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  1. Why is TCM only playing 6 movies that of John Garfield on March 4th what woudl have been his 100th birthday? Why is he always a forgotten actor? Why is he not given Prime Time exposure on his birthday. Danny Kaye was given a tribute a few seeks back..an all day salute. Thsi is very disapointing to say the least. Garfield fans should be up in arms. Robert Osbourne says he is a huge Garfield, yet does nothing to show a double feature on this great actor in prime time. Interview some guests and relive the life and times of the great John Garfield. So what does TCM do, they play 6 movies starting at 6am and ending at 3pm. Once again the fates are turned against him, a forgotten actor by many. Thanks TCM for continuing to make John Garfield that forgotten star. Very sad indeed!!!
  2. Excellent Warners WW2 movie!!! John Garfield plays real life Hero Al Schmidt, who is blinded at Guadacanal. Wverything thing about this film is just great, from the direction to the music and acting. Eleanor Parker, Dane Clark, Rosemary Decamp are all wonderful. The Philadlphia locations, and the battle scene where Garfield and his mates are hold up with a machine gun is also very authentic. But its Garfield who does a masterful job in this movie. Just another great John Garfield performance!! And he also actually visitied the Schmidts to study the habits of a blind person to make his perfomance in the film look actual. WAHAT AN ACTOR!!!
  3. Not only do I like noir films but I love westerns. There is a B western from 1952 called Apache War Smoke...its a remake of a movie called Apache Trail...I seen this movie as a kid and havent seen it since. The 52 movie stars Gilbert Roland...Robert Horton and a cast of many great character actors...does TCM show this movie...and do they even have it in their vault? Any suggestions on how I can get my hands on a DVD if there is one on DVD?
  4. As I pointed out in an earlier post I really enjoy Susan Hayward's acting...so I thought of some other actresses that I think John Garfield would have made a great team if they had acted together in a movie. Besides Hayward, how about Virginia Mayo, Rhonda Fleming, Ruth Roman, Barbara Stanwyck, Jean Simmons, Gene Tierney...just to name a few. I owuld have liked to seen Garfield with some of these and a whole host of other fine actresses!!
  5. Tom H...As I have stated before I love John Garfields acting sicne I was a boy when I seen The Fallen Sparrow...and other movies followed into the 1960s...I didnt know about the HUAC problem...I only cared about watching his films...but as I got older and found out what actually happened to him I even now have a profound respect and admiration for him. I was watching Castle on the Hudson in about 1972...and pat O'brien was being interviewed by a Canadian journalist...and asked Pat how it was to work with Garfield...he said he was a consualte professional...always had an edge to him...and he was a nice guy but had a street toughness to him...and he went on to say it was really sad what happened to John...they really treated a good US citizen terrible and also to so many others. To answer you question I love Garfield acting...and when I found out what happened to him towards the end of his career I respect him even more!!
  6. Thank you Will...oh and yes film noir is my favorite...some of the other stars I admire in film noir movies...Robert Ryan...Virginia Grey...Edmund O'brien...Lawrence Tierney...Alan Ladd...and oh so may more...not only do I love John Garfield...I love classic movies and its stars...love Cagney...Bogie...Robinsosn...March...Muni...Davis....Hepburn...love them all...but Garfield tops the list for me...I can talk all day about classic movies...and I will debate anyone and defend classic movies compared to modern actors and actresses of today...no comparison as far as I am concerned!!
  7. First let me say I have been a John Garfield fan for almost 50 years...thats right 50 years!!! I have the 1974 larry Swindell bio on his live as well as the 2003 Robert Nott book. I know John Garfield's life in and out. I have dozens of gooks and photos concerning him. My kids and my grandkids know who John Garfield is. They watch his movies and enjoy them. If there is a bigger if that is a word bigger John Garfield fan then me I would love to meet him or her. I can tell you all his movies in chronological order, and his co-stars and who directed the films. I could put together a quiz game on his life in and out of movies if need be. I am a die-hard Garfiels fan. He got the "shaft" so to speak not only by HUAC but by the movie studios. That was just a shameful time in this country. If anyone watched the Breaking Point yesterday on TCM...and seen Force of evil and Body and Soul and his Last film He Ran All The Way then you know his acting in th movies was becoming more substantial. When he broke away from Warners he could show his true talent as an actor. Had he lived a more meaningful life and made many more movies...his name would by mentioned with all the greats of yesteryear. Yes I am a PROUD fan of John Garfield...I love his acting style!!!! I will always be grateful for his performances on screen. I only wish I could have seen him on stage. I have seen interviews with Al Pacino, Robert Dinero, and Clint Eastwood and they are all big John Garfield fans. That alone says enough for me. I am in Lori's corner forever...as I am in John Garfields corner till the day I die!!
  8. I dont really care what anyone thinks about John Garfield's acting style...only what I think...as I said we are entitled to our opinions...and I was so happy today to view all the Garfield films...and the John Garfield biography...what a great talent he was...no one like and there will never ever be another John Garfield!!!!
  9. Funny thing how we all have different opinions...Robert Osbourne has said many times how John Garfield looked like he wasnt acting, for he makes it look so easy...of course I totally disagree with you on your opinion about Garfields actiing...but then that is why we have opinions....a stage trained actor, in m opinion a terrific naturalistic actor to the hilt!!
  10. Hey Top...I guess some people are confused...but as you watch John Garfields acting...really watch him you know he is so natural as an actor...makes it look easy...again I never tire from watching him act in the movies...so happy TCM dedicated today toplay his films...now its even time for more recognition!!
  11. I like this movie...not one of my favorites...but as always Garfield is great in it...I dont recal Laird Cregar to be in this movie.
  12. Please I must add to Lori's wonderful sentiments about my favorite movie actor John garfield. Lori is so correct when she states that some of us have our favorites when it comes to actors and actresses...I love Susan Hayward, she is my favorite actress...but my love for Garfield goes further...when I first seen him as a young boy in The Fallen Sparrow...it struck a nerve in me...I loved everything about the movie, the plot, the sets, the music, but i especially loved Garfields tormented, chip on your shoulder performance. Since I seen that movie oh so many years ago I started reading many books on Garfields life. His rags to rich's story. It truly is a story that could make a excellent Hollywood movie. A kid who grew up in the slums of the Bronx, ran in gangs, was troubled kid in school...only to have been found to have some acting talent...joining the group theater...and on to Hollywood....this is the life of John Garfield in a nutshell. In Hollywood, in his first picture Four Daughters he give a fantastic performance, and nominated for a best supporting oscar!!!...how many actors have been nominated in their very first movie?? Not many I can guarantee you that. Yes and Warners begins to put him tough guy, prison and gangster roles. He breezes through these many cliche films. He is suspended many times by Warners becase he wanted roles with more substance...but Warners said no you belong to the studio system...so after he makes the movie Nobody Lives Forever his Warners contract runs out and this is when John Garfield really makes some great movies. Including...The Postman Always Rings Twice...Gentlemans Agreement...Body And Soul...Force Of Evil...The Breaking Point....and He Ran All The Way his last film...Like Lori says his roles and his performances as he got older were so much better and they had substance. We all know about his HUAC days...such a shamful time in our history...our own government did John Garfield and many other artists in...In closing what I said earlier is why I think I love Garfield so much...he always considered himself a "mug" Julie Garfinkle from the Bronx...but I say to all who post on these boards...that this "mug" from the Bronx created the new generation of actor in the 1940s...he helped pave the way for future stars...a kid from the slums of NYC could make it all the way to the top...and deliver fantastic acting performances...a kid who was as patriotic during WW2 and helped develop the Hollywood canteen for service men...a kid who defied HUAC and obeyed the one law of the street...you dont "rat on nobody...says volumes for the type of person he was...thats why I love him...he was true to himself and his friends...thats why I love him...and it resonates in every performace he gave...looking forward to seeing my favorite star on TCM!!
  13. I have seen the Pat Neal interview...she said he was great to work with and called him "divine"...and of course he was a wise guy he was from the Bronx...he had an edge to him and in his movie portrayals...he was one of a kind...in Shelley Winters bio she says she loved working with Garfield...he was a true professional, was always courteous to her ...gave her the proper camera angles and lighting...never tried to upstage her like so many other actors did...yes he was that kind of actor...wish there were more like him today with modern actors!!
  14. How fantastic news that Lori brings us concerning the Film Noir foundation...as Robert osbourne has said nobdy walked in and out of shadows like John Garfield...a true film noir performer...and I cant wait till Wednesday...an all John Garfield day begining at 6am with They made Me A Criminal...and ending with The Breaking Point....first one early in hi career and the other towards the end....I never, ever tire of his performances...and we must remember he was a stage trained actor...I know a gentleman that seen Garfield in Golden Boy in NY in 1952 just before he died...he said he was just fabulous...and he said the audience loved him and the play!!!
  15. I am new to this forum...I made my comments known about John Garfield...they are my honest opinions...as I said I think he is vastly under appreciated...he is forgotton by many modern movie fans....and I think he deserves so much recognition....I feel if other posters take offense to my opinions simply dont open up a John Garfield thread...its that simple...I am never going to change my mind about Garfiled, and never will...been watching him for way to many years...I am more than a 'fan"...when it comes to John Garfield, my views are very passionate...if that offends anyone thne so be it!!!
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