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  1. I'm looking for a colorized, classic romantic comedy... can't remember the name. It's about a girl living with her father in the country when he finds a man who is wounded. His daughter takes care of the man. The man and girl make a connection, but he sees her as a little girl and goes home when he heals. He tell her father that if anything happens, he should send the girl to his home. When the girl's father gets put in jail for drinking (I think) she and her goat walk all the way to the man's home where he and many other people are practicing for a dance. They find the girl asleep outside and take her in. Everyone thinks she's countrified and are afraid she'll embarrass them. She's in love with the man, but he's with another woman. There is a big party focused on the status of the man's family where the girl dresses to be a representation of his grandmother, and charms everyone with her storytelling. There is more, but I guess you would know it by now if you have seen it. I can't remember the title... Help!!! Thanks,
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