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  1. I got in in my email yesterday that Bob Furmanek of the 3D archive is having another fundraiser at Kick starters for a new restoration of Robot Monster.It will be in duo 3d compatibility on Blu Ray ,Polaroid and anaglyph and the DVD version in anaglyph .25 dollar donation will give you the DVD version when it's ready 35 for the Blu- ray.Now I don't know if it's going to include the 3d short Stardust in your eyes which was originally a part of the theater program.I did ask him.
  2. Time warner with the help of David Strohiemer has been in the process of restroring the films in it's Cinerama glory since 2019.It will be out on blu ray in smile box in late 2021. And the cost is 2 million dollars too .
  3. When I got a message from the Jeff Bezos store that Wings of the hawk was going to be released on the 16th.i had notice that the official date ,at the Bezos store and kino lorber was still on the 9th.Then I reread the message.I was wrong .What they stated is that I should get my pre order copy on the 16th possibly , not that the release date was changed, excuse me.
  4. I just got a message from amazon . I never been so frustrated in my life. Originally Wings of the hawk was going to be released on the 9th of February . Now I just got it going to be released on the 16 the instead. I wonder what happened?
  5. the other day I got a letter from Bob Furmanek 3D archives that stated that it was 48 hours until the process for the copies of the 1977 3D classic to be sent out to those who invested it from Kick Starters as their rewards .Well I just got another message .It seem that was a mistake .Unfortunately , The master have not been sent out just yet for duplication.It going to be another two weeks.It's most likely we investors will get our copies possibly in late march before official release .I kind of had the feeling it would be late ,but it's the covid problem slowing the mail down possibly
  6. The other night 01/12/21, they had a tribute to fox studio.It was half baked cause they only played the movies they have played before. They could of have taken opportunity to introduce never before broadcast fox classic films .There are many Janet Gaynor films that have not seen the light of day on cable t.v,they could have introduced.Daddy Long Legs,the man who came back ,servants entrance ,another spring ,Paddy the next best thing ,Tess of the storm country and so fourth.Other classic they could have introduce,the long restored Fox Movie Tone Follies of 1930-31, Happy days ,1929. The probl
  7. Thanks for your opinion ,but, since they did premiere some times back early Romy Schneider films,except her first, it's typical of t.c.m. to put a limitation on variety since it's control by a big corporation ,Time Warners ,that don't serve all film fans ,new and old , in general since big corporations have had the licence since the late 70's not serve all classes of consumers if they don't want to. Usually it's my side they avoid cause we want choices and variety. For them it means spending more ,especially with those copyright s. It means for the big business a slow down I'm big profit ,c
  8. Like me if you had financially supported ,Through Kick Starters, the 1977 silver age martial arts 3D film classic , Dynasty, you got 48 hours to edit your name on how it' s going to appear on the DVD credits of whole financially contributed and your address before the process to shipping rewards before official release
  9. I was mistaken. I had thought that vinegar syndrome had released this on black Friday. Then it was close for a year .It reopen alter in Jan.That's when I learned that the date is Jan the 26th official release.The good thing about this classic 3D horror film of the silver age ,80's , it's democratic to consumers. Polaroid and anaglyph and 2d as choice. This is good every one will be able to see it as it was intended . I think I saw this film in the theater back in the 80's
  10. This is one of the 3D noir classic that Bob Furmanek want to restore ,but, there is a problem, music copy rights.He stated it 's pile high resulting in being skeptical if it's ever released to get it fixed.He is hopeful. I'm wondering if Mr noir on t.cm is concerned about this ? May be he is ,may be he is not .I'm concerned about this cause I'm a 3d classic film addict .I'm very surprise that fathom events have not contact kino lorber for release of restored 3d classic for three day theatrical events .This would be good for those who don't have a home 3d set up .Alas! I think fathom event
  11. I'm sorry sir ,but , I'm just not a fan of what t.c.m. decides for me .I'm a fan of what I want to see too. I'm super serious .What t.cm as taught me is not to depend on it so much .I'm not time Warner's definition of s serious classic film fan ,fan of popular classic only .
  12. As an investor, through kick starters, It's already been restored and the duplicated by Kino lorber is happening this moment .Once again I will have my 2 seconds of fame again having my name at the end of the DVD credits on the financial contribution.Now Fermanek claimed that we would get our copies as soon as possible .I don't know when .the official release is going to be in April,which mean us backer uppers could get our copies in March? hopefully.The good thing is the democracy in this Blu -ray polarized and Anaglyph compatible with 2D .Now that is choice
  13. T.C.M has this message hows it's important to exposes the racist past that reflect our bigotry of the past rather than banning and censoring them and yet since 2000 they no longer intorudce any more films made during the third Reich and only occasionally repeat the three individual title s ,Munchhausen, titanic and Olympia .Shouldn't we be confronting more than that too? Already Kino lorber has gotten the message in the past two years about this and has released on Blu-ray Parasalius and in the future going to release the american debut of Louise Trencher the Kaizer of Kalifornia .Worst th
  14. Although M.r. Furmanek mainly works on restoring 3D film classics, for 30 years he was an archivist for the abbot and Costello estate.One of their hits is dying and in need of restoring and preserving,"Africa Screams." As he put it it's slowly deteriorating .He has put on a fund raiser at Kick Starter to raise the money up by December 30th to have it fixed.I donated 35 dollars and in return I will receive a Blu - ray copy with my name on the credits to contribution of funds for restoring it and for the website version of the publicity book.Although this wasn't one of my favorite classics
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