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  1. it is tear-jerking that I turned on TCM the other night and saw 1987's OVERBOARD being broadcast. If TCM is starting to pull an AMC I am giving up on tv al2gether.
  2. I think by the end of the movie Catherine does not really care so much for the Montgomery Clift character anymore. He comes back and I think she thinks "yea, here you are, and I don't really give a rats **** if you stay or go, and I am so happy and pleasantly surprised at my own lack of interest and I think your little moustache looks foppish and dumb".
  3. Wow, it is fun too read this string from the beginning. Some of my favorite lines are from "The Heiress" but might not make sense out of the context of the movie. Many are delivered by Sir Ralph Richardson and they are my favorites because he speaks english so beautifully, the way I feel it was meant to be spoken. R.R.-"So, Katherine you have found a toungue at last, and only to speak such terrible things to me" O. DeHavilland-"Yes, this is an area where you won't compare me to my mother" (thanks LadySusan for other great Heiress line in earlier post) Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte has some f
  4. I just caught myself the other night waiting and watching to see if some actor was really going to smoke the cigarette he lighted or just kind of do some weird french inhale and hope it looked passable. One thing I love about the movie "The Birds" is that all of the smokers seem to do it with such relish, you get the feeling they are satisfying a genuine nicotine fit. I wish Tippi Hedren or Suzanne Pleshette no ill will or bad health but I am sorry, those great scenes outside the playground jungle-gym and talking to Mitch on the phone just would not have worked with fake smoking. I have
  5. The best animated films are TOO SAD to really watch. That scene from Dumbo and I feel like I am ready for the booby-hatch. Ditto Bambi. When I was a kid in the 70's my ma would sing "we are siamese if you plee-ase" whenever her and my aunt got in a silly mood together. They sang it real good, even funnier than the cartoon. I like that movie.
  6. The real story is even worse than what I had heard. I can imagine what the "Our Town" performance must have been like. By the way, I am almost certain I saw her in the movie Billy Jack, also, but I was busy at the computer and not really watching the movie. If that was the case, it seems 1971 was a turning point. The last good year. This is a very sad story. Thank you Stlgal.
  7. to me this is more than just sad, it's a heartache. Who is in possesion of all those mst3k lost seasons and why are they so selfish? Do the creators malevolently hoard them for their own enjoyment? Do they show them for friends and family on Christmas Eve? Are they availiable in some obscure midnight movie video catalog? Biggest question: WHY DID I NOT TAPE THEM WHEN I HAD THE CHANCE?
  8. I would like to see a month devoted to Judith Anderson, but only if they left out Cinderfella. I think December would be great to devote to Alistair Sim, BEYOND the glaringly obvious reason, He is so funny. But there may not be a months material. Maybe a week. Ray Milland DESERVES TRULY to have his own month. I am so fond of the guy. He's just topps. There's enough there to fill a month. I'd like to see his more obscure movies. Darn! theres not enough for a month with this great lady either but an ETHEL WATERS -um- weekend would be famous. Oh man that would make me happier than the
  9. I was wondering if anyone could tell me what they know about the private life of Elizabeth Hartmann. This (Patch of Blue) movie to me was deeply moving, and more so because I heard somewhere, it seems, that this actress was a very unhappy person and died young. Not that I hope this was true just for the sake of my own melancholic enjoyment of this movie. She just seemed truly emotionally vulnerable in the trailer they showed afterward. I guess I am just intrigued. She seemed like an unusual, special, very vulnerable person. Julie Harris has this same quality, really just giving 120% emotionall
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