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  1. The speed at which things were happening despite the fact that they weren't talking was interesting. They seemed to have been moving as fast as the train. What struck me was how many shapes I noticed. I might be alone on this one, but the shape of their goggles, triangle of the chain handle, the "full moon" shape of the near end of the tunnel the canopy under which they were heading and others. Finally, it felt a bis disarming to hear only the loudness of the train. It made me tense. Again maybe it was just me...
  2. The establishing shot filled with starkness from the kids limited play area to the clothes they wore, let you know this is not going to be a comedy.The beginning of scene made me feel that this was a look at "normal" life for these people. Kids go about the business of playing, parents go about the business of working & worrying about their children. It did make me wonder why the concern over a kid's song. Then watching the little girl throwing her ball into the air as she walked down the street, and we read the poster right in front of her, created anxiety and tension. And then the shadow
  3. When will we be getting an app for the Hollywood tour , for our Android phones please?
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