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  1. That's John Hoyt, who did indeed play every type of role from a Roman officer in Spartacus to an Apache war chief in Duel at Diablo. Always look forward to spotting him in a film.
  2. I saw this last summer on the big screen as well. The Cinemark theater chain runs a classic film every week and this was digitally restored to perfection. Some of the outdoor scenes were so bright that I almost winced. It was a fair sized audience and some older fans had apparently brought some youngsters unfamiliar with the film. They sighed and laughed in all the right places and the chatter as they were leaving indicated that they were very impressed. It was great to see this in a communal setting once again. Check the cinemark web site for their classic series schedule.
  3. Did anyone else note that when Ethan arrives in the opening scenes that he picks up little Debbie and hoists her over his head the exact same way he does at the end? Just a small detail in a rich visual feast.
  4. I'm just guessing here, but he looks like Richard Bakalyan. I thought he always stuck out of the crowd in such films as "Von Ryan's Express" and "The St. Valentine's Day Massacre", but the photos have me wondering.
  5. That's Don Gordon who appeared with Steve McQueen. He was in Bullitt, Towering Inferno and Papillion.
  6. No idea who this lady might be, but someone close to her should feed her a bagel.
  7. Let's not forget James Garner in both "The Great Escape" and "The Americanization of Emily".
  8. Thank you for pointing out my misuse of the word liberal, MrRoberts. I was wrong and apologize if I offended anyone.
  9. Fedya, I strongly disagree about draftee veterans "serving the government". I was drafted in 1971 after just having graduated from college and being married. I didn't **** and didn't flee to Canada as one of my friends did. I sure as hell didn't want to go, but I did. Turned out I was lucky because I was stationed in San Antonio instead of Viet Nam. My years in the army did not seem like I was cheated, deprived or "stolen". I feel like I contributed my to my country. I bet Elvis did too. I find your whining anti-American liberalism insulting to veterans, drafted or conscripted. I serv
  10. They are Fred Clark, Hal March and Raymond Bailey. I recall an episode of Cheers wherein Cliff Klaven was on Jeopardy. Accordingly, my common denominator is that all three actors have ****.
  11. Burt must have thought of this get up when he donned a similar look in The Crimson Pirate a couple years later. The governor of the island saw Burt and his two accomplices approaching his diaz in feminine mufti and said "these peasant shapes are not to my liking".
  12. Saw in the schedule that The Professionals (1966) is part of the tribute. Since Burt was born in 1913, that means he was about 53 when he climbed up the rock face with a rope in this movie. One small scene in this film always picked at me. When the four are watching Raza's camp from above, Marvin's character tells Woody Strode to quiet their horses, thus removing him from the sight of a topless soldada washing herself. But Strode's character was the scout/tracker. The horse wrangler of the group was Robert Ryan's character and he would be the logical one to handle the horses. O tempora
  13. They are Bridget Hanley and Bobby Sherman from Here Come the Brides. If I recall, Joan Blondell was a regular.
  14. Regarding self parody, Burt and Kirk in Tough Guys is a personal treat for me. After having spent a lifetime watching them on the big screen with grit teeth it tickles me to watch them basically play up to their screen images. A hilariously bad visioned hit man (Eli Wallach) also helps.
  15. I've been a big fan of Burt's films since I was a kid and watched him and Nick Cravat buckle every swash in sight in The Crimson Pirate. As I grew older I appreciated Burt's more serious roles, however, I will entertain all theories concerning Castle Keep. Can't quite get a handle on that one. One of his best later roles is also under-rated - Bob Valdez in Valdez is Coming (1971). Bob epitomizes weary dignity until he is pushed too far.
  16. That's Ben Alexander, partner to Sgt. Joe Friday on Dragnet. Don't know anything about a childhood career. I thought he was born looking like a detective.
  17. That story really shines. Thanks for sharing it. I wish that Dobe had a chance to write down more of his experiences on the non Ford movies. One of the funniest tales he relates was on shooting an episode of Have Gun Will Travel at Lone Pine which is at the foot of Mount Whitney. At dinner one night the cast and crew had been imbibing at the saloon and were pretty well "smashed". One of the crew said "No wonder they come up here to make movies. Look at that beautiful **** view" Dobe followed his stare and saw that he was looking at a beer poster with a waterfall. Boone was finished for the
  18. Many thanks for posting this article, Kid. I'm a big fan of Duke and this was very interesting. On the John Wayne Message Board, there are a few stills from The Oregon Trail and some confusion about whether the film was made by Paramount or Universal. Here's hoping someone finds this in their attic soon.
  19. Naturally, nothing is quite that simple. The "Funny One" from Samurai is part Chico - the Buchholz role. Chico follows the bunch because he's been impressed by Chris (Brynner) and is rejected by him, catches fish to ingratiate himself to the others and is impressed by master gunslinger Britt (Coburn). These actions were all performed by Mifune in Samurai. Chico was also the young love interest which was Katsushiro in Samurai. Harry (Brad Dexter) and Lee (Robert Vaughn) are original to Mag 7. Vin (McQueen) and O'Reilly (Bronson) have traits similar to their Samurai counterparts, one as the
  20. There is some dispute about Brynner's role in "The Magnificent Seven". Brynner himself claims to have bought the rights to "The Seven Samurai", however, Lou Morheim, who was awarded Associate Producer credit on the film claimed that he had initially purchased the rights. Brynner at first wished to direct the film and not appear in it, but later reconsidered and decided to play the main character. No idea if his shaved head was a consideration. Director John Sturges had worked previously with Bronson, Dexter and McQueen and he probably selected them. Vaughn was hot from an Academy nominatio
  21. One thing that Harvey could never master was a southern American accent. He tried in "The Alamo", but it sort of disappeared in some scenes. In "The Outrage", he carried it to such an extreme degree that it was almost silly. Check out his exit line in the final version of the tale. It's a howler. Holden, I believe that Kristofferson did allude in that Q&A that he had made amends with Babs. He also stated that he is the only actor ever to co-star with Bob Dylan, Barbra Streisand and Pee Wee Herman.
  22. A fellow named Brian Huberman made a documentary about the making of John Wayne's "The Alamo" and interviewed many of the cast and crew. All reported that Harvey was the life of the party and kept the mood light on the set. There are home movies showing Harvey as downright ebullient. Of course, Harvey didn't have to kiss anyone in that film. It also said that Wayne was impressed with Harvey's professionalism during a crucial scene where his character responds to the enemy by touching off a cannon. The cannon came crashing down on Harvey's foot and broke it and Harvey didn't flinch to ru
  23. Pleased to meet you, you dirtyape. I seriously evaluated every movie that I showed to my children on VHS and Laser, and now my grandchildren on DVD and Blu. My boys love adventure films like "The Crimson Pirate", "The Magnificent Seven" "Gunga Din" and "The Time Machine" while my girls adore "Annie", "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers" and the original "The Parent Trap". One type of movie that had/has them all demanding to screen are the works of Ray Harryhausen. You just can't go wrong with "The 7th Voyage of Sinbad" and it's sequels or the original "Jason and the Argonauts" I'm cur
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