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  1. The performance here felt sweet and gentle and lets you see the honesty and affection she expresses in how she’s embarrassed to admit in her feelings for him, and dealing with people differently. Having a much theatrical approach with much charge and full of energy as if it’s very overtly forced without the intimacy and soft side to be appreciated. They do have a fondness towards each other, but they don’t know if they’re meant for each other. It’s not until the song where her singing that Nicky comes to understand her more and both are willing to learn more about each other if they want
  2. Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy films were what came into mind when using rock music in a Cassette mix Peter Quill's mother gave to him when he was young. It plays a big role like it represents his mother when he was taken away from Earth to Space where he's a bounty hunter raised by Yondu and he would play the songs that fit into whatever mood he's going through or an action scene and then teaming up with Gamora, Drax, Groot, and Rocket Racoon to form the Guardians. The opening scene usually has a dance number like Quill going to find an orb through a dark planet cave that seems gloomy ye
  3. I never seen Gaslight, but I do recall Cukor’s other film A Star is Born which I’ve seen. Both films have similar themes of a man helping a lady become big, yet what contrast is that ASiB has Norman losing his fame slowly, but in MFL, Higgins is still his own self just to happy accompanied by Eliza now a fully grown lady than a street lady. The camera angles are more wide to let us see their conversations without the close up of the highlights of their emotions. A Star is Born and My Fair Lady have naturalistic lighting without anything fancy to light up the room in the night. Eliza
  4. I noticed that the male characters show more wide of traits and personalities in which The Music Man has the salesman doing all the convincing and playing around with the fears of youth corruption but to then give them a selling point where he’s just stating his opinion with honesty than being aggressive. Victor and Victoria shows a male character having an authentic performance as a gay man without feeling one-note. Generally, you see more of them being less alpha and more beta on being respectful and open to conversations of subjects difficult to explore. He happens to be much ver
  5. The scene looks backwards when the staging has kids involved standing in the background while the kid performer does her act. The people are walking around the stage while the performance is going on, but it’s clear that it’s just a rehearsal where you see the audition and criticism play out. What seems like a look into vaudeville having a more lively and family-friendly atmosphere common in the 1930s musicals, is actually a different viewpoint where it’s more brash, mean-spirited, and burlesque even on the kid range. It’s transition from the previous musicals was meant to add in the realism
  6. I believe it didn’t need to because the ending ballet feels more like a dream in Kelly reminiscing a what if scenario of him getting what he wants like Paris lifestyle and Caron as their matchup. The whole film before it was grounded that way to balance out the realism and slightly exaggerative portions of Paris. Though the setting isn’t shot in Paris, its sound stage or crafted buildings playing as Paris have decorated and stylized features around it to show off the best of Paris and its believability for Kelly’s character to live in and go through in his conflict as a struggling artist wanti
  7. The pre-dance movements have O’Connor and Kelly make gestures and action in sync in ways not a lot of normal people would move. They’re both walking to the beat and messing around with the professor with slight difference. O’Connor would be the Beta Male making faces and comedic timing while Kelly being his usual Alpha Male self would lead the way to cause mischief and calamity to up the boredom of the speech lessons. Their operatic singing blends in musically and up to the point where they are on the piano and bang on it with musicality until segueing to the actual dance movements where they’
  8. Her character falls in the middle because she plays both masculine and feminine roles with the former leaned in the first half to the latter at the last half. I do see that she goes by Calamity Jane to try and fit in with the men who love adventure and action the great wild west and also sustain her independent thinking of being strong and proactive in the way she wants her life to be. But later on, she tries out the feminine side to see what it’s like for men to expect the support, but doesn’t let go of his masculine identity (still wearing the long pants) to retain her true self in some way.
  9. They include each other than to let one be the spotlight. They sing as if they’re collaborating on an idea that can work out. Specifically on helping Fred Astaire’s Tony on his comeback on stage as it wouldn’t be possible without their help. Earlier films often puts one over the other in each performance. Despite being in the stage meant for a sophisticated dress up, they’re dressed casually of its time, Astaire and Levant’s suits being colored dark and grey, Fabray’s 50s style square pattern dress, and Buchanan’s director style suit as commonly worn for stage directors during that time.
  10. The scene shows Petunia in a sigh of relief that Joe is recovering from a shot wound and that her love to him is as strong as ever. The transition shows that she is feeling a little more happier and in good state on doing the housework with the mindset that Joe is still alive and well, and yet she has to do all the work for him in the meanitme. It shows that their promise and unity are passionate in living through their lives no matter what happens. It would have the lyrics change to have her child's name fit in and scenes shot with her child being sick, but the themes of love and s
  11. The scene is staged in a way Shirley has dominance over Dennis including the song implying that he is destined to be in love with her. The staging plays out as Dennis walks out to the hallway casually with his baseball as it’s a men’s interests, but then Shirley shows up and blocks his way. The camera at slightly medium shot follows every move they make to then dolly back as the chase happens towards the bleachers, the stopping point where the song begins has a visual metaphor of Dennis stopping at the entrance with squares over him like he’s trapped by Shirley outside within the bleachers in
  12. Obviously The Wizard of Oz from reairings during the 90s and VHS watching when I was young. I didn’t know much of Garland and was mostly focused on the characters from the movie and the book (though I haven’t read the book at that time). Her portrayal of Dorothy was lively and full of ambition to longing for something unique through her Kansas farm and then swept into a magical land from the tornado to get the adventure of her life and through her kindness and strong traits of helping others and herself to get back home. As a child, I see her as an amazing singer and a kind and generous girl w
  13. There were paintings of past US Presidents as Cohan is walking up the stairs escorted by the African-American butler to President FDR (in today’s moviegoers’ opinions, the black butler stereotype would not fit well with how African American roles were treated back then). In the President’s room, we see a bunch of ships FDR collected. And in the flashback, the parade has a bunch of American flags hanged and waved by people, and the feel is lively and in great spirit for their country in how far they’ve come through since the Declaration of Independence from Britain in 1776 to its present timefr
  14. While I enjoyed both Astaire and Rogers dancing as a compliment through the rainy day, I actually don't see much of the battle of the sexes in how the scene was set up. It's mostly Fred's character leading the way for Ginger's character to engage in his wooing which is what it was at that time for men and women's roles before diverse gender roles would play out now. She mostly feels shy during the song number and has to determine if he's a good fit through his singing and dancing than to be negative and annoyed by his intended generosity when her day just wasn't going the way she planned. But
  15. I noticed that the way Lubitsch staged the scene in full body to establish the scene, close ups of moments subtly that can be seen as sly wit, and use of French without subtitles, plus the main lead being generous to ease the situation with her husband at least shows that he has gone through in the past better than her husband, and can easily debunk the exaggeration of his deeds speculated. French is used in the majority of the scene without subs to allow us to see their body staging and expressions visually effectively. If it were to use English, it would be a bit half and half i
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