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  1. I'm ready to post another, if there are more for the previous one, list it as Round 4 *Round 5* *Three Little Words* *Three On A Match* *Three Coins In A Fountain* *Three Mikes* *Three Loves Has Nancy* *Three Penny Opera*
  2. TCM has run in the past, and frequently lately, as a promo for *The Lady From Shanghai* an interview with Welles daughter. She said that the studio and audiences were furious about Welles cutting off Rita's long auburn hair and dying it blonde. She said that everyone thought it was mistake. She said that he did it, so that she would fit that different personna , to make her look completley different from the way she had appeared before, to make her look more believeable in the role, to not have the audience think of her as Rita. I think he was exactly right. I thought she looked beautiful and
  3. No one was able to get on the bds. at all yesterday until late in the day. The site didn't seem as slow last night as it is today, but I as said before, at least we're able to use the bds. now, even though a lot of patience on our parts is needed. At least we know it's the site and not our computers. As frustrating as this is, we're all in the same boat until the tech people get around to fixing the problem.
  4. This is similiar to what happened to the site 9 months ago. I can't get on site with my lavenderblue19 moniker. Last time I logged on with lavenderblue without the 19 and had to do that again this time. For some reason I can't access Chrome, but that's what I used the last time to get on since Internet Exporer wouldn't work. This time Internet Explorer is letting me access the bds, again with a lot of patience. At least we're able to get on the bds. today, I guess that's progress!
  5. We've been discussing this since last night, No one could get on the message bds. at all yesterday, until late in the day. Now iwe can access the bds. but with a lot of patience. See the posts in the Technical Issues forum. You are not alone.
  6. *For Round 3* *The Man In The Gray Flannel Suit* *The Man I Love* *For *Round 4* *The Thing From Another World* *The Creature From The Black Lagoon* ( not sure about *The* in the title) *The Man From Utah* *The Girl From 10th Avenue* *The Man From Colorado* *how long should we wait to post another one?*
  7. *Charade* is the film. good work. Your turn to post one
  8. Sorry, it's another one. btw, for some reason, the site is not authenticating my moniker with the 19, same thing happened the last time the site was going thru whatever it's going thru.also Edythe, I did receive your pm thru my email via CFU, however, I did pm you back thru CFU and it says it wasn't sent! did you get it? The film remake of the film has a different title. The play and the first remake are comedies. The film remake of the film is a musical comedy.
  9. I hope so. Ty Power as SOTM for his 100th birthday. No star deserves to be SOTM more.
  10. Miles, I've also had an impossible time getting on site today. Is the guy any chance James Brown? (not Papa's Got A Brand New Bag. LOL- James Brown) but the actor. He looks like the guy from *Going My Way* and although in this photo he's without his hat and uniform, Rip in Rin Tin Tin ? I'm afraid to verify because I may not be able to get back on site.
  11. He's from Italy. Film takes place in California and New York.
  12. No answer, it's been over a week. THREAD OPEN TO EVERYONE
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