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  1. Yes, congratulations to Boston. I'm wondering why the reporter thought Yaz was flashy. That's a head scratcher. Carl was the son of Long Island potato farmer. .He was more salt of the earth, a lunch pail and hard hat type of player. He played the game with intensity. That's why the Sox fans loved him so much.
  2. Sounds fantastic, congratulations. If I may ask, how much did you pay for it?
  3. Yes, I did mention Peter Lorre on Oct. 26. The film is +M+ from 1931.
  4. If I'm getting warm with Veidt how's the temperature for Peter Lorre? lol
  5. >Ruth Roman looks like a booze-hound. Maybe it's just the pic? Ah, it's called acting. Actors are paid to project an attitude. Although, some can project negative attitude for free, n'ect-ce pas?
  6. >But it is flat out wrong to say the TCM cuts the films. That would mean TCM gets a copy of a film that HAD the scene and then TCM cuts out said scene. I'm laughing at anyone that thinks this is the case. As I said earlier, the fact that TCM doesn't actually cut or edit the films yet will allow a cut or edited film to be shown on their channel is really splitting hairs. The upshot is that the viewer is seeing an edited film. So yes, perhaps TCM should tell viewers which version of a film is being shown.
  7. > If he ever filled in for Osborne again, they should turn a night over to him, where he could discuss some of his own movies. Perhaps he could discuss how Barbra Stanwyck eased his way into feature films with such aplomb.
  8. >not about accusing TCM of butchering the prints it receives from the studios. It's only conjecture what you think they really mean when they tout themselves in that promotion as uncut and commercial free. However, It is not I who established the visual pun of 'cutting and butchering' but the TCM promotions department. But do you really think the TCM honchos would be willing to qualify the notion that they don't cut films but accept the cuts of films done by others? I dare say no. *Perhaps we should rewrite that promotion to say, "TCM is not responsible for any cutting or editin
  9. I posed a question to poster. It's still conjecture if he agrees or disagrees with my question. I didn't tell him, "Calm down, you take this too seriously or tell him, "I thought as a classic movie fan you would know that so and so......." as I was told in a patronizing fashion by other poster. TCM can never be wrong. They cut and edit movies but they are still station that never cuts or edits their movies. They (the cuts) are done by others. Let's shift the blame to Sony Then as we are confronted with the edit within the movie we know what is being said by context so the cut is immateria
  10. >Granted...but I sure had you all goin' there for a while That means so much to you? rolf
  11. It is your contention that the president is an actor. That's merely your opinion. So you really did not play square.
  12. The bottom line is that TCM showed an edited and cut version of a film contrary to what they espouse in that promo and what Robert O. says when he is finished with a guest programmer, "Now stay tuned for another film that is always uncut and commercial free here on TCM." Nothing will be any different in January. Must you always be an apologist for TCM?
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