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  1. So, I'm going to respond to my own post, only to say the revamped app is fabulous! My only minor nit is the text in the articles/database/etc. is on the small side. Other than that, TCM did a great job! Gary
  2. Metropolis is my favorite film. It convinced me to study film in college. I've spent years looking for articles and books about how it was made, who Fritz Lang was, who the actors were, and then looking for the actor's other films. I even named our Schnauzer Thea, after Fritz Lang's wife. Recently, we were given the most complete version of it, scratches and all. I love those scratches, because now the film is virtually complete (there are still bits missing here and there), something I don't think anyone would dream of happening. I'm glad there are other fans! gary
  3. I really don't think TCM has changed that much over the years. As of late, with my resting a lot from chemo, I've had it on almost constantly because it both entertains and takes my mind off of things. I don't know if it's me, but have there been a lot of repeated airings of movies lately? I just saw a promo for Auntie Mame tonight, and I could swear it was shown a couple of weeks ago. Must be me. I' m not complaining, but I was just wondering. Honestly, I love TCM. Do I like the new pastel color scheme? Nope, but I love the new font they use. And while I wish they'd use the previ
  4. Hello! First of all, I apologize if this is in the wrong place. Today, I downloaded the new TCM app, and I'm very impressed with it. However, the only way to access the live feeds, videos, or set up an account for yourself is to use the information thatt you give your cable provider. The problem is, the email on record for the cable company for my house is not mine. If I use that info, my father will get any notifications I set up. Is there a way to set all of this up and still use my email address? Thank you, Gary Annett
  5. I was wondering the same thing. The app hasn't worked consistently since I bought it for both my phone and tablet. Always a server/content issue. With my luck, I'll decide to delete it, and a week later, they'll fix it (and add more pastel LOL!) My guess is TCM pulled it from the stores and stopped working on it in favor of trivia apps.
  6. I'm sitting here, watching Greta Garbo in "The Mysterious Lady", and I keep thinking of the silent short, "The Flag." The scores sound identical at times. I don't know if Vivek Maddala uses electronic keyboards or an actual symphony, but his music always ends up sounding artificial, and it creates a huge disconnect to the film. The fact that his scores sound so "processed" (for lack of a better term) pull me right out of the films he scores. I know he's relatively new, but he would really benefit the movies, and himself, if he would push himself to write better material.
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