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    Well, according to my copy of the shooting script, the boot hill scene wasn't edited or cut. It was written exactly as what appears in the movie. The movie was filmed in Mexico and all the U.S. actors had to be approved before a writers' strike to avoid sanctions. Davis was pretty well established by 1960 and his name would be in the credits along with Whit Bissell, Val Avery and Bing Russell. None of the acccounts of the filming mention him, but the big reason that Jim Davis isn't in the Magnificent Seven is that it doesn't look or sound like him. IMDB also lists Victor French as a h
  2. Star, I've been doing some research myself since I posted the question and I think the events in the movie were a bit later. While they're riding the hearse, Chris and Vin discuss their whereabouts, Chris from Dodge and Vin from Tombstone. Chris asks if there's any action in Tombstone and Vin replies that things have all settled down a lot. Tombstone was formed as a city in 1881 and the gunfight near the O. K. Corral happened in October, 1981, but after that, the Earp and Clanton factions rode around sniping at each other for a awhile. So, to say things have settled down, I'd guess around 188
  3. Does anyone have an opinion about which year this film was set in?
  4. Hello Jake, It seems I'm a sucker for a western that has a group on a mission, or in the case of The Alamo, in a mission. Day of the Outlaw is indeed an under-rated film. I watched it a few months ago and look forward to your thoughts on it. I like it so much I even have a one sheet poster from it. Read an interview with Kurt Russell who acknowledges that he really directed most of the film and that he would like to restore all the missing scenes. He has all the film elements in his garage!
  5. Jake, that's a beautiful list. I understand why they are all there. It just comes down to personal quirks and tastes, so my list is: 1. The Magnificent Seven 2. The Searchers 3. She Wore a Yellow Ribbon 4. The Wild Bunch 5. The Alamo (1960) 6. Tombstone 7. Duel at Diablo 8. The Professionals 9. Rio Bravo 10. Rio Conchos
  6. Glad you enjoyed my post, MissGoddess. I enjoyed your observation about the body count on these shows. One sure way of meeting an early demise was to get engaged to a Cartwright. There could be a Boot Hill filled with just these unlucky in love women.
  7. Like Auda, it was my pleasure seeing the digital restoration at a Cinemak theater last fall. It looked and sounded like nothing I had ever seen. At times, the screen was blindingly bright and clear. The detail was beyond compare. The Cinemark chain is showing in again on March 20th. If there's a theater anywhere near you, it's worth the trip.
  8. At my advanced years, I recall the series mentioned in this thread from their original broadcasts. As a kid, my favorites were Wanted: Dead or Alive, Have Gun Will Travel, Riverboat, The Rebel and Maverick. One show that bothered me was The Rifleman which was originated by Sam Peckinpah. Here you have widowed Lucas McCain nobly attempting to raise his young son. He teaches him lessons about manhood, responsibility, love, respect, duty and honor in almost every episode. However, in most of those episodes he also shoots a bunch of people into bloody rag dolls with that special rifle he totes
  9. The ending to The Searchers is one of the all time greatest, but I find it tragic that there is no place in the home for Ethan who is doomed to "ride away", as the ballad says. Come to think of it, Shane ends with it's wounded hero riding away from the community he has saved and two of the surviving Magnificent also ride away, presumably to other adventures. The last two remaining of the Wild Bunch at least ride away with the revolutionaries to fight the Federales. I'm not shy about being critical of John Ford. The Searchers and She Wore a Yellow Ribbon are in my top 10 list, but h
  10. Pleased to meet you, Jake. I'm guessing that you're a Sand Pebbles fan - as am I. Everyone has their own favorites and I don't really expect too many to agree with me about Wild Bunch. I also enjoy Ride the High Country, but don't care for Ron Starr's performance or the music score. I like the extended cut of Major Dundee with the new score and am looking forward to the new blue ray. John Ford is one of a kind, but some of his attempts at humor are heavy handed. He was also weak with battle scenes. Thanks for the welcome and I look forward to your opinions.
  11. Not sure, but the title may be "The One Who Got Away" from 1957. It starred Hardy Kruger as a German pilot who was shot down and sent to a POW camp in Canada. I recall seeing it on TCM a few months ago and believe that it was based on an actual person who escaped and tried to cross into the USA.
  12. I resisted upgrading to blue ray for quite a long time because I have an extensive DVD collection, but when I saw the difference between the two formats, I had to selectively replace the DVDs. You absolutely can watch DVDs on a blue ray player, but you really require a good widescreen TV to enjoy the best picture. The best blues I have seen are "Ben Hur", Lawrence of Arabia", "Zulu" and "Bridge on the River Kwai". As a bonus, they all have extra features never on any format. If you love films and can afford it, I'd give it a try.
  13. Sam Peckinpah's 1969 classic - "The Wild Bunch" is the best western ever made. It's not my personal favorite (that would be "The Magnificent Seven"). The direction, script, music, cinematography, acting and especially editing are without peer.
  14. I was wondering if last year's Blu Ray release of the 1959 version had changed anyone's opinion. There are details and colors that were never clear before, even in the last DVD. This film provides an excuse to anyone who wants to switch formats. The picture is nothing less than stunning. By the way, the 1925 version is included.
  15. Absolutely correct that this movie needs a restoration. The backscreen pjojection has separated and the characters in the foreground have fuzzy outlines. Of course, it doesn't help that Tony Curtis is almost the same age as Yul Brynner, but this is a fun movie with a lively music score.
  16. Britt - "Nobody throws me my own guns and says run. Nobody" Vin - "We deal in lead, friend" Harry- "A dollar bill always looks as big to me as a bedspread" Lee - "One.There was a time when I would have caught all three" O'Rielly - Naw, I'm just doing this because I'm an eccentric millionaire" Chico - "Farmers. Their famlies told them we'd rape them" Chris - "I've been offered a lot for my work, but never everything" Calvera - "You came back. Why? For a place like this. A man like you? Why?"
  17. Pleased to meet you Jack. The script has sections underlined and crossed out, but no handwritten changes or directions. It does have the General Custer scene. Wheb I get some free time, I'll figure how to post a page. I did select my name from those most ignoble characters, Lyle and Tector. I'm a huge western fan and have gathered quite a pile of memorabilia over the years, much to my wife's dismay.
  18. An under rated film. Has anyone else noticed that Randy Newman plays "The Magnificent Seven" theme near the start of the movie? At the time, that theme was being used as the music for the Marlboro Man on TV commercials.
  19. This is my first post, so I'm a tad nervous, but I saw this film at the drive in when it first came out. I was in my pajamas and was eight years old, but I always remembered it. Since then I've seen it on the tube, at colleges, retrospectives, in every format available (except Beta) and at a Cinemamark theater last year. I always find something new in it. I understand that there's a new book due in the spring titled "Three Bad Men" and addresses the lives and works of Ford, Wayne and Bond, both together and apart. Can't wait to see the chapter on "The Searchers". Thanks for indulging me.
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