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  1. Akira Takareda was in THE GREAT MOUSE DETECTIVE with Vincent Price Vincent Price was in THE SONG OF BERNADETTE with Jennifer Jones Jennifer Jones was in TOWERING INFERNO with Paul Newman Next: Mark Rufalo
  2. Shirley Temple was in FORT APACHE with Ben Johnson Ben Johnson was in LAST PICTURE SHOW with Timothy Bottoms Timothy Bottoms was in PAPER CHASE with John Houseman John Houseman was in THREE DAYS OF THE CONDOR with Robert Redford Robert Redford was in THE STING with Paul Newman Next: Harry Davenport
  3. That's a great story, Fred, of someone with firsthand experience from those times. Thanks for sharing.
  4. Fred, After Willard kills Kurtz, he goes & looks through Kurtz' notes & comes across something Kurtz wrote that says "exterminate them." It's taken directly from the book, btw. And interesting your mentioning the SNL skit where somebody is sent over to the Phillipines to kill Coppola. A great documentary you should watch is called HEART OF DARKNESS: A FILMMAKER'S APOCALYPSE which is a doc Copolla's wife made about the making of Apocalypse Now. It's actually very surreal & strange how life imitated art & vice versa with the making of that movie. Copolla did in fact unwit
  5. Andrew Duggan was in LOGAN'S RUN (I'm assuming from Liam's post) with Michael York Michael York was in Cabaret with Joel Grey Joel Grey was in L.A. Confidential with David Strathairn David Strathairn was in Dolores Claiborne with Jennifer Jason Leigh Jennifer Jason Leigh was in Hudsucker Proxy with Paul Newman Next: Buck Henry
  6. Fred, there was also a third ending that was only in the original theatrical release: After Martin Sheen gets back on the boat, you see a jungle being incinerated from bombs being dropped as credits roll. Coppola took the ending off because it implied that Sheen's character had had the island destroyed after he left, thus "exterminating" them (which was Brando's last directive). Coppola didn't want that implied, feeling that Sheen's character would not have done that.
  7. Ben Chapman was in CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON with Whit Bissel Whit Bissel was in HUD with Paul Newman Next: Celeste Holm
  8. Instead of a , it should be a ] , SansFin (ha ha). Last summer, I visited my nieces age 5 & 7 in Montana. Because of reunion logistics, I ended up sleeping alone in their bedroom. I noticed they had Woody & Buzz Lightyear dolls from TOY STORY. Every night I would move them to different locations & then wouldn't say anything to them about it the next morning. When they asked me how the dolls got moved, I would feign ignorance & tell them I didn't know what they were talking about & that I'd never seen the TOY STORY movies (a lie, of course). I'm sure I had them
  9. Here's the great Frank Gorshin imitating the likes of Burt Lancaster, Kirk Douglas, Rod Steiger, & Marlon Brando on Dean Martin's classic variety show from 1966. Brought to you in living color, on NBC:
  10. I first saw YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN without having seen what it was based on & I remember thinking it was hilarious. Then I saw the original FRANKENSTEIN movies & thought: "Hey, they stole that from Young Frankenstein!!" (ha ha) Then when I rewatched Y.F. it was almost like watching it for the first time cause I got all the references.
  11. PUH--LEEASE!!! I came on here to GET AWAY from the Royal Baby!! :_|
  12. This movie is extremely funny any way you look at it. But it's even funnier (if that's possible) if you've seen the first couple of Frankenstein movies made in the early 30's because you get the references. They actually follow the plot(s) pretty closely. My favorite moment is them playing Charades while Peter Boyle chokes Gene Wilder. sed-a... SED-A-GIVE!! Peter Boyle's reaction when Gene Hackman demolishes his cup is great too.
  13. Florence Stanley was in UP THE DOWN STAIRCASE with Sandy Dennis Sandy Dennis was in WHO'S AFRAID OF VIRGINIA WOOLF with Elizabeth Taylor Elizabeth Taylor was in CAT ON A HOT TIN ROOF with Paul Newman Next: Olive Carey
  14. Interesting story about Monk, misswonderly. Ever see a movie called Straight No Chaser? It's a doc on Monk by Clint Eastwood. Yeah. He was very strange. And those are some great musicians you listed, james. I'm familiar with some of them. I'll have to check out Bireli Lagrene. There are so many incredible musicians out there it's scary.
  15. Who are some of your favorite musicians, james? I've played enough jazz to know that the best musicians by far are jazz musicians. Because not only do they have more technical ability, generally speaking, than rock or country or even classical musicians, but they are making it up as they go along because jazz is the art of improvisation. I think my favorite jazz musician was Thelonious Monk. During his solos, the way he connected his musical thoughts from one moment to the next was genius. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dZ9El7k4mNo
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