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  1. Sorry. I forgot to say Jack Benny was in The Horn Blows at Midnight with Alexis Smith.
  2. Jack Benny was in *The Horn Blows at Midnight.*
  3. Also fond of Our House. They are always one of the first bands I think of when Woodstock is mentioned. Also enjoyed Santana and Hendrix. Must have been an incredible experience. It would have to be if only because they "were half a million strong."
  4. I love the now-you-see-him, now-you-don't lighting trick in the kitty scene. So many amazing scenes in Third Man. Orson verbally sparring with Joseph Cotten on the ferris wheel. Loved the "cukoo clock" line. His fingers reaching through the sewer grate in a hopeless attempt to escape. Actually the entire chase in the sewer. Valli's long walk past Cotten. Oh and what about that creepy little kid chasing after Cotten? AND let's not forget the zither.
  5. Hi Cigarjoe--Too Late for Tears sounds great. I'll keep my eyes open for it. Love those devious dames.
  6. Hi JJZ: Are you a gangsta? Forgive me. Love noir. I didn't see the film you discussed but apparently I can save myself the trouble. I'm new here (actually renewed) and The Third Man has probably been discussed to death, but I have to say it's one one of my favorite films of any genre. Is Orson Welles' supporting performance the best ever? Certainly the best entrance. And the film itself is beautifully shot. I welcome any opinions.
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