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  1. Hum, having Laura find the weapon, and not Mark? On it's face, it would appear like sloppy police work with McPherson mooning over the picture, but not catching on to much else of detail. Then why go to Lydecker's apartment, and then noticing the clock identical to the one in Laura's apartment? It is the reveal that is quite satisfying.
  2. Poets live in a world of dreams, and die of hunger. My Mother's Castle..(1990)
  3. This is all intriguing, but I did know an Emily back in HS who was anything but kind. Pretty? Yes, but a very calculating heart. I don't think time had changed her at all. This is for all the guys and gals out there who still hope that love is there to illuminate the dark clouds in their lives. May you finally find each other. Gypsy- Blind Man: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1DY9aEFUSbI
  4. What's happened while I was gone?

  5. Happy to see it here. Thank you for posting, Swithin. I, for one, will not forget Bio47 for starting it way back in the day. I guess hot topics are repurposed.
  6. From Now, Voyager (1942) Charlotte: Jerry, Dr. Jaquith knows about us. When he said I could take Tina, he said you're on probation. Do you know what that means? It means that I'm on probation because of you and me. He allowed this visit as a test. If I can't stand such a test, I'll lose Tina and we'll lose each other. Jerry, please help me. Jerry: Shall we just have a cigarette on it? Charlotte: Yes. Jerry: May I sometimes come here? Charlotte: Whenever you like. It's your home too. There are people here who love you. Jerry: To look at you and Tina, and share with you peace and conten
  7. I am finally here. It was like starting my website over again. How to post music now? Pardon while I experiment.
  8. Concerning the MBs.. Yeah, mw, I posted it for contrast. It's been more than a few years, but they still make the house rock, and that was the point. They still got it. that's what it's aboot. btw- the Moody Blues still haven't made it into the R&R Hall of Fame. Injustice. Bruce made it in 1999, but the E Street Band not until 2013, I believe.
  9. they had everyone on their feet many times, and this one --
  10. Hum, on the related side, of low hanging fruit, I went to the Moody Blues concert in Sarasota last night. Justin has still got it, and the band was great. But, they didn't play Go Now, the song I remember first about them. But they played this, and I love it.
  11. I am not sure if there is anything more individual than likes and preferences. This forum is designed for us to discuss them. I like what I like, and I don't worry if it meets with approval of others. Like Jan, I don't believe I am a snob about it, and I am always impressed with the wide variety here. I don't think the popular numbers are low hanging fruit. But keep posting your favorites, everybody. Some I haven't heard and they are fun to discover. Little Anthony and the Imperials https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_9XrOEABn6E
  12. Rare Earth https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eLwkT5vAzCE
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