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  1. Yes, he was honored as SOTM in December of 2015 for the 100th, but is He now dismissed? As today is the 103rd anniversary of his birth, what programmer thought it would be a great idea to do an entire day of Elvis Presley films? If I am not mistaken, E's birthday isn't until January. Am I missing some kind of irony because Elvis came along and supplanted Sinatra as the most recognized pop icon in that particular era? Only a few days ago TCM did an entire day to mark the 102nd birthday of Kirk Douglas, so why no celebration for Mr. Sinatra? I must say that I find it very disappointing. Frank Si
  2. Yes. I agree that the clip sequences are very well put together, and also that any good or even "nondescript" music would be better than most of the stuff that they have been using.
  3. Just saw the January preview reel and, to my shock, it was accompanied by a song sung by one of my favorite singers- "Cry Me A River" by Dinah Washington. I cannot remember EVER hearing a song running behind one of these clip montages that was actually time-period appropriate. These are, after all, classic films, so why not use classic tunes to entice viewing? If the use of contemporary pop/rock is an attempt to garner/keep/placate (?) a younger audience, perhaps this crowd could benefit from adding a little music "history" to their film study. Why not cultivate a taste for music that is from
  4. Robert made TCM my favorite channel. Like so many other fans I grew up watching the old classics on television in the 1950's and 60's, so when Turner launched TCM it became a comforting place in which to escape back to those fond times. As THE host Robert was (and in my mind still is) TCM. His set ups always include fascinating facts, back stories and tidbits that only he could provide. And his delivery was always so natural, he made me feel as though I were in a discussion of my movie passions with a very dear friend. TCM has gone to great lengths in their attempts to fill the time slots wit
  5. That's too many chiefs....
  6. This statement clearly falls into the category of No S--- Sherlock!
  7. Notable CHIEFLY (!) for the appearance of the Chief of C.O.N.T.R.O.L.- Edward Platt- and the Chief of U.N.C.L.E.- Leo G. Carroll- in the same film.
  8. Probably for the 5:30 time slot.
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