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  1. Hyperlink to audio: "The Battle Over Mickey Mouse" Quotation of description of audio: Hyperlink to article with details similar to those of the audio (with audio similar to that very audio (connected to a player I had found to have had been very poor)): "Walt Disney Didn’t Actually Draw Mickey Mouse. Meet The Kansas City Artist Who Did"
  2. "When Your Company Is Named Covid, You've Heard All The Jokes" (article and audio)
  3. (hyperlink to World Wide Web site with the videos mentioned in the name of this topic)
  4. (hyperlink to the "channel") (hyperlink to YouTube page separate from the "channel" with what I had believed to had been thorough descriptions of videos for the "channel" and hyperlinks to the videos)
  5. (still waiting for an answer to the question I had posted here earlier)
  6. "INTERVIEW: Cartoon Curator Bill from MeTV’s 'Toon In With ME' – Animation Scoop"
  7. (disagrees with this paragraph; feels offended for the "Olive Oyl" mentioned in the paragraph)
  8. "The Hannah & Fred Show (1-10-21)" (Facebook video) (note: description of video directly below this note)
  9. I had meant to post this topic in a different forum for this site, specifically the one named "Off Topic Chit-Chat".
  10. Where could these "comments" be found?
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