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  1. >..and procuring drugs. (...least we not forget how THAT moron ruined the lives of his children...NOT to mention throwing away a chance at a decent acting career) Now, Now, Dargo lest we forget 'tis the season for peace on earth and goodwill to all men. :-)
  2. Yes they have. Now, sadly we add the passing of Joan Fontaine.
  3. Yes, kudos to TCM for showing some rarely seen films with Margaret Hamilton. I'm looking forward to watching Another Language and Mountain Justice. Margaret Hamilton was classic.
  4. This film is not one immediately associates with Orson Welles. He is only acting in it and not directing, but he gives a subdued performance. None of the usual Welles bombast is present like in Jane Eyre which was made around the same time. I like the film so I'm glad TCM is showing it on December 14.
  5. >The images in tonight's print are so sharp and pellucid, The word of the day is pellucid which is defined as translucently clear. Thank you, slaytonf. I wonder if they are airing the Blu-ray print?
  6. >I haven't seen the Broderick intros, but until I'm planked in the chair across from RO and do a better job than Matthew, I feel it intingent of me to withold any judgement. Well, Matthew did these intros by himself. He was standing in front of a blank background, Maybe if he were chatting with RO, he may have come across as more engaged.
  7. Belianis, In your opinion, what do you think makes GWTW special and worthy of this tribute on TCM?
  8. >I know Hepclassic fairly well and I think she was aware she might be stirring the pot when she started her reply with 'Not to stir the pot here,,'. So there was no need to reply to her. Oh, is that the old double standard at work here? Some people can stir the pot and get away with it because you think you know them? And, silly me to think I should have known his post to me required no response. Isn't that rather like a free punch when the whistle has been blown? In the future, I'll have to remember when I post to people that I shouldn't EVER expect a response. ROFL
  9. >Now that this unfortunate distraction is over, I will no longer reply to heuriger, who is using the good intent of this posting about a bigger issue that he doesn't want to help with to attack someone whom he usually trolls with. Watch thy tongue hep, before you accuse. Your dear friend is notorious for her outlandish name calling and judgmental rants. That is what is called trolling. For your information hep, I'm female. Seems as though this isn't your night and apparently James was mistaken about your intentions.
  10. Perhaps before one says "not to stir the pot" one should just hold thy tongue. Discretion is the better part of valor. LOL As a offer of detente I submit this song; Cheers !
  11. >So you feel saying what you wrote below isn't out of line and designed to stir the pot? Really? >This board has no place for YOU to judge others. What is it about that concept that eludes you? If you felt so convinced that one should not stir the pot here on this board why didn't you address heplcassic and ask that poster why they are stirring the pot? But it's not about that at all. It's about attempting to put me in a bad light, isn't it? Does one make observations by asking such questions?
  12. You are trying to make this personal because if you read my retort to heplcassic you could see I merely refuted her remark that lavenderblue was falsely accused of judging others. Why was the post removed if she were not being judgmental? I don't take kindly to posters trying to start trouble at my expense. For clarification, I mean you will fail at attempting to put me in a bad light which you tried to do by using my own words against me.
  13. I'm not judging lavenderblue19. I merely said this is not the place to call people posers, hypocrites and unappreciative complainers as lavenderblue did. Do you feel such name calling is appropriate here? But would you like to start in on me? Have a go, James. I rest my case with the fact the Admin removed her offending post and none of mine have been removed. But I know you are still trying to best me and you still have not succeeded. Try again. You will fail again, though. ROFL
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