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  1. you can't mean Pride of the Yankees. can you
  2. I must admit to coming up blank. Are they etched or scratched.
  3. A soldier explains to a prostitute how he blinded a guy with an ordinary right cross.
  4. Grand Motel is just fine, and probably better than what I had in mind which was Grand Novotel. Now, on our honeymoon about three centuries ago after staying in chateaus all over the place, we ended up in a town in which the only available room was in a Novotel. That line of inns was like Motel 6. Well, I just loved it. Small bars of soap, paper strip around the toilet, everything was clean. Nothing was musty. Ah, it was Grand to me.
  5. greta garbo, joan crawford and lionel barrymore look for cheaper digs.
  6. Comment: The way to keep the questions in accordance with the theme is to have the answer in rhyme. That was the idea. So, why I like Sounds of the Baskervilles there is no rhyming. It is only taking one word out and substituting another word in its place. Also, it worthwhile if the question includes hints at the original movie, even if not explicit. So the one about Virginia City lacked reference to the movie. It was a definitional game. (BTW Virginia City was in Utah Territory, now Nevada, so had little connection with south). So on the Ben Hur question, how about:
  7. Keerect Also called The Big Carnival. A soldier explains to a prostitute how he blinded a guy with a simple right cross.
  8. A newpaper man tries to encourage a man caught in a cave-in by singing to him the Hut Sut song.
  9. The global warming crowd finds comfort with Streisand and Redford.
  10. I just wanted to add that Ben Cur has the advantage of translating as Son of a Dog. Now, that is not an epithet in Hebrew, but it still is a pretty good insult. I thought Sound of the Baskervilles was just super.
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