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  1. If everyone has forgotten Danny Kaye, why has TCM decided to honor his career with a 24 hr. salute? Not many get that on TCM. The proof of his legacy is TCM's programming. He's not forgotten,
  2. Yeah, the person who posted the pic doesn't want to say I'm correct.
  3. Yeah, the good old days when people responded to another. !!!! But I ain't goin' anywhere.
  4. Isn't anyone gonna say that I got Marion Davies and Jean Harlow correct first? The other two were already correctly answered. (Gloria Swanson, Constance Bennett) Tough crowd here !! :^0
  5. Actually, the pic was never posted. It was all a dream I had. This never happened. lol
  6. I'm not going on just for jollies. I just want some respect. That's been lacking. Interesting that poster said, "That is not Joseph Cotton" if there was no pic to be seen.
  7. misswonderly, I love "The Belfast Cowboy" . He is awesome in The Last Walz. Love his voice and music.
  8. For the 3rd time plus Kid Dabb posted one. *THIS PHOTO IS CORRECTLY FORMATTED. IT IS JOSEPH COTTEN.*
  9. Well, he's wrong about the picture not being Joseph Cotten. And why is he telling me to stop following him? That is not a nice thing to say. Maybe he should start acting better. Even "geniuses" can make a mistake. lol http://www.digitaldeliftp.com/DigitalDeliToo/dd2jb-Ceiling-Unlimited.html This shows where the pic comes from
  10. Even Kid Dabb agreed it was Cotten. I guess he didn't see that, LOL
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