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  1. No, this film is more sinister. When the composer comes out of his blackouts he finds that someone has been murdered.
  2. A little girl is galloping, around outside, as an older man follows and tries to have a serious discussion with her.
  3. A composer suffers from black outs and lapses of memory.
  4. I've only seen the trailer for the film, but I think it's Hysteria.
  5. John C. Reilly was in *Carnage* with Jodie Foster Jodie Foster was in *Candleshoe* with David Niven David Niven was in *Lady L* with Paul Newman next: Aubrey Plaza
  6. The girl's father shows up at the man's country house with a bunch of his friends and tries to bring his daughter back home with him, but the house keeper scares them away with her shotgun. Edited by: ScrewballDame on Dec 17, 2012 10:19 PM
  7. It fits, but it's not the one I'm looking for. He's a writer and seperated from his wife. The girl is catholic and has trouble being his mistress.
  8. A shy, innocent, young girl falls in love with an older, married man.
  9. I listen mainly to C-86 and twee pop, genres that really embrace classic movies, so I have a big long list of songs that mention classic movie stars. One of my favourites is Bringing Up Baby by Talulah Gosh which is more about bringing up Katharine Hepburn than the film, as you can tell by the lyrics: *Bringing Up Baby* *by Talulah Gosh* http://youtu.be/rMLTlL6vRtg Sweetens her tea with jam Takes five baths a day Bringing up baby Bringing up baby Bringing up baby And the heel falls off her shoe She says, "Look a
  10. How has nobody gotten this yet? It's Banjo on My Knee, right?
  11. Elle Macpherson was in *If Lucy Fell* with Sarah Jessica Parker Sarah Jessica Parker was in *The Family Stone* with Dermot Mulroney Dermot Mulroney was in *Where the Money Is* with Paul Newman next: Kieran Culkin
  12. I'm going to go ahead and assume my answer is correct to keep this thread alive. Next: Eddie Albert Aline MacMahon John Qualen Edited by: ScrewballDame on Dec 16, 2012 1:02 AM
  13. I was really looking forward to seeing The Other Love. It's a glamorous '40s melodrama. It's one of seven Stanwyck films playing this month I haven't seen yet. I was bummed to find out the film was being replace by My Reputation in Canada. Did anyone watch it? Is it as good as the description sounds?
  14. Nope. Let me try another translation. private government employee
  15. Thanks. #1 A man tries to rehabilitate a down and out actress he used to admire. #2 A man is falsely accused of murdering his wife. #3 A woman hunts for her missing fiancé in New York. #4 A single girl tries to trap a doctor into marriage. Same actor for all four, he usually plays the second banana.
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