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  1. To the TCM administrator: I would very much like "to calm down" but you are suggesting that I must accept LavenderBlue's attacks on me. Is that fair? I believe I have the right to clear my name. I also believe other seniors would find these insults as deeply offensive as I do.
  2. Am I done yet? I'm not leaving any more than you are. Apparently you didn't grasp the meaning of the statement in my last post. I'm not done until you stop first. You call me a lady? You're right. I am a lady, which is something you will never be. I'm assuming you are female with a name like Lavender... . A lady shows kindness and is considerate of others. You are a bully, plain and simple. A bully likes to bark orders, cause pain and then blame the victim for whining. I have every right to be here as much, or more, than you do. Aside from your occasional brief pleasantrie
  3. I can't go home now. This is too much fun. And sad at the same time. You know, you really need to listen more closely to what people actually say. I never asked you to leave. I only wondered why the other two guys don't run like hell. Although I am respectful of your five year tenure here, you might try to consider my position. I was a member of the TCM community for just five days and was playing your game for the first time when I was confronted by a barrage of insults to my intelligence, my motivations, and my character in general. Believe it or not, according to the TCM Code of
  4. Wow. Melt down in isle 7. Seriously, the cute face is nice but why do you continue playing this game with her? I just stopped by to see if the Queen B was still here, and I see nothing has changed. Well, good luck. I'll be headed back to reality now.
  5. Sorry. I forgot to say Jack Benny was in The Horn Blows at Midnight with Alexis Smith.
  6. Jack Benny was in *The Horn Blows at Midnight.*
  7. Also fond of Our House. They are always one of the first bands I think of when Woodstock is mentioned. Also enjoyed Santana and Hendrix. Must have been an incredible experience. It would have to be if only because they "were half a million strong."
  8. Have you seen the OP lately? Not actor/actress. No statement about the thread. And not in chronical order. It goes on like that for 3 pages and I didn't look further. Not interested in continuing tonight. Thanks anyway.
  9. Yes. I am sorry to say that's what I did. At least I got it right--really didn't see the answer. Something is telling me to stay out of trivia tonight. Don't worry about me. I have a fire going and a nice glass of Pinot Noir.
  10. Hi Kid. Looks like fun. Would you explain the rules here? I got myself in trouble over at "Name These TCM Movies". Oh what the hey... I'll take a crack at it anyway. The eyes remind me of Don Ameche (sp?) but Don Amech with a gun?
  11. Believe it or not I did look back a few pages, but it wasn't clear to me that four questions was a rule. It just seemed to be a format some people were enjoying. Apparently my first success was purely by accident. It would be helpful if TCM provided a way to present the rules up front in the Subject area. Over 800 posts is intimidating and may very well discourage posters from playing the game at all. In any event, since I seem to keep making mistakes, I think I'll sit back for the time being and just watch the game.
  12. Okay, if no one else wants to jump in... *Two parents are concerned about two childen.*
  13. You know, that might be a line from The Apartment. It sounds familiar. That cold really was a lulu, and that was a popular expression for a long time. Uh oh. Do we have a tie?
  14. Some great arguments here, but I have to give this one to KidDabb. It was Nora Charles in the Thin Man. Nick is planning the party to trap the killer and asks Nora if she has a nice dress (gown?). Nora says, "I've got a lulu." Congrats to the winner, and we do have some lovely parting gifts...
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