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  1. I remember being stunned when I saw this. Given her prominence on DS, and my heightened awareness of her due to my being a big DS fan, it seemed odd to see her in a small role on a sitcom rather than as a "special guest star" on a dramatic series. But, I guess that's the reality of acting. You take what you can get at any given moment, and a huge cult following doesn't necessarily translate into starring roles. But it's fun seeing her in this role.
  2. Andrea Martin did a deliciously wicked impersonation of La Lavin on an episode of SCTV NETWORK 90.
  3. So sad to learn of his passing. I've never been a musical enthusiast, but I definitely appreciate the work of Sondheim. Question for those who are more informed: is there anyone out there today who is writing and composing at the level of Sondheim? Seems like most of what plays on Broadway are jukebox musicals aimed at tourists.
  4. My life has been one long Dyan Cannon kick. Welcome to the club!
  5. Decorating for Christmas and could not resist adding a DARK SHADOWS touch. "Christmas Eve in the great house of Collinwood, where the members of the Collins family make their last-minute preparations for Christmas morning. Meanwhile, in the Old House, another member of the Collins family makes holiday preparations of his own -- preparations unlike any the Collins family has ever known."
  6. The sheet of Forever Stamps that film fanatics have been dreaming of...
  7. One line has always stayed with me. Bette Davis turns to a young woman -- I think she's the fiancée of one of Bette's sons -- and says something to the effect of, "Would you mind sitting over there? Body odor offends me." Others from 1968: SECRET CEREMONY THE HEART IS A LONELY HUNTER SKIDOO (currently under discussion in another thread) THE LION IN WINTER THE LEGEND OF LYLAH CLARE FACES
  8. "Merry Christmas, Mother!" I cannot resist A SUMMER PLACE. It's a yummy hot fudge sundae of a movie, meant to be devoured gluttonously. While I am guilty of film snobbery, the truth is, I'm as fond of late-era Delmer Daves melodramas as I am of anything that gets a mention in Sight & Sound's decennial surveys.
  9. Good to know. My parents took my sister and me to Niagara Falls back in the 1970s. We saw Richard Boone filming a made-for-TV movie during our visit. I'm hoping to visit again at some point.
  10. Hadn't seen this in years and forgot just how much I enjoy this movie. Interesting to me, the dynamic between the Jean Peters and Max Showalter characters. It's a dynamic that is still going strong in sitcoms -- the buffoonish/loutish husband and the smart, cool, sexy wife -- that leaves viewers wondering how someone like him ever managed to land someone like her. Also interesting is that the same dynamic exists between Don Wilson and our friend Lurene Tuttle. Are the Ketterings who the Cutlers are destined to become? And could the same be said of the Loomises? Could Ray end up
  11. Didn't search this entire thread, so I apologize if this post is repetitive, but I'd love to see WHO KILLED TEDDY BEAR? and WELCOME TO ARROW BEACH. I remember the latter showing up fairly regularly on the late movie on the ABC affiliates in Philadelphia (Channel 6) and New York City (Channel 7). It was also one of the first films released on home video, as part of that package released by Magnetic Video all the way back at the dawn of the VCR age. WKTB? has become available in recent years, but WTAB has been MIA for years. Warners distributed WTAB, so I'm thinking that it is within th
  12. Thought this was a thread about Bob Hoskins...my mistake...
  13. Thought this was going to be about her use of the word 'portmanteau'. I've never heard it used to refer to refer to omnibus or anthology films. That said, I enjoyed her introductions on Sunday.
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