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  1. Okay, tribute movies that are sudden change of schedule choices, it makes sense to me now. Normally I record everything 1930's but had forgotten about the programming change. They were already playing by the time I remembered. It is what I get for becoming too dependent on the On Demand feature.
  2. I noticed Wednesday's films haven't appeared yet. Wanted to show my husband Gabriel Over the White House so he can see how nuts it was and had forgotten to DVR it.
  3. Anyone know why they stopped producing this set? I finally can afford to buy and it can't find it anywhere.
  4. It aired this last Wednesday mid-day. In between The Mummy and The Body Snatcher.
  5. I watched the short starring Jack Webb called 24 Hour Alert. My husband loves airplanes and history but didn't get to watch it. I wanted to list all the aircraft shown in it, but could only remember a few. The B-52, the Super Sabre, the Sabre Knights flight team in Sabres type F, the Hercules, and the X-3. Did anyone record it and could name them all? My google skills have led me to conclude this movie isn't aired often, it's hardly mentioned. Any help is appreciated.
  6. PM sent. Thanks! I'd still love to hear anyone's stories on studio hairdressing.
  7. Hello all, This might not be the right place to ask but I had to try. Over on the Silver Screen Oasis messageboard, I found a post that made my eyes pop out of my head. Someone there is friends with a couple of ladies who worked in the hairdressing department at Columbia. And had worked on the movie Cover Girl. A movie with some of the most gorgeous hairstyles of the 1940's. The color, the curls, the shine! I love it. It was all movie magic but still, to know the details of how they did it. What products they used, the methods of styling. So many questions. Books from beauty s
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