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  1. My name is Octaviad. I enjoy TCM and other movie channels like retro and cozi on cable. However I have been longing for more nostalgic entertainment. I was born in 1953 and when I discovered what television was all about. There are some movies/cartoons/Sci-fi/mysteries/drama/fantasties that I have been longing to see but have not been shown. I remember running home for school to see some movies and series cartoons/dramas/mysteries. On saturday and Sunday morning. I was in a world of on my own with my TV and my favorite shows there are just a few that I remember, Please forgive the long list. I have been waiting for years to write this messege for someone to read and understand where I'm coming from. And hopefully the movies I have mentioned will be seened my me before I die...(Laugh) I have a daughter that I have raised on these movies. I have told her that these old movies have opened doors to the movies that she is looking at now which opened the doors that some of the shows she is seeing now. From the past comes the future in television and movies. Thust we have a lot of remarks of old movies. Lets give an old movie ressurrection. There are some of the old movies/cartoons and series that I missed dearly and have not seen. 1)Samson movies (1950 AND 60'S) 8) Supermariation Movies Thunderbids Supercar Terrahawks Incredible Voyage of the Stingray Fireball XL5 Captain Scarlet VS The Mysterons Joe 90 The Sercet Service The Mad Monster Party 9) Diver Dan Show The Popeye Cartoon and (Don't forget the sea hag What happened to the epic cartoons example Space Exploration and others, The captain Kangaroo show Quick Temple Show (10 Cartoon Series Johnny Quest (First and Second plus the motion picture cartoon) Astro Boy (1950's Cartoon) TerriToons Harvey Toons Giantor SpeedRacer Mr Magoo and friends Gaby Roger Ramjet Beanie and Cecil Mighty Mouse and Friends Betty Boop Rocky and Bullwinkle Voltron (Orginial Series) Clutch Cargo Panda and the Magic Serpant Hopity Goes to Town G-Joe The Movie Felix The Cat Little Lulu Deputy Dawg Gulliver's Travels Superman Cartoon's (1940"s) Tex Avery Cartoons The Woodywood **** show Ruff and Ready Crusader Rabbit Just to name a few The Matell Cartoon show ( Laugh) but my list is long 2)The Goliath Movies (1950 AND 60 3) Various Hercules Movies Hercules Hercules Unchained 11) Television Series 77 Sunset Strip Burbon Street Beat Hawaiian Iye Adventures in Paradise Peyton Place The East Side Kids Manninx Peter Gunn Sky King The Little Rascals Ranma of the Jungle **** Man Chuu Series Route 66 The Robin Hood Series (Richard Greene) Ultraman Show Hercules VS Moonmen Hercules VS Firemonster And other such movies such as Colousis and Atlas Jason and the Argonaunts Odyess's (Kurt Douglas) 4) The Man from Planet X 13 Ghosts The Sinbad Series Invaders from Mars The hideous sun demon 5) Tormented The Tingler It the terror from beyond space Attack of the crab monsters 6) Edgar Allen Poe Movies Dark Shadows with Johnath Fres (Who is not Deceased) Village of the Damned Children of the Dammed Brain from Planet Arus 7) Vincent Price Movies Voyage to the bottom of the sea Lost in space Star Trek Series Flash Gordan Rocky Jones A summer's Place/Susan Slade-The Movies My daugher is tired of typing it is 1:55am on the east coast I'm at TCM as we speak watching old movies and on this night I saw Tarantula/The Incredible Shrinking man/ It came from Outer Space. These movies made me get up and have my daughter to type this letter to you. You are one of my best cable shows on the east coast and I have brought a boat load of DVD's a blast from the past. Over a period of time which cost me lot of money to find believe I know because my daughter has found of her old movies I raised on from the internet and order some of my movies from the TCM classic movie website and the book that you send me yearly. I;m a ULMITATE CLASSSIC old movie buff as well as my daughter I like the new but I see the past in the new. My daughter brought up watching old movies to compare with the new movies even though the old movies of course are old. But they are the same but different in Technogoly and Animation and a twist to the original old movies plot and that is good. But it's nothing like looking an old movie from time to time. One other note, My daughter reminded of another movie she has been dying to see but never shown again The Earth VS The spider when she saw it she feel in love with it. Plus the giant Gila monster, The Claw and finally I was a teenage werewolf. My daughter 32 now and we pull out the volumes of old DVD's and look at them because we are BORED and can't FIND NOTHING WORTH ANYTHING at the time. PLEASE HELP!!! US 50's kids that are old in age but young at heart with good memories of shows they grew up with. Besides Dennis the menace and the beaver. Is there another way that you create another TCM cable channel for Cartoons and you can use the old TCM channel that already present on cable and incorporate old additional movies that are mentioned above to make this old lady happy and surprised. I hope my daughter will continue something that I have started with her children and when my day comes and when I'm long at rest she will treasure the DVD's and the old VHS movies as well and pass down to her children and then there children as well. No one will know what value may come from having these movies. I have already warned her if she throws my DVD'S and VHS's out I will come back with a vengence. I will sit at the foot of the bed and WATCH HER. And ask her WHERE ARE MY MOVIES? WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO MY MOVIES? AND GO GET THEM BACK!!!! YOU WILL NOT SLEEP TONIGHT. BUT I LOVE YOU SWEETHEART GET MY MOVIES (LAUGH LAUGH LAUGH) From an old lady with fond of old movies just like you and thank you for what you doing so far but you can do alot better. Thank you for reading this long note Octaviad1953 PLEASE RESPOND I just want to know what you think about this note. please. Love ya Edited by: octavia0709 on Jan 5, 2013 1:55 AM Edited by: octavia0709 on Jan 5, 2013 2:22 AM Edited by: octavia0709 on Jan 5, 2013 2:31 AM
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