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  1. I wanted to get back to you some interesting things I've learned reading the novels that inspired a couple of my favorite movies. Rebecca, so far, not as interesting a novel, and the movie is a better at telling the beginning of the story. But I have barely started it, and there is more to learn. It is done as first person, and admittedly, she is a little boring and dull, sort of like we expect. Now, Voyager has the actual novel beginning with Charlotte Vale already on her cruise (which lasts a few weeks, and not months as the movie suggests, and the novel situates it in the Medit
  2. I have never thought of the comparison with Muni. I think that is a good observation, although DiCaprio doesn't make me forget I am watching DiCaprio. Muni made me forget I was Muni.
  3. Indeed, roverrocks, I also consider the tragic aftermath in Europe, and further challenges which pretty much sets up WWII animosity. In the movie The Enchanted Cottage, Herbert Marshall plays a blind pianist, and he recounts losing his sight in the "last war"--WWI. He speaks about so matter-of-fact, I wonder.
  4. This is very good. I wonder how Colman felt playing Charles/Smithy in Random Harvest?
  5. Guilty as charged, Dargo--when excited. Otherwise, I'm pretty "Illinois"-sounding, or rather from Chicago. I don't where I get that, but it's nice to be considered from Chicago. Just so I can be clear, it isn't all the Coen Bros on my "OUT" list, but these are: Fargo Barton Fink Blood Simple Miller's Crossing Burn After Reading But the ones I really like: Hudsucker Proxy Intolerable Cruelty O' Brother Where Are Thou? Many times it is just a particular genre Joel and Ethan use in their storytelling that doesn't interest me.
  6. Hum, having Laura find the weapon, and not Mark? On it's face, it would appear like sloppy police work with McPherson mooning over the picture, but not catching on to much else of detail. Then why go to Lydecker's apartment, and then noticing the clock identical to the one in Laura's apartment? It is the reveal that is quite satisfying.
  7. Strawberry, not so much, but Cherry--Yes!
  8. Confessional here: The Godfather (any of the 3) Many, but not all of the Coen Bros movies. Fargo is the top of the list. Most superhero stories, since I feel the formula is pretty rote. Horror/gore, since I know how they make them. Carrie is the top of that list. Most romantic comedies made after 1990. Dramas on Lifetime. facepalm I hear ya about Dr. Zhivago.
  9. While I enjoy the Renault and the Vichy water, there is something that turned out very well in the final telling in the previous scene. Strasser: What was the meaning of that phone call?! Renault: Victor Laszlo is on that plane. Strasser: Why do you stand here! Why don't you stop him? Renualt: Ask Monsieur Rick. Rick now knows that Renault has betrayed him. A very uncomfortable position for Rick. What happens next is genius.
  10. All of us have limits to what we enjoy in a movie, and that is based partly on our willingness to suspend our disbelief about a character or story line. I have seen Renault's gesture with the Vichy water not just for him, but also symbolic of the French. Some Americans thought France gave up far too easily to the Germans in 1940, so Renault's actions and words become a statement for the French. Renault: Well, Rick, you're not only a sentimentalist, but you've become a patriot. Rick: Maybe, but it seemed like a good time to start. Renault: I think perhaps you're right.
  11. Oh dear, I have already purchased two books this week, and now here's another interesting suggestion. I am currently reading both Rebecca and Now, Voyager. Book reports on another thread will be following..
  12. Capt. Renault's character is one of movies best sidekicks ever. He is quite the womanizer, without him ever touching a woman onscreen, and in fact, having to be quite devious about it when with a woman, particularly when she's with her husband... I have always wondered if this was his original bio as character, for his side plots in the movie contribute very little to the actual story of Ilsa, Victor and Rick, since Louis and Rick are not competing for Ilsa. I guess just another way of establishing Louis as not an antagonist but a protagonist, yet not gay for not wanting I
  13. I agree, for Casablanca (the city, not the movie) was just getting some major press with a conference, and it does help get the audience in locale. It is something how prologues are dissed today in storytelling. I love 'em when establishing the environment.
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