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  1. Oh no! This surely is sad news. It's almost as if she took the USO days of yore with her. I always wanted to meet her.
  2. Awesome news! It always does my heart good when lost films are found. Do you know where it was hiding?
  3. Oh how I adore this broad and her pictures! Such spunk and sex appeal. rawr!
  4. I'm with Gagman66. The score is perfect as is. Chaplin's song is as charming as he. It reminds me of being in the desert. Call me old fashioned but I don't think it should change.
  5. AndyM! I already have that marked in my calendar! I am sooo excited! I watched a preview of it the other day and my my what a cutie he really is.
  6. As an obsessed lover of Lon Chaney, April 1st will be the best day ever! Yay! TCM you've done it again.
  7. Minxy

    The Man Who Laughs

    Ooh! I wonder if its on YouTube. I streamed THE MAN WHO LAUGHS from youtube and also noticed the copious amounts of silents in their selection. I even came across a surviving MIRACLE MAN scene. I'd post the link but I'm on my phone.
  8. Minxy

    The Man Who Laughs

    Hey, that's just my opinion. I saw the cut where he makes it to the boat and practically jumps on top of Mary Philbin. The happy ending that my heart wanted to see.
  9. Has anyone else had the pleasure of viewing this awesome movie? I just watched it for the first time this evening, and color me impressed! The thrill of it all was just too amazing. It left me wanting more and rooting for him and Dea the entire movie. Also, did anyone else notice that the duchess totally looked like Madonna?! It was eerie! What did you guys think?
  10. She was such a beautiful woman. And a lucky one at that. She got to lock lips with Lon Chaney in "Laugh, Clown Laugh!"
  11. Netflix has it on instant queue.
  12. The entire orchestra for " Nosferatu."
  13. Eep! Thank you thank you so much, Gagman! I may have fan girled a little.
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