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  1. Thanks so much for letting us know about Joe. I'm so glad to hear the damage was less than life-threatening. Will pray for him and his family.
  2. Hi, Joe ... what's up? No word for such a while. Worried about you. Hoping you're okay and staying safe. Aloha! Dothery
  3. I'll always remember Hillary Brooke as Blanche in "Jane Eyre," and her wonderful scene with Orson Welles, in which she calls him "a boor and a cur." She had an aristocratic air that nobody could equal, and she was so beautiful you could believe no one would cross her. An amazing portrayal. "Governesses, Mamma," she said scornfully, and drove poor Jane to tears.
  4. The Landrews Sisters ... Iris Adrian in the middle ... a rare talent.
  5. What a sad little girl Jean Harlow was, although she looks anything but. I was surprised at "Love, Laughter and Tears," by Adela Rogers St. John, in which she talks about being waylaid at San Simeon as soon as she arrived, with the news that Harlow wanted to see her as soon as she got there. She went to her room, and Jean asked her to go with her to William Powell's room, where she told him to tell Adela what he'd told her. He was really unhappy about it, but Harlow persisted, and it turned out he had said he wouldn't marry Jean, although he loved her dearly. He had been married to a blond
  6. Joanne Woodward made that dress herself. Joan Crawford said, snidely, "It's nice she can sew."
  7. Yesterday all the photos were O's. Now they're fine.
  8. Interesting birthday people today, Joe ... If I'm remembering it correctly, Diana Dors left her husband Richard Dawson, and he was quoted later as saying thanks, because it started him on his television career in the States, and he was delighted to have custody of his boys, who lived with him. He married gain later and had a daughter. Una O'Connor was such an amazing woman. When she showed up on screen you knew you were in for a treat. She was such a bright personality she outshone the stars sometimes. I loved her in "The Adventures of Robin Hood," and a favorite of mine, "Christmas
  9. Robert Walker was so young there. I remember his voice from the radio series "Maudie's Diary," which was a really well-written show aimed at teens. Used to follow it all the time in the 40's. He did it before he ever got into the movies. I can only remember one line from it now, which absollutely cracked me up at the time. Someone wanted to speak to Maudie's smartass kid brother on the phone. "Say something," she said, The brother took the phone and said, "What hath God wrought." The Walker boys were adorable. That's another case of a son looking so much like his father it was hard
  10. Happy birthday, Joe, and thank you so much for your hard work and generosity in giving us access to your photo collection every day. I never miss opening it up in the morning first thing to see what delights you've got ready for us today. You're a wonder! So nice, and so knowledgeable!
  11. Nobody could read a line like Alastair Sim. My favorite of his was in "The Belles of St. Trinian's," when he entered the smoky, sleazy teacher's lounge where the teachers were playing pool and drinking gin, and said, "This room always reminds me of a ladies' powder room in Port Said." He was a genius. I've always liked the other Scrooges, but his remains the definitive one for me. Nobody could dance with his nephew's wife as well as he. A darling man at the end.
  12. Hi Joe ... A little correction on the children in the Dick Powell/June Allyson picture: Wikipedia says the following: Joan Blondell (married September 19, 1936, divorced 1944), with whom he had two children, television producer Norman Powell (her son from a previous marriage, whom Powell adopted) and Ellen Powell. June Allyson (August 19, 1945, until his death), with whom he had two children, Pamela (adopted) and Richard Powell, Jr. I remember when Pamela was adopted. It was reported that June was very indignant when someone asked if this was her "own" daughter. She said of course it was
  13. I hope I haven't told you this little story before, Joe, but it's such a nice one I thought you might like it. If you've heard me tell it before, just zap this message. Milburn "Doc" Stone and I used to talk about his early movies, and he told me this anecdote about Carole Lombard. He had a bit in one of her pictures. He said she liked to be with the crew between takes, and was sitting with them once when a girl who was rather bountifully built, shall we say, walked across the set. Lombard, who was not known for her reticence in such situations, commented on her body, and in very colorful
  14. I'd love to have lived in the New York area when George Raft and Rudolph Valentino were dancing with women for money. George said all the women wanted to dance with Rudy, but he got his fair share because he got the leftovers. They couldn't all dance with Rudy at once. Interesting that they both had those hooded eyes. Such a mysterious look. Adela Rogers St. John said that Rudy always looked mysterious because he was nearsighted. Regardless of opinions about his acting, I always thought Raft was gorgeous.
  15. How great an actor was Edmond O'Brien. I saw him first in "The Hunchback of Notre Dame" when he was very young, very handsome and very thin. Later I saw him in "Julius Caesar," where he held his own with James Mason, Marlon Brando and a cast of seasoned professionals. I'll always remember his marvelous performances in "The Barefoot Contessa" and "D.O.A.", which will live as long as television does, I believe. His daughter was quoted as saying he developed Alzheimer's and his wonderful memory, of which he was so proud, disappeared. She said he could memorize play after play and never forge
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