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  1. *Let's all cool our heels and take a nice quadruple bacon cheeseburger break.* :^0
  2. > {quote:title=hlywdkjk wrote:}{quote} > What I've witnessed recently is WebAdmin's increased comfortableness to permanently 86 the malcontents and misbehavers. Can't say that I blame him. "Zero Tolerance" makes his job go much smoother, I'm sure. I don't think that's the case at all.
  3. > {quote:title=RaquelVixen wrote:}{quote}*.... you add a page titled "Snipe and Snide", where hopefully all the petty, small charactered, self centered little ankle-biters will gravitate.---------Sepiatone* > > Your judgmental characterization of those involved is inappropriate. It is exactly that type of personal attack that resulted in the thread being locked. Even though you didn't cite the posters by user names the implication is clear to whom you are referring. And frankly, Sepiatone it is quite hostile and abusive. > > The idea of a thread for snipe and snide will only encourage abuse and rancor. > > I'm working on curtailing further instances of these contentious arguments and apologize to all for my involvement in the matter and the locking of the thread. But please, the answer is not to add more fuel to the fire. > I saw no such suggestion in what Sepiatone said. It was rather amusing, in a sarcastic way. I didn't find it "hostile and abusive" at all. "I'm working on curtailing further instances of these contentious argument" You're a forum moderator now? ?:| "But please, the answer is not to add more fuel to the fire." Remember the old saying about "Those who live in glass houses..."
  4. > {quote:title=markbeckuaf wrote:}{quote}I grooved hardest this week to: > > BURN WITCH BURN (1962) a nightmarish horror flick that really rocked!! That's a great one for the women, because the two main women in the film are controlling the lives/destiny of the men around them, one for good purposes and the protection against evil, and the other for evil purposes and the ruin of the good. ]
  5. > {quote:title=dpompper wrote:}{quote}What I've learned about zombies is from the movies . . . where they eat rather ravenously (aka quickly). . . So by that measure, by now they'd have licked the plates and moved on to storm the shelter of new, warm victims. They're in search of fresh meat. :^0
  6. > {quote:title=TomJH wrote:}{quote}*TikiSoo wrote: But my very favorite circus film will always be Freaks* > > That's where I would differentiate between a film like Greatest Show on Earth and Freaks. One, clearly, is a family-oriented depiction of life under the Big Top, while the other I would classify as a carny film, with an emphasis upon the seediness of an alternate lifestyle. Exactly...I also love FREAKS, but it's really not about the circus itself. It's about the sideshow/carny part of the circus and the human oddities within. The movie is about those people, not about the circus itself.
  7. > {quote:title=Mike00 wrote:}{quote}Who the **** are you to judge me? Mike, just ignore both willbefree and RaquelVixen. They're both nothing but bullying and antagonizing troublemakers. I've seen NOTHING wrong at all with your posts....but those two persons are simply using you as an excuse to stir up trouble, especially willbefree.
  8. > {quote:title=ginnyfan wrote:}{quote}I think this film gets a bit of a bad rap. Because it won Best Picture and is probably the most controversial winner, people don't think it's a worthwhile film. > > It's an enjoyable film, I think, just not in the Best Picture class. I agree...I enjoy it, but it did NOT deserve to win best Picture. It's definitely considered to be probably THE most misbegotten Best Picture winner.
  9. > {quote:title=clore wrote:}{quote} > > {quote:title=hamradio wrote: > > }{quote}It should be shown in letterbox and has a great train wreck scene. > Please, no, don't say that. It was released in 1952, it's not a widescreen film. Exactly...Hammy is wrong. It was not filmed for widescreen.
  10. I really like the 1965 version made by Hammer. I don't care for the 1935 RKO version....it's rather dull and IMHO overrated.
  11. > {quote:title=Mike00 wrote:}{quote}What are you talking about? Ignore her. She likes to cause trouble.
  12. > {quote:title=willbefree25 wrote:}{quote}Do you know how to respond to a post? > > You INCLUDE part of the post you are questioning, so: > > a. the poster doesn't have to go look for their post > > and > > b. the poster can respond to whatever it is you are questioning? > > Been on the internet long? SOUH, is that you? No, it is NOT me. Why do you keep asking that? Also, there's no need for you to be so rude and insulting to Mike.
  13. > {quote:title=RaquelVixen wrote:}{quote}You're the most polite poster here. Why do you keep replying to yourself in this thread??
  14. > {quote:title=willbefree25 wrote:}{quote}Wow. > > It's on YouTube (amazing thing, YouTube), albeit in 6 parts, but it sounds as if this might be one to sit through. It's on YouTube in one part, actually: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=66Blp-3dXi8 No need to sit through the six-parter that's up there.
  15. > {quote:title=RaquelVixen wrote:}{quote}I would say it's a case of *Sou**r Grapes.* 4 U ...
  16. > {quote:title=RaquelVixen wrote:}{quote}*I would be willing to perform a search of the schedules to find exact dates and times at which the movies in question were scheduled but I doubt that any person who will not buy a few cheap DVDs from Wal-Mart would be willing to pay the fair rate for such work.-----SansFin* > > > > > > I don't believe this is the proper forum to discuss the cost to access the information in your database. > Basically, you are using this board to inform others that your services can be bought for a price. > Good god....he was being sarcastically humorous. Even I could see that. You took him seriously?? Jeez... :0
  17. > {quote:title=Lori3 wrote:}{quote}Thank you SonOfUniversalHorror, but I still don't see the photo. ?:| > > I am very confused, but I appreciate you trying to help. > You're kidding? I saw it right away with no problem. You must have something on your browser's setting's blocking images from that site URL. Does anyone else have a problem not seeing that photo of Jane Russell? Here it is again. http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_mcxsv6pKw91rcakeao1_500.jpg
  18. > {quote:title=darkblue wrote:}{quote} > > > > This is the meaning of 'sour grapes'. Aesop, for whatever origins may be attributed, is irrelevant. Aesop is hardly irrelevant, when it was his story from which the term originated (give credit where credit is due). The fox says something akin to "Those grapes are probably sour"...hence the origin of the term "sour grapes" (which is what your "irrelevant" comment sounded like...sour grapes).
  19. > {quote:title=finance wrote:}{quote}I'm surprised that TCM's daytime schedule today didn't feature election-oriented films such as THE LAST HURRAH and THE BEST MAN I'm surprised they simply didn't schedule more political-oriented films for today. ?:|
  20. > {quote:title=Lori3 wrote:}{quote}Sorry, trying to copy a picture here but will not work. It does work...you didn't copy & paste the exact image URL correctly. Lori, I believe this is what you were trying to post (Jane Russell).
  21. > {quote:title=darkblue wrote:}{quote}In modern parlance, the term 'sour grapes' refers to a person issuing complaint or disparagement that is initiated by that person's holding of a grudge that is rooted in jealousy or envy. That seems to be just your definition, not an official one. Remember that the term goes back to Aesop's tale of The Fox and The Grapes. It has to fit or relate to that story or it doesn't hold water. From the Merriam-Webster dictionary: sour grapes noun plural Definition of SOUR GRAPES : disparagement of something that has proven unattainable <his criticisms are just sour grapes>
  22. > {quote:title=clore wrote:}{quote} First off, we've already established that the schedule that I quoted does not reflect what is airing on that day. But whoever made that schedule up was wrong in allotting 90 minutes for what is listed as a 99 minute movie. Simple math. > > The point still rests that there is conflicting info on the site at present, there's nothing to indicate whether we should trust one schedule over another. What's wrong with expecting the right hand to be communicating with the left? > Darkblue was right (somehow I missed it) when he pointed out that TopBilled gave the weekly link which HAD the correct schedule: > > {quote:title=darkblue wrote}{quote} > > But TopBilled did provide an alternate schedule to look at in his first reply, so that should have probably been where the discussion should have ended. > > So...
  23. > {quote:title=darkblue wrote:}{quote} > > when folks complain about every little thing that TCM supposedly does wrong then it seems like sour grapes. > Sour grapes - how so? I'm not sure you know what the expression means. Sour grapes From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The phrase sour grapes is an expression originating from "The Fox and the Grapes," one of Aesop's Fables. It refers to pretending not to care for something one wants, but does not or cannot have. *Sour grapes may also refer to:* *Sour grapes : One makes a disparaging remarks (usually untruthful) about something, when he does not get it, or when the situation does not turn out to how he wishes it to be.*
  24. > {quote:title=rosebette wrote:}{quote}George Sanders allegedly said that Basil, despite his performance as villains, was a pushover for jokes and had a wonderful sense of humor, so I wouldn't be surprised if he instigated a good bit of humor and if his performance was indeed deliberately hammy. I've read otherwise somewhere...that Basil's intentionally hammy and over-the-top performance was a result of his contempt for the role, or something along those lines.
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