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  1. Thanks so much guys, she is a hand full! 2 hands and a couple of arms full! This little puppy had 3 homes before she got to mine, at 10 weeks of age. The couple who were advertising her had her for 3 days during which they kept her in a crate and fed her only kibble. They absolutely had no idea about raising a puppy. They bought her from another young couple who had her for 10 days, who left her in a crate all day work. Cozy was first named "Havoc" and then "Holly" and I named her Cozy because we get along just fine.
  2. Hi Everyone, I'd like to introduce you to Miss Cozy, who is 13 weeks old, teething and a handful! I was not planning on bringing a dog home the day I saw Cozy being sold on craigslist, but she found me! !http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v733/baybesf/101_0335.jpg
  3. Edited by: Daisysmama on Jan 16, 2014 9:58 AM
  4. Aww Ricky Bobby! What a cutie and a good kisser too! Wishing you a Very Happy New Year!
  5. *Wishing you a Very Merry Christmas!* christmas[/i]girl+n+dog.jpg]
  6. Jake, thats a wonderful story! I found some lovely vintage photos.
  7. Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree! Video: http://www.dogheirs.com/george/posts/258-smart-dogs-decorate-the-christmas-tree-video
  8. Jake, They're precious! Old dogs are even more precious because we only have them for so long. Found this wonderful story about a deaf dog in Scotland. "Abandoned, unruly deaf dog becomes star canine good citizen" Horus was abandoned when he was young because he is a deaf dog. Seen as unruly and untrainable, he spent his first few months of life in a drug den and was eventually brought to a rescue where he languished prior to being adopted. Under the loving care of his guardian, Rosie Gibbs, the clever dog has excelled at learning sign language and now knows over 50 commands.
  9. *Harper really does sound like an amazing dog! If you like this lady's writing here is a link to her blog. But you are right about how I feel about dogs, and I know you feel the same way.* http://kellybarnhill.wordpress.com/2013/01/13/regarding-my-1000-year-old-dog/ *Are we ready for a little Christmas miracle?* *A Nativity Scene was erected in a church yard. During the night, someone came across this. An abandoned dog was looking for a comfortable, protected place to sleep. He chose baby Jesus as his comfort. No one had the heart to send him away so he was there all night. We
  10. Star, you're very welcome! That is a blog post that came up on one of the dog lists I am subscribed to, and I thought it was very up-lifting and sweet. I like her writing too. Great advice though! Jake if the queen of England can have any dog she wants and she chooses corgis they must be very very special. As are all dogs!
  11. "Regarding my 1,000-year-old dog" This is my dog. Her name is Harper, and she is very old. Decades. Centuries. A cool millenium. You might not believe me that she is actually 1,000 years old, and you might try to convince me otherwise, but I would like to point out that you have no proof. And she?s my dog. So. She has been in our family since 1998, back when my husband and I were two shacked-up quasi-Communist, vaguely Anarchist ne?re-do-wells, stomping around Stumptown in our government-issued firefighter boots and quoting Saul Alinsky at whoever stood still long enough
  12. Jake, such beautiful photos Some awesome Corgi-ness I found
  13. Jake, such beautiful photos! I especially love the little dachshund, what a face! Thought you guys would enjoy this story *Pictured: The adorable and unlikely friendship between a fox and a dog that's being turned into a children's fairytale book.* They are the real life fox and hound, their touching relationship proving that friendship can survive despite background and social pressure, or in the case of these two, natural instincts. Sniffer the wild fox and Tinni the domestic dog met by chance one day in the woods of Norway and their very unlikely friendship blossomed. Tinni's
  14. Wouldbestar, what a sweet story! Jake, those surfing puppies are so cute! Casa, glad you like. Amanda Seyfreid with her dog Finn, who is kind of a big deal http://www.buzzfeed.com/lyapalater/amanda-seyfrieds-dog-is-americas-hidden-treasure
  15. True Love! Ben (left) and Jade (right) are canine sweethearts. Photo: Tribune Star ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Two stray dogs met on the streets of Terre Haute and fell in love. Ben, a 4.5 year old mixed breed and Jade, a 1-year-old German Shepherd mix were well known in the Indiana community. Good Samaritans made sure the pair had food, but when Jade became pregnant last summer, the Terre Haute Humane Society caught them and brought them to the shelter. The bonded pair were kept together and when Jade had her puppies, she stayed in a foster home until
  16. Hi guys! Just dropping by to wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving, hope everyone had lots to eat and good company! The thread is really, really beautiful, such a joy! Edited by: Daisysmama on Nov 29, 2013 3:16 AM
  17. Jake, such lovely photos! I found this very moving. A solder in the desert with his puppy.
  18. Well let's celebrate what wonderful dogs dachsunds are! Here is a former model who became a Hollywood dog trainer with some very pampered pooches
  19. Hi Jake, it's so lovely that you have kept this thread going! I opened it a couple of days ago and have really been enjoying the pictures. I came across this great trained dog I thought I would share, his name is "Jumpy" and you can see why! Things are getting a bit better. Hard to believe it's been 2 months! Many thanks again to everyone who gave me such encouragement and I hope everyone is doing well. Hope to see you around here a bit more often! I think Jumpy should get his own Mission Impossible movie, what do you think?
  20. Hi Guys, So sorry for not logging in for the past month or so. I had a sudden death in my family and really just kind of lost the spirit for awhile. I am logging on tonight to ask you to please pray for Daisy. She's sick. She's having trouble breathing. It looks like pneumonia but it could be lung cancer. I won't know until tomorrow. Please keep Daisy in your prayers. Thank you for being great friends.
  21. *One awwwwwwwww moment* *And 30 more..* **http://www.buzzfeed.com/lilyboo/pictures-that-will-make-you-say-awwwwwwwwwwww** **
  22. Calisto and Raven, 2 rescued Belgian Shepards who belong to a lovely local lady I have the pleasure of knowing through our mutual interest in shelter dogs. Don't they just have the life now!
  23. *Without googling*, *can you name the movie this quote is from?* *Did someone say Tootsie?* This is a very moving and somewhat difficult to watch video about "Janie" a Los Angeles stray who was hit by a car and brought to the busy animal emergency hospital at a shelter in downtown L.A. Janie was not going to make it because no one could touch her, so Eldad Hagar went over to see what he could do. And this is Janie today in her new "forever home"
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