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  1. Elizabeth, Yes, when looking through the TCM Ultimate Fan submissions, I did see that some of them had problems. At least one didn't have any image, I just heard the audio over a black screen. So you're not the only one with those problems ;-) After reading your post, I just looked at your submission. I think you were great! Your speaking, diction, etc. were awesome! Seriously, I think you could be a reporter if you wanted to!
  2. Thanks for the info, Kid_Dabb. seems like a little much for a non-techie like me; I guess I'll just watch tcm.com on my laptop when I am traveling and have an Internet connection. I do appreciate the extensive reply :-)
  3. I was trying to play the TCM on Demand movies on my MacBook, using the Firefox browser, but it wasn't working. Then, I switched to the Safari browser, and it worked beautifully. I just wanted to give a heads-up to any Mac users that use Firefox, and to TCM's troubleshooters who may be reading this :-) (I have no idea if the site works with Firefox for PC users.)
  4. Hi Everyone, I am a great fan of TCM and watch classic movies all the time, but this is my first post on these boards... Anyway, I have a question about the TCM on Demand: I was excited to see that TCM movies are available on demand on tcm.com. And my cable provider is Optimum, so I am able to access the Movies on Demand on tcm.com. However, I prefer watching movies on my TV screen than on my computer screen (cuz it's more than double the size). Therefore, I was wondering if there is any way to watch the TCM on Demand movies through my tv? I am not terribly technologically proficient so I'd appreciate if someone can advise me on this. What I'm wondering is: my blu-ray player is connected to the Internet, and I am therefore able to watch, on my tv, certain pre-set options the blu-ray player has, like Netflix streaming, Youtube, Cinema Now, and Vudu..... Is there any way my Internet-conected blu-ray player can pick up TCM on Demand movies? I'd really love it if I were able to watch TCM on Demand through my tv rather than my computer. Thanks!
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