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  1. What I enjoy the most about "classic" films, no matter what era they come from, it the excellent dialog written.. Profanity or nudity in the pre-code era is a sight to behold. But the blatant obscenity of films from the 70's on, well, I think that gratuitous violence, nudity & profanity take over the whole tone of some movies, & leave a bad taste in the mouth. As for movies that have sex & mature subjects from the late 30's through the 50's & into the 60's, writers getting their points across had to be especially clever, crafty & wonderfully creative with the lines. AND TH
  2. *I have recently become financially unable to subscribe to TCM :(on the cable network I have, & have actually had my channels reduced to the ones that Dr. Lecter was punished with by his evil doctor, namely-RELIGIOUS & more awful than THAT, INFOmerrcials, from the cable co. TCM is THE channel I live for. Film clips are played in the video section here, but I was thinking perhaps if enough of us wrote to TCM & Robert & Ben about our not being able to get TCM due to financial constraints, maybe, JUST maybe they would consider putting a full length movie on this site for us-as a
  3. *I can think of quite a lot of adults that deserve a visit from THIS guy, most who hold positions of power. X-(I have never seen this character before, by the way. {Thankfully!}*
  4. Theresa Harris was named in one of the 2 articles by TCM about this singer.
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