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  1. It's pretty sad when I have to reply to my own message when I was wrong the first time. The Stanwyck/Fay scene was from "The Stolen Jools."
  2. A few questions regarding TCM running "The Show of Shows" last week: 1. Unless I missed it while fastforwarding, I didn't see the segment featuring Barbara Stanwyck with Frank Fay. I seem to remember it when TNT aired it in the '80s. Anybody know what happened to it? 2. Someone on imdb claims that the print he saw in 2006 had the finale in Technicolor. Was he confusing it with the "Oriental Dream" number? 3. Near the end of the finale, it briefly fades out, then fades in to what looks like an inferior print. Was it taken from two prints? 4. Does the DVD version have
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