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  1. Oh so do I!! There are so many classic movies that seem to have gone unaccounted for, and I was praying that when the new movie museum opened in LA, that some of these movies would surface. We can only hope that someone out there will see our questions and give it some attention.
  2. I have been a classic movie nut long before we were known by that title.  My mother was a movie watcher, and I caught the bug from her. My favorites are James Stewart, John Wayne, Henry Fonda and several hundred more. I love westerns, love stories, musicals and comedies, among several dozen others. I try to share my love of classic movies with anyone who seems interested. 

  3. I have posted about this movie in the past, but never got any answers as to why such a wonderful drama would be overlooked by the general movie community and the restorationists. The movie has a wonderful story, that moves from a story about a long term marriage that is moving into trouble due to the husband's job becoming obsolete in the transition of turn of the century mechanical revolution. It also shows the harm that social and religious prejudice can cause to teens struggling with coming of age in a changing world. It also touches on infidelity. The film stars Robert Preston, Dorothy Mcg
  4. Great picture...Stuart Whitman AND Dr. McCoy!! (DeForest Kelley)
  5. I am sure thousands of classic movie fans have asked this same question before, but as I have not seen the answers I will ask again. I have spent years looking for some of my very favorite movies. Not only to watch on TCM, but to own them for my collection. I am looking for: The Dark at the Top of the Stairs, starring Robert Preston and Dorothy McGuire among others. Where has it gone to? Why is it never shown anymore?? Another one is Claudia, made in 1943 and also starring Ms. McGuire. Could there be some kind of hold on thses movies due to estate issues? There is one more oldie tha
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