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  1. I'm so watching all of these! The old Disney movies were the best. The original "Parent Trap" is a favorite..with gorgeous MO. I never like the remakes..they seem so forced & cynical. Growing up in the '60s everybody tuned into "Disney's wonderful world of color"..a family time. And, I don't care what anybody says..the old hand drawn super-detailed, fluid-like cartoons are superior to the soul-less chaotic computer animation now.
  2. Just watched for the first time "A Foreign Affair"..really enjoyed it. The real footage in the film of bombed out Berlin from a bird's eye view is incredible & massive. I had to look up Jean Arthur & am surprised that she was pushing 50 at the time! She looked much younger..great bone structure & genes, I guess. Anyway, there were some very funny scenes (the 3 on a bike with the candy bar) & lines..."now her face looks bow-legged".. And, I keep humming the songs mesmerizing Marlene Dietrich sang. When she's singing the song, "Illusions" & she herself is caught in
  3. Just watched again "captains of the clouds" from 1942...saw it for the first time a few months back & really liked it. It really impresses me how they filmed it on location in the beautiful Canada countryside, in technicolor, and with terrific aerial photography. It's such an unusual movie..as if it shifts from one type of movie (typical romantic triangle) into a different one...like it feels very realistic at times, like a documentary when they are on the airfield with the real life Canadian Air Force personnel & in the flying. At the same time it is oddly comical..like when drunk
  4. I'm always looking in the backgrounds but can't think of any right now except in "Titanic" the drawing of Rose is the work of the director Cameron & it's pretty nice. In "Vertigo" there's the Carlotta portrait that Kim Novak's character stares at but the one Midge paints in the movie always makes me laugh. I just kinda watched "American in Paris" and thought the "self portrait" drawing that Gene Kelly's character smudges out looked pretty good. I do wish we could see more art work by actual actors/actresses & directors..it was great to see some from Kim Novak on tcm but there wer
  5. Just watched "In which we serve" 1942..excellent WWll film, directed by David Lean & written by Noel Coward (also he starred). I try to record & watch every WWII movie & so I didn't know that this was also the duo that did a recent favorite of mine "This happy breed" 1944..I just started noticing all the same actors, like John Mills. Just like the other British films made during the war I'm always amazed what they were able to accomplish while being bombed & starved. The filming of a relaxed family picnic in the countryside while a dogfight was happening overhead?! It's cr
  6. Yes, the cheerful couple from "the clock" and all the cheerful, understanding mothers from all the feel good movies..like Andy Hardy's mother.
  7. I saw the Norseman movie when it came out & it was one of the worst I've ever seen (was this on tcm?)..there's another movie that I call a major stinkeroo & that was one with Marisa tomei as a Cuban who keeps saying she wants to um, do something to John Wayne..thankfully I forget the title. Anyway, just saw the Renoir film "the grand illusion" and, I liked it. The camera work was stunning..the atmospheric landscape & the panning of the soldiers faces at the pow show..really cool & unusual, I think for that time. It had both a harsh reality & a dreamy effect..idealistic
  8. I saw the trailer on TV today & saw the period clothes..those movies are the only ones that will drag me to the theater.
  9. Whenever I hear Nat king cole singing "stardust", I immediately go back to a movie I saw ages ago on tv with Maureen Stapleton. I actually just now had to google it to see what it was called.."queen of the stardust ballroom". I haven't seen it since the '70s, but I remember it was very good & sad. Since I love nat king cole's singing I also think of a movie with Christian slater when I hear "Nature Boy", was that the name of the movie? I don't know..another sad movie where he had a heart problem..I try to avoid watching sad movies again even when they are really good..I can't be crying
  10. Just heard about her passing yesterday My, but she looked stunningly gorgeous in the what's my line clip..and, yes what beautiful artistic handwriting (I absolutely adore old school handwriting, typography, graphics). I've always thought she was the most beautiful of the Hollywood stars, classic, elegant but not above it all..read her autobiography when it came out & I still recall she washed her own delicates by hand. We were blessed to have her as long as we did & that she still remained involved with acting & the fans..enjoyed very much seeing her interview with RO. It a
  11. Well, darn I completely missed one of my favorites, "bachelor in paradise"..yeah, I own it on dvd but it's always exciting when something you like comes on. I did catch the others on dvr. These '60s Hope movies are just light-hearted & pretty to look at..all that very cool mid-century decor, man, the high prices they command now. Plus, the lovely ladies & their outfits..swoon. And, there's that great Mancini cocktail music in BIP.
  12. This was a great series, as was the Jewish experience series several months back. George Stevens was so affected by what he saw & filmed he stored it away & couldn't view it again for many years..thank goodness it wasn't destroyed because as awful as it was it's the visuals, the truth, that sticks in people's minds forever. Imagine if we had the invention of photography & motion pictures in the times of the Spanish Inquisition, Roman persecutions and all other genocides & wars recording all the horrors..would that have prevented future horrors? I'm not sure who else was fi
  13. I just watched the Wyler documentaries, "Memphis Belle" and "fighting lady"..terrific works! This is the first time I've seen them & I've seen quite a lot of WWII footage on the history channel since I've become obsessed with this time in history..this is exactly what I've been looking for..the experience of what the pilots and ship & ground crews saw (without a bazillion editing cuts that make my head spin..this was more drawn out & felt like a simulator). They are in color, too which always makes one feel much more present when seeing it. I send up words of gratitude for all
  14. Really enjoying the "five came back" series & pre-show discussions but I completely forgot about recording last night's..I'll have to read the book, too. I still keep thinking about last week's "let there be light" - all the poor servicemen who struggled with the anguish of PTSD and still do.
  15. I just saw, "This Happy Breed" and I'm so glad..loved it..it's right up my alley! This was directed by David Lean & seems to be his beginning from what I looked up. I love "slice of life" type movies & have a strong curiosity & am big reader about what was happening during WWII. This movie, which is based on a Noel Coward play, is set between the two world wars, from 1919 to 1939, but there are interesting references to the coming War, fascism & Hitler in the newspaper. What fascinates me is this movie was made in 1944 in England while the War was still on and England stil
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