. Not sure where the html code came from - at all, and my schedule and notes didn't really have all those spaces either.
  13. {font:}Sunday April 28, thru Saturday May 4, 2013{font} {font:} {font} {font:}SUNDAY: {font}{font:}April 28, 2013{font}{font:}{font} {font:} {font} {font:}6:00AM – 8:00PM A BIRTHDAY TRIBUTE TO LIONEL BARRYMORE{font} {font:} {font} {font:}8:00PM – 6:00AM A SPECIAL EVENING DEDICATED TO FILM PRESERVATION{font} {font:} From 8:00PM until 10:00PM, Robert Osbourne will be joined in the {font} {font:} studio with very special co-host Martin Scorsese who will present {font} {font:} a special screening of CITY THAT NEVER SLEEPS from 1953. {font} {font:} Mr. Scorsese and Mr. Osbourne will also discuss the importance {font} {font:} of film preservation and restoration work, The ongoing efforts of {font} {font:} The Film Foundation, founded by Mr. Scorsese in 1990 and also {font} {font:} The Story of Movies, an educational project sponsored by {font} {font:} The Film Foundation, Turner Classic Movies, and IBM.{font} {font:} {font} {font:} The Film Foundation has preserved and restored over 450 {font} {font:} endangered films that might have otherwise been lost forever. {font} {font:} {font}{font:}{font} {font:} {font} {font:} The Story of Movies project is an education program designed {font} {font:} to expose new generations to classic cinema and to teach them {font} {font:} about the cultural, artistic, and historical significance of film. {font} {font:} This educational program is available, free of charge, to middle {font} {font:} schools across the country, with the goal of teaching young {font} {font:} students how to understand and interpret the language of film {font} {font:} and visual images. {font}{font:}{font} {font:} {font} {font:} At 10:00PM we have THE RACE TO SAVE 100 YEARS, a brief {font} {font:} documentary on film preservation covering the replacement {font} {font:} of nitrate film with safety film and various other problems {font} {font:} faced by archivists. We also get a glimpse into the restoration {font} {font:} efforts done with MEET ME IN ST. LOUIS, GONE WITH THE {font} {font:} WIND and others.{font} {font:} {font} {font:} At 11:00PM is METRPOLIS REFOUND, a documentary which {font} {font:} discusses the history of Fritz Lang’s 1927 film masterpiece, {font} {font:} METROPOLIS and the discovery of a nearly 100% complete {font} {font:} print found in an Argentinean film museum in 2008. We watch {font} {font:} as the film is returned to the Murnau Foundation in Germany {font} {font:} and undergoes a complete and painstaking restoration.{font} {font:} {font} {font:} 12:00AM TCM SILENT SUNDAY{font} {font:} THE LOST WORLD (1925) This is the very first filmed version of {font} {font:} Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s tale of the forgotten world where ancient {font} {font:} dinosaurs still roamed the Earth and the forerunner to every such {font} {font:} film since then, from KING KONG in 1933 to JURASSIC PARK in {font} {font:} 1993. Tonight we have the most complete restoration to date, the {font} {font:} 1998 *George Eastman House Restoration which features nearly* {font} *{font: 25 minutes of lost film footage found in 1993 in a film archive {font}* ** ** ** **{font:} {font:} {font} {font:} 2:00AM TCM IMPORT{font} {font:} {font}{font:}THE FORBIDDEN QUEST{font}{font:} (1994) (NETHERLANDS) {font} {font:} While visiting Ireland in 1931 a documentary film maker hears about {font} {font:} an old man who worked as a ship’s carpenter and who may know of {font} {font:} the fate of the legendary Hollandia, a Norse ship which set sail for {font} {font:} Antarctica in 1905 and was never seen again. We learn that his name {font} {font:} is J.C. Sullivan, the lone survivor of the expedition, and as he begins {font} {font:} to tell the story of the Hollandia, he produces an old sea chest filled {font} {font:} with dusty old film canisters. The pictures, as he refers to them; “She’s {font} {font:} still here - in the pictures” he says, and as he tells an incredible story, {font} {font:} we get to watch the moving pictures as proof. The message of this film {font} {font:} is quite clear. All film must be preserved for our future generations.{font} {font:} {font} {font:} 3:15AM – METROPOLIS (1927) {font} {font:} {font}{font:}The final film for this special evening dedicated to film restoration {font} {font:} and preservation will conclude with a presentation of the complete {font} {font:} 2010 restoration of METROPOLIS featuring nearly 30 minutes of {font} {font:} additional and recently restored film along with the original musical {font} {font:} {font}{font:}score written for the film by Gottfried Huppertz in 1926 and performed {font} {font:} by the Rundfunk (Radio) Symphony Orchestra, Berlin, as conducted by {font} {font:} Frank Strobel.{font}{font:} {font} {font:} {font} {font:} {font} {font:}MONDAY: {font}{font:}April 29, 2013{font}{font:} {font} {font:} {font} {font:}6:00AM – 8:00AM A DAY OF MULTIPLE IDENTITIES{font} {font:} Continuing on from Metropolis in which Brigitte Helm {font} {font:} portrayed five different roles we will begin a day of {font} {font:} movies in which one or more actors or actresses {font} {font:} portray multiple roles or identities.{font} {font:} {font} {font:}8:00PM – 6:00AM A JOURNEY TO ENCHANTED PLACES{font} {font:} Keeping the multiple role theme alive until 10:00PM {font} {font:} the first stop on our journey to enchanted places will {font} {font:} be 1939’s THE WIZARD OF OZ. The final film of the {font} {font:} evening’s theme will be 1944’s BETWEEN TWO WORLDS {font} {font:} starring John Garfield, starting at 3:00AM after which we {font} {font:} will present the TCM short film documentary, THE JOHN {font} {font:} GARFIELD STORY to close out the evening.{font} {font:} {font} {font:} {font} {font:}TUESDAY: {font}{font:}April 30, 2013{font}{font:}{font} {font:} {font} {font:}6:00AM – 6:00AM HAIL COLUMBIA: {font} {font:} A 24 HOUR TRIBUTE TO CLUMBIA PICTURES {font} {font:} Highlights include Anatole Litvak’s NIGHT OF THE GENERALS {font} {font:} from 1967, MURDER BY CONTRACT from 1958, NONE SHALL {font} {font:} ESCAPE from 1944, and two TCM Premieres starting with {font} {font:} OUT OF THE DEPTHS from 1945, directed by D. Ross Ledermann {font} {font:} at 12:15AM and STRANGE FASCINATION from 1952, directed {font} {font:} by Hugo Haas at 1:30AM.{font} {font:} {font} {font:} {font} {font:}WEDNESDAY: {font}{font:}May 1, 2013{font}{font:} {font} {font:} {font} {font:}6:00AM – 8:00PM THE SCARLET AND THE BLACK {font} {font:} Today will feature movies with either scarlet or black in the title {font} {font:} beginning with 1941’s THE BLACK CAT and concluding with our {font} {font:} star of the month, Dan Duryea, starring in 1946’s BLACK ANGEL. {font} {font:} {font} {font:}8:00PM – 6:00AM STAR OF THE MONTH FOR MAY - DAN DURYEA{font} {font:} Keeping the scarlet and the black theme alive until 10:00PM {font} {font:} We’ll continue our set of films featuring star of the month Dan {font} {font:} Duryea with 1945’s SCARLET STREET.{font} {font:} {font} {font:} {font} {font:} {font} {font:}THURSDAY: {font}{font:}May 2, 2013{font} {font:} {font} {font:}6:00AM – 6:00AM BETWEEN MIDNIGHT AND DAWN:{font} {font:} A 24 HOUR TRIBUTE TO CLASSIC FILM NOIR{font} {font:} Highlights include KISS ME DEADLY from 1955 at 6:15PM, {font} {font:} DOUBLE INDEMNITY from 1944 at 8:00PM and SUNSET BLVD {font} {font:} from 1950 at 10:00PM.{font} {font:} {font} {font:} {font} {font:}FRIDAY: {font}{font:}May 3, 2013{font} {font:} {font} {font:}6:00AM – 6:00AM RUN AWAY AND JOIN THE CIRCUS:{font} {font:} A 24 HOUR TRIBUTE TO THE CIRCUS AND SIDESHOWS{font} {font:} Today’s tribute to the circus and sideshows begins with Fererico {font} {font:} Fellini’s LA STRADA from 1954. Other highlights include the rarely {font} {font:} seen Circus World starring John Wayne and the ultimate circus {font} {font:} film of all time, Cecil B. DeMille’s THE GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH.{font} {font:} At 10:45PM look for the famous Flying Wallenda’s high wire act {font} {font:} performing in 1954’s RING OF FEAR. They are the family members {font} {font:} of Nik Wallenda, the man who successfully walked the high wire {font} {font:} across Niagara Falls in June of 2012.{font} {font:} {font} {font:} 2:00AM TCM UNDERGROUND{font} {font:} Tonight’s TCM Underground feature is CHAINED FOR LIFE from {font} {font:} 1952. It’s the story of a pair of conjoined twins and when one of {font} {font:} them commits a murder, the courts must decide the fate of the {font} {font:} twin who did not take part in the crime. The film stars Violet and {font} {font:} Daisy Hilton who were real life conjoined twins who also starred {font} {font:} In Tod Browning’s FREAKS from 1932 which follows immediately {font} {font:} after tonight’s TCM Underground feature and the evening will {font} {font:} conclude with Nightmare Alley from 1947 shown at 4:00AM.{font} {font:} {font} {font:} {font} {font:}SATURDAY: {font}{font:}May 4, 2013 {font}{font:}{font} {font:} {font} {font:}6:00AM – 8:00PM POT LUCK - SOMETHING FOR EVERYBODY{font} {font:} What do Elvis Presley, Dick Tracy, Moby Dick, Roger Rabbit, {font} {font:} William Castle, John Lennon, Daffy Duck, Klaatu, The Three {font} {font:} Stooges, and Time Travel all have in common? The answer {font} {font:} Is nothing. Nothing except a fun filled Saturday morning and {font} {font:} afternoon beginning with a Saturday morning favorite, DICK {font} {font:} TRACY from 1945, followed immediately with the animated {font} {font:} Short, THE GREAT PIGGY BANK ROBBERY starring Daffy Duck, {font} {font:} who plays none other than Duck Twacy while Mel Blanc supplies {font} {font:} the imaginative voices of all the characters in this short and {font} {font:} a few more in our next film, 1988’s animated nod to the classic {font} {font:} film noir style of the 40’s and 50’s, WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT?{font} {font:} Next, British director Richard Lester teams up with Beatle John {font} {font:} Lennon to supply some wartime humor in HOW I WON THE WAR {font} {font:} From 1967 followed by BACK FROM THE FRONT, a Columbia {font} {font:} Pictures short from 1943 featuring The Three Stooges. Try not {font} {font:} To laugh as Moe Howard impersonates Adolf Hitler while Larry {font} {font:} and Curley pose as a couple of Hitler’s henchmen in order to {font} {font:} capture an enemy destroyer during WW2. Next, Gregory Peck {font} {font:} delivers one of his finest performances as the peg-legged Captain {font} {font:} Ahab, in the film adaptation of Herman Melville’s MOBY DICK from {font} {font:} 1956. Saturday afternoon features THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD {font} {font:} STILL, THE TIME MACHINE, Elvis Presley in JAILHOUSE ROCK, {font} {font:} and Joan Crawford in William Castle’s I SAW WHAT YOU DID. {font} {font:} {font} {font:}8:00PM – 6:00AM AN EVENING WITH ALFRED HITCHCOCK{font} {font:} {font} {font:} 8:00PM TCM ESSENTIALS{font} {font:} Tonight’s TCM Essentials film is Alfred Hitchcock’s suspenseful {font} {font:} 1944 film, LIFEBOAT. Filmed entirely within the confines of a {font} {font:} single set {font}{font:}and nominated for three Academy Awards; best {font} {font:} director, best cinematography, and best screenplay, the film {font} {font:} stars {font}{font:}Tallulah Bankhead, Walter Slezak, and William Bendix.{font} {font:} {color:black}When an ocean liner is torpedoed in the North Atlantic by a {font} {font:} German U-boat during WWII, eight assorted people of varying {font} {font:} backgrounds, the only survivors, are stranded together in {font} {font:} {font}{font:}a lifeboat. Their grim situation is complicated further when {font} {font:} they pick up a ninth passenger who turns out to be the captain {font} {font:} of the Nazi U-boat that torpedoed them.{font}{font:} {font} {font:} {font} {font:} 10:00PM Our evening with Alfred Hitchcock continues with {font} {font:} DIAL M FOR MURDER, SPELLBOUND, THE BIRDS, and the evening {font} {font:} will close out with Anthony Perkins in PSYCHO from 1964 at 4:00AM.{font} {font:} {font}{font:} {font} {font:} {font} {font:}TCM STAR OF THE MONTH FOR MAY – DAN DURYEA{font} {font:} {font} {font:}TCM SILENT SUNDAY – THE LOST WORLD (1925){font} {font:} {font} {font:}TCM IMPORT – THE FORBIDDEN QUEST (1994){font} {font:} {font} {font:}TCM UNDERGROUND – CHAINED FOR LIFE (1952){font} {font:} {font} {font:}TCM ESSENTIALS – LIFEBOAT (1944){font} {font:} {font} {font:}PREMIERE # 01 CITY THAT NEVER SLEEPS (1953){font} {font:}PREMIERE # 02 THE DARK MIRROR (1946){font} {font:}PREMIERE # 03 THE MAGIC FACE (1951){font} {font:}PREMIERE # 04 SCARLET ANGEL (1952){font} {font:}PREMIERE # 05 BLACK ANGEL (1946){font} {font:}PREMIERE # 06 TERROR STREET (1953){font} {font:}PREMIERE # 07 CIRCUS GIRL (1937){font} {font:}PREMIERE # 08 3 RING CIRCUS (1955){font} {font:}PREMIERE # 09 CIRCUS WORLD (1964){font} {font:}PREMIERE # 10 LIFEBOAT (1944){font} {font:} {font} {font:}EXEMPT PREMIERE # 01 {font} {font:}THE FORBIDDEN QUEST (1994) TCM IMPORT{font} {font:} {font} {font:}EXEMPT PREMIERE # 02 {font} {font:}CHAINED FOR LIFE (1952) TCM UNDERGROUND{font} {font:} {font} {font:}EXEMPT PREMIERE # 03 {font} {font:}OUT OF THE DEPTHS (1945) COLUMBIA TRIBUTE{font} {font:} {font} {font:}EXEMPT PREMIERE # 04 {font} {font:}STRANGE FASCINATION (1952) COLUMBIA TRIBUTE{font} {font:} {font} {font:}TOTAL FILMS – 104{font} {font:} {font} {font:}1900 – 1909 01{font} {font:}1910 – 1919 {font} {font:}1920 – 1929 02{font} {font:}1930 – 1939 13{font} {font:}1940 – 1949 35{font} {font:}1950 – 1959 37{font} {font:}1960 – 1969 10{font} {font:}1970 – 1979 {font} {font:}1980 – 1989 01{font} {font:}1990 – 1999 03{font} {font:}2000 – 2009 01{font} {font:}2010 – 2013 01{font}
  14. Greetings and thanks for the welcoming. Thank you Countessdelave and Capuchin for answering my questions. I really do appreciate it and that clears a few things up for me. As you might have guessed, my problem lies in the amount of premieres being limited to 10 while trying to figure out if a certain film has been shown before or not. I think only a small percentage of the films that have been shown actually have one of those programming articles written about them. By the way, if nobody has ever mentioned this before, and someone probably has, another possible way of finding if a movie has been shown before or not is by scanning the user reviews. Often, people will write stuff like "thanks tcm for showing this one" or "hope you will show this one again soon" or "I missed the beginning when you showed this last night" etc etc. Thanks again for the help and I'll get back to work on my schedule tomorrow hopefully. B
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