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  1. I watched the other night, a film Ive never heard of " Another Christmas Carol" a new variation of the "Scrooge" story but so different so original and so anti war!!! Film was directed by my personal favorite director, JOSEPH L.MANKIWIECZ . ( excuse spelling) I was overwhelmed!!! Its the same basic story but involving wars of past present and future. Great cast!! Sterling Hayden, as the Scrooge Character, and STEVE LAWRENCE ( the singer) as ghost of Christmas past, Ben Gazzara( as Hayden;s nephew), Peter Sellers as ghost of Christmas future ( I dont know actor who played Christmas present but that was the most dramatic section of the film). Also Eva Marie Saint, Britt Elkland etc. I watched it again on Xfinity and said this is scary, eerie, very dark but a great variation of the Dickens classic Thank you TCM for introducing me to another wonderful film!!!!
  2. Hello why is Susan Hayward again being ignored. Shes one of the greatest actresses the screen has known 5 time Oscar winner , won for I Want To Live..most deservedly She not on this months star of the day. and she hasnt been star of the month as long as Ive Been watching my favorite TV channel TCM,,, but I dont ubderstand why she hasnt been given her due credit and honor Look at her list of Films: I want To Live Ill Cry Tomorrow With A Song In My Heart My Foolish Heat Smash Up/Story of a Woman House Of Strangers Demetrius and The Gladiators David and Bethsheba Raw Hide Reap The Wild Wind Beau Geste Back Street Where Love Has Gone I Thank A Fool The Hairy Ape Say Goodbye, Maggie Cole (TV film) and on and on She died so young so tragically . Was the second biggest box office star of the 1950s, and yet shes not getting RECOGNITION from TCM??? Many are wondering why She was a true beauty and a great superstar She should be designated star of The Month soon Im a FAN Respectfuly fanofbabs and SUSAN HAYWARD !! 8/4/13
  3. WHERE IS SUSAN HAYWARD?????? agaun shes being ignored Not a star of day or even better yet star of The month One of our greatest actresses 5 Oscar Nominations One Win ( I Want To Live) a Star from the late 30s thru early 80s C'mom lets give her the credit she deserves. On her birthday you only showed 3 iof her films midday Look at the list of some og=f her films: T Want To Live Ill Cry Tomorrow With A Song In My Heart My Foolish Heart Demetrius & The Gladiators' House of Stranger! Smash Up/Story Of A Woman Back Street Reap The Wild Wind David and Baethsheba Back Street Valley Of The Dolls The Hairy Ape I Married A Witch I Thank A Fool Where Love Has Gone come on what have you got againsy=t this beautiful wonderful actress who was the 2nd biggest Box Office female star of the 1950s Other films Rawhide Say Goodbye , Maggie Cole (TV) and so on she died bravely but tragically of a brain tumor and much too young Lets give her the credit she is due STAR OF THE MONTH SUSAN HAYWARD
  4. Best Musicals of All Time: ( My personal favorites) 1) The Wizard of Oz 2) Funny Girl 3) Singin' In The Rain 4) Gigi 5) My Fair Lady 6) Maytime 7) Carousel 8) Hello, Dolly 9) A Star Is Born ( 1954) 10) Top Hat 11) South Pacific 12) Gentlemen Prefer Blondes 13) Oklahoma 14) The Music Man 15) The Sound Of Music 16) Chicago 17) The Great Caruso 18) On A Clear You Can See Forever 19) Annie Get Your Gun 20) The Bandwagon 21) Mary Poppins 22) A Star is Born (1976) 23) Naughty Marietta 24) With A Song In My Heart 25) Call Me Madame
  5. The Sexiest Screen Stars, in my opinion Female: 1) Marilyn Monroe 2) Jean Harlow 3) Raquel Welch 4) Jayne Mansfield 5) Sophia Loren 6) Jane Russell 7) Mamie Van Doren 8) Gloria Grahme 9) Bo Derek 10) Mae West ( in a comic sort of Way) Male: 1) Rupolph Valentino 2) Rock Hudson 3) Paul Newman 4) Steve Reeves 5) Ramon Novarro 6) Marlon Brando 7) Taylor Lautner 8) Steve Cochoran 9) Clark Gable 10) Sal Mineo
  6. The sexiest screen stars for me are: Female: 1) Marilyn Monroe 2) Jean Harlow 3) Raquel Welch 4) Jayne Mansfield 5) Sophia Loren 6) Bo Derek 7) Mamie Van Doren 8) Joan Collins 9) Jane Russell 10) Mae West ( in a comic sort of way) Male: 1) Rudolph Valentino 2) Rock Hudson 3) Paul Newman 4) Steve Reeves 5)Ramon Novarro 6) Robert Wagner 7) Marlon Brando 8) Taylor Lautner 9) Clark Gable 19) Steve Cochoran
  8. My Favorite Classic Films: 1) All About Eve 2) The Red Shoes/ Gigi (tie) 3) Funny Girl 4) Hud 5) Gone With The Wind 6) La Dolce Vita 7) Treasure Of The Sierra Madre 8) The Way We Were 9) Citizen Kane 10) Whatever Happened To Baby Jane? 11) Humeresque 12) Ill Cry Tomorrow This Year has been a great year for films but disagree with some of Oscars nominations but My favorites for 2012: !) Les Miserables 2) Argo 3) The Best Hotel Marigold 4) Lincoln 5) The Master 6) Silver Linings Playbook 7) Zero Dark Thirty 8) To Rome With Love (cant believe Penelope Cruz has been ignored !!) 9) The Impossible 10)The Guilt Trip ( I know there'll be some disagreement here but its my opinion) Best Actor-Hugh Jackman / Joaquim Phoenix but D.D. Lewis will win Best actrees- Jennifer Lawrence, Jessica Chaistain Best Supt Actor: Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Robert de Niro Best Supt Actress: Anne Hathaway, Amy Adams Best Director:: Steven Spielberg, David O' Russell
  9. Streisand, Michael Buble, and k.d. lang also like doo ****, Tony Bennett, DianaKrall, Darlene Love , Sinatra, Peggy Lee The girl groups and Ella & Sarah
  10. " The Guilt Trip" starring Barbra Streisand and Seth Rogen opened to mixed reviews and fair box office But everyone I know (who has seen it) agreed its a very good film, Streisand is excellent, and you come out of theatre feeling good. The problem with reviews and box office is the way film was promoted and time of release. The previews ( Theatre and Tv) Hint thats its a wild slapstick Fockers like comedy... It Is NOT! Its a very ,warm family drama with comic effects.. Streisand plays a Jewish mother living in NJ . Her son is a chemist inventor on west coast When he visits his mom he realizes shes in a "rut" doesnt go out much, not many friends etc.. He feels for her, He is planning a coast to coast car ride to promote his product. He decides to ask his mom to join along She hesitates and then agrees. ..and along this 3,000 mile journey they learn more about each other and improve their relationship. He introduces mom to many different things which change her life eg. drinking Margaritas etc... There are some very funny moments, some tense moments, and tender/ moving moments Many people cried in several scenes.. Yes there is laughter but is not a Comedy Its a family human interest film about a mother and son,, Very fast paced and well edited. Directed by Anne Fletcher 95 minutes of pleasure... Not a great film but one worth seeing Streisand and Rogen are excellent Streisand should have been Golden Globe nominated.. ,yes shes natural, warm and funny The other problem It was released at wrong time with all the year end giants If it were released around Mothers Day might have fared better..Go see it and judge for yourself 1/10/13
  11. Susan Hayward is one of my favorite actresses both beatiful beutful and talented..I dont believe theres been a SUSAN HAYWARD MONTH? Why not ?big box office star 1950s and 60s, 5 Oscar Nominations one win and a roster of great films from 40s on: Her Oscar naominations were for 1) Smash Up/Story of A Woman 2) My Foolish Heart ( love that movie) 3) With A Song In My Heart (The Jane Froman Story) yes she lip synched but did a beautiful job 4) Ill Cry Tomorrow( The Lillian Roth Story should have Won! and did her own singing!! 5) I Want To Live ! Finally won best actress Oscar in 1958 and.............................. No one could play an alcoholic like Hayward!!! Other good films, I Can Get It For You Wholesale, House Of Strangers, The Lusty Men, Demetrius and Gladiators, Snows of Kilamanjaro, Rawhide, Ada,Back Street, Where Love Has Gone(with Bette Davis) I Thank A Fool and a fine TV film : Say Goodbye Maggie Cole etc etc C'mon Osborne and Mankiewiecz ( spelling?) you guys do a great job but give Susan Hayward a bit more attention like she deserves and a Susan Hayward month pleae.. On her birthday last time 3 films only during midday ? Edited by: fanofBabs on Jan 10, 2013 5:30 AM
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